Loving Ammah

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Chapter 51

Ammah's POV


"Okay now place your hands on his shoulder and you wrap your hands around her waist and stare into each other's eyes" the photographer said and we do as told. "Perfect.. Beautiful.. Now smile! Ooohh I love that smile. Now look in love.. Yah... That's how we do it!!" He kept saying and I laugh.

"What a very cute couple I wish you a very happy married life and bruh being married ain't easy" the photographer said giving Faisal and hug and he leave us in the living room alone.

"Finally were alone. You look breathtaking baby na" he said pulling me closer to his body.

"Faisal what if someone sees us, you know your Dad is coming now to give us the marriage talk" I whispered as he nudge his head I my shoulder.

"I don't care, it's halal and your mine" he said kissing me on my cheek

"You shameless handsome human being"

"I'm handsome so I don't care" he said and the door opens and I jumped away from him.

"I'm I interrupting anything?" His dad asked as he enter the living room and sit on the couch.

"No" I said and at the same time Faisal said yes. His dad laugh and I glare at Faisal... This is so embarrassing!!!!

"Ammah and Faisal you guys are not kids anymore as you married each other I'm sure you know marriage is not a child's play. Marriage is completing half your deen and pleasing your lord. I believe you guys are matured and will handle any problem that comes your way like adults that you are. No silly fights, be patient and loving. Living with some is not easy, your spouse might be doing something you don't like but that doesn't mean you start fighting it means you talk to each other and sort things out. Faisal I know you and I can see you love Ammah very much and you will take care of her. You guys are equal no one is greater than the other, there should be respect among both of you and no one should disrespect the other. You guys are starting another journey of your life and I wish you success and happiness.

Baarakallaahu laka, wa baaraka 'alayka, wa jama'a baynakumaa fee khayrin.

Allah ya bada zaman lafia" he finished and we both nod our head muttering Ameen.

The groom's family left to go and organize the budan kai (unveiling the bride) event taking place in their house.

"Amarya here is your food" Yesmin said giving me a plate of jollof rice and salad.

"Thank you sissy but are you okay?" I asked concerned she looks worn out and irritated.

"Yes, this pregnancy is tiring me out wallahi" she whispered so no one hears.

"Ayah sorry why don't you go home and rest"

"I can't your marriage isn't over yet" she sighed.

"Please go home and rest, I'll tell ya Abba to bring you back when we are leaving for the budan kai"

"Are you sure? What if people ask for me?"

"I'll tell them you went home cause your forgot your clothes"

"Okay, thank you. Bye"

"Take care" I said and she carry her handbag and leave. I text ya Abba and he promise to bring her on time while I dig on the food.


"Addaaaaa" I whined

"What is it now?" She asked placing her hand on her big baby bump. Her IDD is on the fourteenth of May which is a month from now.

"I don't know to go tie this lafaya" I said

"I'll call aunty Umma even I don't know how to tie it" she said leaving the room. The makeup artist had dolled my face up in a simple way as aunty Umma enter the room.

"Now open your legs" she said and I did as told before she tie the thing around me tightly that my breathing changed.

"Too tight" I complained

"That's how they tie it now stop complaining" she scold and i roll my eyes. I don't understand why i have to wear lafaya? Yes Faisal's aunties are kanuri and the theme of the budan kai is in a kanuri way but that's not my fault. I put the alkeyba (royal robe) on her body and cover my face with it then we walk downstairs to the car.

"Amarya should enter the car with her mothers and aunties" aunty Maimuna said as they push me inside mama's car where I sat in the middle of her and aunty Umma.

We arrived the house was transformed into one kind of smoke kingdome. Kanuri and turaren wuta! We got down and the algaita (traditional music) start. My face was covered and I was now starting to sweat.

"Sit carefully" Safiya said as we sit on the soft carpet outside. My friends sit with me and I could hear voices around me but I couldn't see.

"Safiya" I whispered


"I'm sweating" I said as she fan me with a paper.

"Please let's start the event, amarya na zufa (bride is sweating)" someone said

"Now the groom's eldest aunty should start spraying the bride with money" the MC said and aunty Uwani spray money on me while my friends pack it and load it in their bag, Hummy is in charge of that. Hehe the devil is a liar!

"welcome to the family" aunty Uwani whispered in my ear and I smile thanking her. After the groom's relative finish spraying me with money. Mama was next, she sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and I begin to wonder how many bundles she is going to finish today on me?

"My baby I wish you a very happy married life" she whispered her voice cracking and I start to cry.

"Mamaaa" I cried hugging her, with great difficulty they separate me from her and everyone finished spraying the money, now the groom is next.

"Now the groom is going to unveil his bride" the MC said and I could feel Faisal and his friends heavy footsteps as the approach me. Faisal unveil me and from no where his aunties arrive with turaren wuta putting the incense all over my body. He spray money on me and put some perfume on my body.

"Amarya da Ango come and take your seat on the royal chair" The MC said and we sit on the royal chair and Faisal entwined our hands together.

"Oh er yarinya na. My baby, my sweetheart, my darling, my sunflower. I can't believe my auta is getting married today, oh how time flies. I clearly remember the day you were born, I was still traumatized over my sister's death but as soon as I set my eyes on you I remembered 'Indeed Allah does everything for a reason' he took someone very close to me and in return gave me an angel. When your father died I vowed to never let you miss your father and I bet I achieved my aim. Ammah you are the most close to my heart out of all my kids, I believe I have installed my values and morals into you and groomed you into a beautiful patience lady. Always remember mama loves you and I'll always be right here forever and always. May Allah SWT bless you with lovely children and bless you both, Ameen"

Mama finished her speech and every one awwed. I was crying heavily that my body was trembling. Faisal scoot closer to me rubbing soothing circles on my back. After everyone was done with their speech, mama motioned for me to follow her and she place my hands on Faisal's dad's hand.

"Amana. (promise)" she said and she turn around with a heavy heart and leave.

"Mamaaaa!" I cried.


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