Loving Ammah

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Chapter 50

Faisal's POV

"You mother fucker. You killed my mother so now I'll kill you!!!" I yelled as I tightened my grip around Tsunami's neck making him choke. His gang pounded on me trying to beat me but he stopped them.

"I didn't kill your mother you guys snatched my happiness from me" he said trying to get my hand off his neck.

"If it wasn't for you she would have been alive and living with me and preparing for my wedding in some hours you jerk!!" I yelled punching him making blood spill from his mouth.

"None of this would have happened if your mother didn't marry Dahiru Ringim!" He yelled trying to punch me but I dodge and kicked him in his balls.

"Now that's not my bloody fucking business. You ruined my life! I'll kill you, right here, right now with my bare hands" i yelled louder tightening my grip on his throat making his face turn pink.

"Y-you wwill g-go to jail!" He said trying to catch his breath.

"I don't fucking care. I'll revenge my mother's death." I yelled and we hear the siren of the police car.

"Faisal! Stop!!" uncle Yakubu said as his team handcuffs Tsunami's gang and he try to stop me from killing him.

"No, let me kill him"

"Faisal stop this instant!" Dahiru Ringim yelled.

"No leave me the fuck alone" I said and he push me away from Tsunami and hold me backwards "son, get a grip on yourself" he said as I watch Tsunami try to catch his breath.

"If your mother was alive do you think she would have wanted you to kill someone? For God's sake stop this childish act, you are getting married in some hours!" He said his voice strick and bold as Uncle Yakubu handcuff Tsunami.

I walk past Dahiru Ringim and get in my car driving home. I have to get a hold on my self, I am getting married. Gosh!

When I reached home it was past five. I prayed fajr and my friends started showing up helping me get ready cause we are going to the mosque by eight.

"Hey man!" Abba said as I straighten my blue babban Riga (traditional attire)

"Yo" I replied

"Finally today is the day you are settling down. I'm so proud of you" he said hugging me.

"Thank you"

"Now just because your my best friend doesn't mean I won't punch you if you hurt my sister" he threatened

"Ouch. i won't hurt her, I promise"

"You better not. Take care of her, she is still a baby you know, and on behalf of her please be patience you know how she tends to be sometimes. Childish and stubborn. And when she is on her period, man!!!! You gonna have to hold her stomach and stay by her side until she falls asleep. She can be very moody at times so bare with her. Also when she is watching sponge bob square pants don't interrupt her or your dead meat. She loves candy and goodies so if she buys lots of them don't complain. I'm just giving you brotherly advice cause I know my sister very well. She is one crazy but loving girl. And yes, do not hurt her, please. I can't bare to see her in pain or tears. I trust you will take care of her so don't break my trust"

"I won't and thank you so much for being a brother from another mother"

"Awwwn" Safinat cooed. She is wearing a purple gown as she smiles.

"Baby sis"

"Don't baby sis me your getting married. I can't believe this" she shrieked and I laugh

"I see Amnat is rubbing her hyper activeness on you" i laugh "where is she BTW?" I asked remembering what happened earlier in the morning. No one knows anything about it except her, Dahiru Ringim and Uncle Yakubu.

"She is in the room, I don't know what's wrong with her but she's been crying since morning. I think she is just going to miss you so much" she said

"I'll go and meet her" I inform the two and they nod he head. I walk to the twins room only to find Amnat sitting on her bed crying.

"Baby sis?" I called and she hugged me

"Ya Faisal" she cried "are you okay?"

"I am fine"

"Stop lying to me"

"I promise"

"You scared me, don't ever do that please. Your eyes, they were red that I thought they were bleeding and you yelled at me. Please don't ever do that.. That side of you is so scary" she cried

"I'm sorry. I wasn't feeling too well. It won't happen again"

"I love you"

"I love you too"

"It's not like you two are dying.. Ango it's getting late" Aunty Uwani said entering the room. I wipe Amnat's face and made her promise never to talk about what happened before leaving to the mosque.

Ina lilahi waina ilaihi rajiun.

Are we really doing this? I'm I really getting married?! Dahiru Ringim is my wali while Abba was his sister's wali.

"An daura auren Faisal Dahiru Ringim da Ammah Rabiu Alkali akan sadaki naira dubu hamsin acikin addinin musulunci. Allah ya basu zaman lafia. Salati goma ga Anabi!"

The Imam said and after the prayers every one started congratulating me and I picked my phone to text Ammah.

Baby Ammah- Hey wife♥ please don't cry too much okay? Knowing you so well, I know your crying right now but please don't cry too much! I love you Mrs Faisal♥

Ammah's POV


I hold Safiya's hand tightly as she puts the phone on speaker. Ya Abba left his phone on speaker so we will hear what is happening over there.

All my cousins and friends surround me as we hear the Imam speak:

"An daura auren Faisal Dahiru Ringim da Ammah Rabiu Alkali akan sadaki naira dubu hamsin acikin addinin musulunci. Allah ya basu zaman lafia. Salati goma ga Anabi!"

"Alhamdulilah. congratulations best friend" Safiya said as tears roll down my cheek.

"Thank you" I said as everyone congratulates me while I cry. My phone beeps and I pick it to see a message from Faisal, I smile and reply his message before putting the phone away.

Baby na- Hey husband♥ I can't promise not to cry but I'll try not to cry too much. I love you.

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