Loving Ammah

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Chapter 52

Ammah's POV


"Haba Ammah stop crying, enough is enough. People will think you were forced into this marriage" Adda scold as she tie her head gear. After the budan kai yesterday, we were given a room in Faisal's house where my bridesmaids and I slept -well they slept- I spent the night crying and thinking about my dearest mama. Today is my wedding dinner, Faisal's dad organized it cause he wanted to introduce me to the world as his daughter in law. I can't even imagine how spectacular it's going to be, I'm going to meet so many business men and their wives.

"I'm going to take a shower now" I announced entering the bathroom. After the wedding dinner, my friends are going to take me to my house and then I'll be left alone with Faisal.

I take a long refreshing shower and put my blue ball gown with a big bow designed by fattush. The makeup artist did my makeup and hide my eyes bags with concealer.

"Wow! You look breathtaking" Hummy compliment

"Thank you, you look breathtaking too" I replied. She is wearing their baby pink anko.

"Awwn thanks"

"Oya it's time to leave. We don't want to be late Please" Safiya said as she run up and down. We walked to the front porch where a black limo is waiting for us. All my friends entered while I was to ride with Faisal who is in a black Benz. He is wearing a blue babban Riga as he entwined our hands while the driver drives to the venue.

"You look beautiful wifey" he said and I blush. Why am I suddenly shy?!

"Thank you baby na"

"Ameera told me you cried too much"

"I miss mama" I admit laying my head on his shoulder my voice cracking. No more tears!

"Trust me I know how it feels to miss your mother" he said and I smile at him squeezing his hand.

"I love you" I said kissing him on his cheek

"I love you too" he replied and the driver cleared his throat. I even forgot he is in the car.

"We are here" he announced and Faisal being the gentleman he is opened the door form me and with his help I got out from the car. Big H was already snapping away as I hug Faisal.

"I'm nervous" I whisper in his ear

"It will be fine, I'll be right by your side" he whispered back and my friends awwed making me break our hug and I blush.


The event started in happiness and ended in happiness. I met many people and they all welcomed me warmly which I appreciated a lot. Faisal and I were asked to do a slow dance which we did and fireworks started with big H capturing the moment. It was so magical and I really enjoyed the dinner but unfortunately all good things come to an end.

"Masha Allah Ammah you have a loving home" Safa said. We just came back from the wedding dinner and I was now sitting on my bed with my friends surrounding me, we are waiting for Faisal and ya Abba to arrive.

"Thank you but I haven't seen the whole house yet" I said

"I'll be coming here every weekend gaskia" Hummy said and adda roll her eyes.

"Gayan sodi. If you are always around how will you get a niece or nephew" adda said and I cover my face with my hands embarrassed.

"Please you guys should stop torturing my wife" my one and only husband said as he enter the room.

"Toh masu wife" Amnat teased, once again they are attending the event from the bride's side.

"Uh, uh, uh. Not on Humaira's watch out. You can't enter the room yet" Hummy said dramatically closing my face with my veil.

"Why? And why are you closing her face?" Faisal asked confused

"Oh ya Faisal haven't you ever been to a wedding?" Safinat asked

"You have to pay to see Ammah's face, our Ammah is expensive she is not cheap. You can't just barge into this room and see her beautiful face" Safiya said

"But she is my wife and this is my house" he literally whined.

"Toh baby" Ya Abba said "you have to pay them, it's their right as friends" he add

"okay fine, how much?" He asked irritated

"Five million" Humaira answered

"What?!" Ya Abba and him yell at the same time

"We will reduce it, three million" she said and I imagine her smirking. After bickering around for almost thirty minutes. Faisal wrote a cheque for five hundred thousand and they hug me promising to visit the next day.

"Adda don't leave" I cried hugging her

"Silly girl, I have to go and I'll be in Nigeria until I give birth so you will see me often" she said kissing me on my forehead and walking to join the others in the car.

"Ya Abbaaaaa" I cried hugging him, he was crying too which made me cry more.

"Baby Ammah" he replied hugging me back

"I love so much, please don't go and leave me"

"I love you too but I can't stay with you forever" he said. After promising me he will call every day, they left leaving me alone with the love of my life.

"Hey it will be okay" Faisal said hugging me, he let me cry in his arms before telling me to take a shower. We change into our night wares and pray together.

Faisal take my hennaed hands in his and recite the newly weds dua:

Allaahumma 'innee 'as'aluka khayrahaa wa khayra

majabaltahaa 'alayhi wa 'a'oothu bika min sharrihaa wa sharri maajabaltahaa 'alayhi.

"O Allah, I ask You for the goodness of her and the goodness upon which You have created her, and I seek refuge in You from the evil of her and from the evil upon which You have created her".

He concluded and I smile thanking Allah for having such as loving, caring and brave husband like Faisal. He who believed in me since day one and loved me since he first lay his eyes on me.

"I love you baby na"

"I love you too baby Ammah" he said as he sealed our lips.


"Faisal?" I whispered in the dark. He is

sitting on the floor by the door clinging onto something like a picture. He looks so fragile and hurt that I'm afraid even the sound of the wind can break him into thousand .

"Baby na what are you doing awake? It's two am, it's not time for fajr yet" I said when he didn't respond. I am so tired from the wedding events and the only thing I want to do is to sleep

"Okay I'm getting worried now. Are you okay?" I asked standing up, I switch on the lights only for me to gasp loudly.

Inalilahi waina ilaihi rajiun.

I whispered placing my hand on my chest. Faisal's eyes are bloodshot as blood roll down his cheek.. From where? He was trembling and saying something I couldn't understand. I kept touching him but he didn't blink an inch.

"Faisal please snap out of it. It's me your baby Ammah. I'm right here please" I cried hugging him and he push me off him.

"Leave me the fuck alone. I don't deserve you! I don't deserve all this happiness" he yelled

"W-what are you saying?" I stammer crying.

"Go to bed!" He command carrying his car keys.

"Where are you going?" I asked following him downstairs.

"None of your fucking business" he growled

"You can't say that, I'm your wife I ought to know" I snapped.

"Leave.me.alone" he yelled shutting the door and driving out of the house. That night I cried eyes out until I couldn't cry anymore. I heard the adhan for Fajr prayers and I pray my heart to Allah. Ya Allah protect Faisal wherever he is.


Just tighten your seatbelts cause the real journey begins now..😜💃💨

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