Loving Ammah

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Chapter 54

Ammah's POV


"It will be okay" Faisal assured kissing my hand and I nod my head. The door opened and a woman entered wearing a red and black off shoulder gown with a small black veil around her neck, she is chewing gum astagafirullah (God forgive me) like one prostitute blowing what we call balloon.

"Inna wuni" I greet as Faisal bring her luggage inside.

"Kalauu yarinya" she replied sparing me a glance as she proceed inside the house. "Faisal show me my room please, it was a long journey from London to Nigeria you know" she said and he show her the guest room. I went to the kitchen and grab some cold refreshments for her and take it to her room.

"Uh no, I don't take coke keep that in mind" she said throwing the coke on the floor

"I'm sorry I didn't know" I said picking the coke, Faisal gave me a look that says 'i'm sorry' and I smile at him. I take the coke back to the fridge and make sure everything is in order on the dinning table.

"Aunty Zainab is coming now for dinner" Faisal said as he wrap his hands around my waist.

"Okay" I smile

"I'm sorry for her behavior"

"Stop apologizing" I said turning around to face him and he pull me closer to his body kissing my eyelids.

"Faisal she will be here any minute from now, leave me" I whispered

"So? This is my house and your my wife I bet she knew the consequences before coming her. Her eyes should better get used to watching love making" he smirked biting my lower lip and I push him away from me.

"As much as I love making love to you I don't want our guest to have a bad impression on me" I said sticking out my tongue and he pout which made him cute.

"Keh Ammah!" Aunty Zainab yelled

"Naa'am aunty Zainab"

"This is what you call hospitality Koo? You can't even come and serve me food" she hissed.

"Can't you serve yourself food? she is not your house maid" Faisal replied and I plead for him to keep shut.

"haka ka che koo? Your father must hear this, is it me your disrespecting" she said picking her IPhone 7. Faisal left the dinning table without saying a single word. I serve her food after she finish complaining to Faisal's dad telling him what Faisal did and even adding her own salt and pepper.

"Do you need anything aunty Zainab?" I asked her after she was done eating.

"Mstew" she hissed walking to her room. Oh Allah. I wash the dishes and go to our room where Faisal was laying on the bed shirtless.

"Hey boo" I say laying beside him and kissing him on his cheek.

"Hey. He called me and ordered me not to disrespect her, I am so sorry" he said in one swift moment changing our positions. I was now laying on the bed while he is on top of me plumping his hands under his cheeks to stop him from falling on me.

"It's fine, I think she has a bad view on me"

"When she gets to know you she will know your the most easy going beautiful girl in the entire universe"

"Tohm bust my head kaji" I laughed and he bite my lower lip rubbing his hand up and down my hips.

"Your so sexy" he moaned and I blush.

"Faisal your step mom is downstairs she will hear us"

"I want her to hear you yelling my name saying 'Faisal.. Don't ever stop.. Please'" he mimicked and I roll my eyes at him.

"Well I don't want her to hear me, so get off me so I'll take a shower and we can watch something or sleep" I said and he roll to the other side of the bed, he watched my every move whistling as I remove my clothes and wrap a towel around my body.

"My wife with the big bombom ayyy" he sang

"You need help" i laughed

"Gaskia ne ai. Baby wannan duwawu! You need to start wearing hijab when going out, I don't want other boys scoping your butt"

"Jealousy kawai"

"It's mine"

"May God help you" I yelled entering the bathroom. I turn on the shower and let the hot water hit my body.

"Hey babe. Wanna shower together" Faisal smirked entering the bathroom and i laugh at him.


I hear Faisal crying and I feel hot tears roll down my cheek too. It's two am and as usual he is clutching onto aunty Hawwau's picture and crying. I hide my self inside the duvet and wait for him to bang the door on his way out. I'm used to it. I know he will run away from talking to me about it so by bother trying.

"Baby Ammah?" He called "are you awake" he ask again and I remove the duvet from my head sitting on the bed.

"You wanna talk about it?" I asked and he nod his head slowly.

"Please heal me. Only you can heal me and remove the pain in my heart. I don't want to live like this anymore. Your the one who can heal all my problems. Baby please" he cried kneeling down. I stand up from bed in nothing but bum shorts and bra and hug him.

"I'm here, it will be okay"

"I'm not so sure about that anymore" he whispered.

"I promise it gets better"

"Make me forget, please" he begged unclasping my bra.

"I'm all yours" I said letting him leave a mark on every part of my body.


"Keh Ammah!!! Ammah!!!" Someone yelled waking me up from sleep. I groan and turn around in sleep seeing Faisal sleeping peacefully my my side.

"Ammahhhhhh!!!!" The person yelled louder. La haula. Who is it? Oh God! Aunty Zainab! I quickly stand up from bed making sure not to wake Faisal, I grab my bra from the floor and wear it before carrying my long hijab and wearing it. I run downstairs where she is sitting on couch her leg on stretched. Oh my poor white couch!!

"Aunty Zainab inna kwana" I greet

"Mstew. Har karfe goma bazaki bani abinchi ba? (It's ten o'clock and you won't give me food?)" She asked. Say what now? Ten o'clock?!

"I am sorry Aunty Zainab wallahi I over slept"

"Is that what you mother taught you? To come to your husband's house and be sleeping till ten o'clock?! Please go and bring my breakfast, do you want to kill me?" She yelled

"I am sorry." I apologize walking to the kitchen. I quickly made sandwiches and coffee with omelette before setting it on the dinning table. I called her and she made a fuss about hitting coffee so I had to make ginger tea for her.

"Good morning aunty Zainab" Faisal greet coming downstairs

"Don't good morning me, your wife wants to kill me with hunger"

"Aunty Zainab we over slept that's why" he grumbled as he kiss me on my cheek. "Morning babe" he greet sitting down

"Morning" I replied. I so badly want to kiss him on his cheek and say morning baby na and ask him how he slept but kept quite. the look that aunty Zainab is giving me already makes me shiver.

"Won't you eat?" Faisal asked as I serve him

"I'll eat later" I said trying to avoid aunty Zainab.

"No, sit with us"

"Didn't you hear her? She will eat later for now she should go and start preparing for lunch" aunty Zainab yelled and Faisal say nothing. After giving me orders telling me what to cook for her which is five different meals. I walk to the kitchen you start cooking. After a while Faisal entered the kitchen and sit on the kitchen counter dragging my hands so I stand between his legs.

"Faisal let me go, I have a lot to cook" I whined.

"Eat first" he said him his half eaten sandwich. I take a bite and smile at him

"Now can I go cook?"

"Now you have to finish the sandwich he said and I unwillingly finish it. "That's my baby" he said and I smile walking to the gas cooker.

"Please be a darling and grab me a T-shirt, this hijab is giving me a hard time while cooking" I beg Faisal.

"Nope, you can cook in bra and bum short" he said locking the kitchen door. I shake my head at him and remove the Hijab.

"What should I help you with?" He asked his eyes locked on my chest.

"Nothing go and tidy our room if you stay here I will end up burning the food" I said and he laugh

"That I won't argue with" he said leaving the kitchen.

"I miss you already babe!" He yelled and I gasp. Aunty Zainab heard.


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