Loving Ammah

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Chapter 4

Safiya’s POV


“Are you crazy?!” I yelled at Ammah as we walked to the cafeteria. Finally it’s lunch time.

“I’m serious” she groaned as we collect our rice and stew with chicken. Salad was optional so we didn’t bother as we picked five alive pulpi and made our way to our table.

"kinyi hauka! your mad!! I can’t tell my mother I’m pregnant” I said

“Trust me Safiya, tell her. Everything will be fine Insha Allah by God’s grace.

“Okay fine” I sigh.


“Safiya, kin dawo? (are you back)” mama asked as I walked inside the house.

“Yes mama, inna wuni (good afternoon)” I greeted her

“lafiya. What is wrong, you look scared?” she asked i was about to reply when I rush to the bathroom and let my self throw up. The doctor warned me about morning sick and trust me when I say I hate being pregnant. I wash my face and turn around to face mama.

“I’ve been noticing you, you are always weak and throwing up. Are you okay?” she asked “are you...” she asked again.

“Mama!” I stopped her “I need to talk to you” I said as i sit on the floor and she sit on the edge of my bed

“I’m pregnant” I blurted looking at the floor as tears flow from my eyes. Mama fling her hand across my face as she stand up.

“Safiya are you stupid? Did I raise you to disgrace your father and me? What will people say that we didn’t raise you well, do you want people to point finger at us. Inalilahi waina ilaihi rajiun. What will I tell people?” she yelled as she slapped me again right across the face.

“Mama! What happened? Why are you beating her?” I hear aunty asmau’s voice as she tried to stop mama from beating me.

“Please forgive her” she plead

“You don’t know what she did ai” mama said as she sit on the bed

“What ever the problem is you shouldn’t beat her like this” she said as she hugged me and I soak her abaya with tears

“Asmau, Asmau, Asmau!” mama called her “how many times did I call you?” mama asked her eyes closed

“three times” aunty asmau replied

“Safiya na da chicki (is pregnant)” she said opening her eyes

“What?!” she asked shocked “Ina fatahna laka fat han mubina” she muttered her duas quietly

“What happened in this room should stay in this room. We will discuss this matter when your father comes home” mama said as she leave the room.

“Shh everything will be fine sweety. Your father will say what has to be done when his home” aunty asmau said “rest and calm down” she said as she kiss me on my forehead and leave the room.

I wonder what will happen now.


“Ya Safiya. Baba is calling you” Bello, my youngest brother said. I nod my head as I slowly get up. I wash my swollen face and put on my hijab.

I arrived in baba’s parlour as mama and aunty asmau were sitting down on each couch beside baba.

I sit on the carpet head hung low.

This is it.

My destiny.

My future.

Ya Allah.

“Hmm Safiya kenan. Your my eldest child and this the kind of example you want to set for your younger ones? I am very disappointed in you. I thought i raised you well but no, i failed in bringing you up. I should be given a award for the worst father ever” he start

“No baba. Its my fault-” I start

“Don’t you dare talk. It’s all my fault for giving you too much freedom. Now what happened has already happened. Tell me who is the father of the child?” he asked

“K-khalil” I stammered

“Where is he now?”

“H-he flew out of the country when I told him” I said and he sigh. Mama is crying and aunty asmau moved to her consoling her.

“After thinking about this through, I’ve come to a conclusion. You will be sent to Jos, to stay with your aunty Gambo until you give birth. The child will be taken to an orphanage immediately after you give birth to him then you will return to Abuja to start a new life” he said

“But baba. I want to raise my child” i proteset

“Safiya!!” mama yelled “your father has already talked so you have to obey him”

“But mama” I cried “I need you guys in this stage of my life, you can’t just send me far away from you all”

“Gobe zaki tafi. (you will be leaving tomorrow)” baba concluded as he left for his room. Mama hissed at me and walked too and aunty asmau just gave me a small smile before leaving too.

I’m all alone now!

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