Loving Ammah

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Chapter 53

Ammah's POV


I take a long refreshing shower and change into my skirt and blouse. I remembered mama's words about not coming home about any single thing. If there is a problem I can handle it. I am a strong woman and Faisal is my husband, if he is going through anything we will go through it together. As a couple. My phone rings and the ID shows Amna, I pick it up and she informs me she is downstairs and I tell her I'll be down in five minutes. I spray my perfume and walk downstairs.

"Sister in law" she said hugging me.

"Hey pretty" I replied as she enter with a food flask.

"Hey Sister in law" Safinat said hugging me too.

"Hi beautiful" I said hugging her back and they proceed to the kitchen to drop everything they brought.

"Ammahhhhh" Ameera yelled

"Babyyy" I yelled back carrying her "I missed you"

"I missed you too. Where is Ya Faisal?" She asked. How I'm I suppose to tell her brother hasn't returned home since he stormed out in the night.

"Uhh he went out, he will be back soon" I lied

"Kai ya Faisal, a day after your wedding ma he has already gone out this early" Amnat rolled her eyes

"He will be back soon" I assured them more like assuring myself. We eat breakfast and talk about everything and nothings and Ameera was getting impatient to see her brother making me worry about him too. I hope he is okay.

"He is here!!" Ameera yelled as his car entered the drive way. she runs to open the door for him while I clear the dinning table.

"I missed you baby" I hear his voice as he hug. The chatter away with his siblings and after a while they leave.

"Hey" he said hugging me and I hug him back.

"Hi. They brought breakfast are you hungry?" I asked and he nod his head. I serve him boiled potatoes and the vegetable sauce and watch him eat studying his face.

"Stop looking at me like that, it's creepy" he said

"So now looking at my husband is creepy" I pouted

"Awwn baby come here" he said patting his laps and I sit on them combing his hair with my fingers.

"Faisal we have to talk about last night" I start

"I don't want to talk about it" he mumbled in my neck kissing my sensitive place.

"Please let's talk. You know you can always talk to me about anything right?" I pressured and he moaned an hmm clearly not paying attention. "When there is a problem you don't walk away from it, you face it and together we will go through any shit" I continue and he doesn't reply this time. "It's about amma-" he cut me yelling enough.

"I said I don't want to talk about it is that clear?" He said in a voice he has never used on me. Strict, commanding and scary. He resembled Dahiru Ringim that I didn't know when I nod my head like a baby being scolded by her mother.

"I'm going to take a shower" he said and I stand up from his lap watching him go upstairs. This is not my Faisal and I have to do everything in my power to bring my Faisal back.

I clear the dinning table and joylessly take a look at my house. The living room was furnished white while the kitchen is red and black. The house was indeed beautiful and spacious Masha Allah. The door bells rings bringing me out of my thoughts, I open the door to see Humaira, Safiya, Aminu, Khalifa and Adda.

"Oh em Geee" I yelled hugging them

"Amarya" adda teased.

"Are you going to let us in neh wai?" Humaira rolled her eyes.

"Oh come in and hummy if you know your not gonna be respectful then leave my house" I joked

"Iyee masu house" she joked as we enter inside. I bought drinks and water for them before going to inform Faisal about our guests.

"I'm sorry" he whispered kissing my lips

"It's okay really"

"I shouldn't have yelled at you, please forgive me"

"Your forgiven on one condition"

"Anything for the owner of my heart"

"I own you today, forever and always. no one can come in between us and our love"

"Baby since day one you owned me and I promise no one can come between us, the love I have for you ehnn.. You can't even imagine"

"Toh cheesy hubby, our guests are waiting"

"They can wait, I was just about to prove to you how much I love you" he smirked licking his lips making my knees go weak.

"Faisal" I breathe my voice coming out horse. Damn my hormones.

"I haven't even touched you and your moaning" he laughed and I hit him playfully on his shoulder.

"See the kind of effect I have on you koo" he continued laughing as we walk downstairs. I glared at him as he immediately starts a conversation with my family laughing and being carefree. That's the Faisal I know. Ya Allah help him.


It's been a week since I got married and to say marriage is easy will be an understatement. I am gradually getting used to Faisal crying in the night and storming out of the house only to return in the morning when he will get ready for work and leave. Yes he got a job and it's has no connection to Dahiru Ringim. I am too scared to talk to Faisal about his situation cause he warned me about it and I don't want to make him angry.

When he comes back from work everyday, he brings a bouquet of flowers and then becomes his cheesy joyful Faisal. Today is Friday and I am to go to visit mama today while he will pick me after maghrib.

"Mama na" I yelled as I entered the house. I dropped my hand bag on the couch and enter the kitchen knowing she must be there.

"Ammah, is that you?" She asked and I hugged her.

"Mama I missed you"

"And that I will doubt. you didn't call me not even once I get Faisal has taken over my spot in your heart"

"Haba mama I called your phone but you didn't answer and when I tell adda to let me talk to you she will say you are sleeping or cooking. And how Faisal take your spot in my heart when he owns the whole heart" I said munching on an Apple.

"Omo see married woman. So Faisal own your heart now? Ah lale"

"Kai mamaaaa" I blushed

"How are you?" she asked on a more serious note now.

"I am fine"

"Are you sure?" She asked. Why all the questions? Does she know about Faisal's and I marriage situation? No. I didn't tell anyone not even Safiya.

"Yes" I said dismissing the topic and complaining about how I've been having lots of visitors. After talking I went upstairs to my old room and pray Asr before we went to the living room to eat.

"Allah ya raba lafia adda babba (May you have a safe delivery big sister)" I teased adda as she tries to get up

"Ameen" she replied putting her hand on her stomach.

"Kai I think I'm going into labour now" she said too over dramatically and I roll my eyes.

"Don't ask she has been saying that since after your wedding" Humaira whispered and I laugh.

"Afra you are not going into labour for the last time" mama sigh

"Mama how do you know that? I'm the one carrying the baby so I know" she said crying. Pregnancy hormones... Haha!

"Afra I gave birth to three kids I know when to take you to the hospital for now go and rest"

"No one takes me seriously in this house, lemme go and call my husband only him will understand my situation" she cried going up stairs.

"I wonder how Abdallah copes with her" mama said

"Mama she is your daughter oo" Hummy said and we laugh. It's nice spending time with my family cause I missed them so much. My phone rings and the ID said baby na. I excused my self from the living room to answer his call ignoring Humaira's tease.

"Missing me already?" I asked as I answer the call

"You can't even imagine how I badly need to see your angelic face" he moaned and I laugh

"Only few more hours, don't worry"

"Yeah, I can't wait. I actually called to tell you we will be having a visitor for some days"


"My stepmother, Zainab" he said and I keep quite. I don't know why she has to stay in our house can't she stay in Dahiru Ringim's house?

"I know what your thinking about but Dahiru Ringim wants us to bond and this is his way of bonding. Her children will be staying with the twins while she will stay with us. But don't worry it's just for few days" he assured.


"I really don't have a choice you know I can't go against him he is my dad" he sigh

"It's fine really"

"But that won't stop me from making love to you, you know" he said and I imagine him smirking.

"Your so shameless"

"Whatever. I have to go take care of yourself for me"

"I will. I love you"

"I love you too" and with that I end the call. I hope his step mom is as good as her name.

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