Loving Ammah

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Chapter 55

Ammah's POV


"Faisal!" I yelled entering our room. It's past three and I just finished cooking and washing the dishes. Our room is still a mess and Faisal is laying lazily on the bed playing candy crush on his phone, he is in nothing but in boxers and he is smiling at me sheepishly.

"Yes?" He asked nonchalantly

"Ugh. I am so tired and you can't even help me today the room. I haven't even taken a shower and I need to start preparing for dinner and I'm so sleepy. Gosh!" I cried and he walk to me hugging me.

"I am so sorry. Take a shower and by the time you finish the room will be sparkling" he said wiping my tears


"I promise. Now go" he said and I remove the hijab and grab my towel. I take a refreshing shower and wear one of Faisal's hoodie which looks huge on me, it reached my thighs so I didn't bother wearing a bum shorts. By the time I step out from the bathroom the room was neat and tidy.

"Lunch" Faisal offered and I smile sitting on the bed with him. He fed me the rice and stew and give me a cup of orange juice.

"Thank you" I said

"Anything for my love, now sleep"

"How can I sleep, I have to cook dinner"

"We are going out for dinner, now rest, I'll wake you up later"

"Awwn, okay" I said sinking into my soft duvet while he set up his PS.


"Babe wakeup" Faisal nudged and I open my eyes to see him dressed in white shirt and jeans and matching white sneakers. I lazily walk to the bathroom and take a short shower and change into my material bubu with a matching veil. I did my simple makeup and spray my perfume before joining the two in the living room.

"Finally sarauniya ta iso. (The queen has arrived)" aunty Zainab hissed. Doesn't her mouth get tired of hissing neh?!

"Let's go" Faisal said taking my hands in his as we walk to the car. He opened the door for me to enter but aunty Zainab push me out of the way entering the passenger's seat.

"Faisal let's go please" she said and Faisal sigh.

"I'll sit in the back seat, no big deal" I smile, I don't know for how long I'm going to keep tolerating aunty Zainab.

"Okay" he simply replied and enter the driver's seat. he starts driving and in twenty minutes we arrived red chillies. He opened the door for me and hold my hand in his as we walked inside the restaurant. we sat down in a booth and the waitress takes our order.

"Oh he is here!" Aunty Zainab clapped her hands together in joy as a man approached us.

"Who is he?" Faisal growled

"My brother, Fawaz" she said and he shake Faisal's hand. He looks about Faisal's age dressed in ripped jeans and black T-shirt, he sure is handsome but my husband is more handsome.

"Hey" he said reaching out his hand to shake me. I waved me hand at him declining his hand shake. he sits down across me beside his sister as the waiter brings our food.

"I didn't catch the beautiful lady's name mi lady" Fawaz said trying to make a conversation with me. I shift awkwardly in my seat and Faisal squeeze my thigh moving me closer to his body.

"That's because you don't need to know" Faisal snapped

"Haan what is wrong if he knows her name? Mstew" aunty Zainab once again hissed. We all eat our food in silence but I was uncomfortable cause Fawaz was shamelessly staring at me, Faisal noticed so he told aunty Zainab it's late we should head back home.

"I'll see you another day beautiful face" Fawaz said and I nod my head quickly walking to the car. When we went home, I change into Faisal's comfy sweater while he setup his PS.

"Argh.. Faisal you are becoming addicted" I complain as I sit on his lap

"Well some one is jealous" he smirked playing the game.

"Yes I am" I admit and he laugh. I sit on the bed while he sits on the floor concentrating on the television. His body was leaning on the bed and I decided to tease him by wrapping my naked legs around his neck.

"Soyayya ko raini? (Love or disrespect)?" He asked

"Soyayya love" I replied and he laughed. I pick up my phone and start chatting with Safiya. we decide to meet up tomorrow when Faisal goes to work. She tells me about her father's decision about him letter her keep baby Fahad and I am so happy for her.

"I hate that Fawaz guy" Faisal admit after a while.

"Me too" I replied and we hear aunty Zainab's yelled calling me.

"What now?!" Faisal snapped to no one in particular.

"I'll go and see" I said standing up and wearing my long comfy trousers.

"Be back soon" he replied and I nod my head.

"Naa'am aunty Zainab, you called me?"

"Noooo. I called your jinns" she said sarcastically and I keep quiet "yes I called for you joorh, go and make ginger tea for me" she ordered and I nod my head. I made five cups for her and each she rejected saying it's not to her expectation. I made the same ginger tea for her yesterday and she didn't make a fuss why today. I was considering putting salt instead of sugar in the fifth cup but I thought about the consequences. She will call Dahiru Ringim and now tell him I'm trying to poison her.

"It's manageable" she said when I bought the sixth cup, I turn around to leave but she asks me to massage her legs until she falls asleep. That night I didn't go back to our room till midnight and when I entered Faisal was already asleep.


"Swear?" Safiya whispered surprised and I nod my head. She came over two hours ago and I just finished telling her about how Aunty Zainab is making my life hell.

"Ammah you have a heart of gold. Kutt! If it's me I would have sent her packing out of the house. Is she high on something neh? Me and my own house" Safiya said annoyed

"Let her do whatever she likes, I can't disrespect Faisal's dad you know that" I sigh

"Sai hakuri. Insha Allah everything will pass"

"Insha Allah. It's just a matter of time"

"So about the bakery, did you visit the place yet?"

"No wallahi, I didn't get a chance to. They are still constructing the place but Faisal's dad said I should go and check the place out when I'm free"

"Let's go now"

"Okay. Let me tell aunty Zainab"

"Nonsense! Must you tell her?! Abeg madam text you husband and tell him, mutafi" she said carrying her hand bag

"Safiya it's not nice not to inform her"

"Toh madam nice, nice. Go and tell her, I will be waiting in the car" Safiya said and I laugh at her entering aunty Zainab's room.

"Aunty Zainab, I'm going out with my friend but I'll be back soon Insha Allah" I inform and she pretend as if she didn't hear. I tell her two more times and still the same so I decided to leave.


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