Loving Ammah

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Chapter 56

Ammah's POV


"Baby you've lost weight" Faisal said as I look for something to wear. We just finished taking a bath and now I am in my towel while Faisal dry his wet hair with his towel.

"Why won't I lose weight when your step mom makes me work all the time" I snapped irritated. Aunty Zainab is getting impossible day by day. It's been a month now and to say I'm tired will be an understatement. She makes me cook many food only for her to invite her stupid ass flirty shameless brother to come over. I don't have a right to cook what i like again in my house neither can I watch in my living room cause it's now her relaxing place. I could swear my white couch is now brown cause of the way she rubs her legs on them. She makes me do her laundry and iron her clothes even though Faisal takes our clothes to the laundry house every Sundays. I make ginger tea every minute of my stay in my own house for her until it's to her expectation. I massage her feet until she falls asleep which means I sleep by twelve, sometimes to one.

"I don't know how many times I'll say this but I'm sorry"

"Well your sorry is not enough" I snapped grabbing a purple fitted gown atampha.

"I don't know what's got in your panties today but i'm not listening to your shit" he snapped back and I had this urge to throw a pillow at him but I stop myself. He sits on the floor and as usual playing his game while I did my makeup. This isn't the first time we are arguing over his step mom and it's getting out of hand.

"Baby Ammah" Faisal calls and I ignore him. I know he can't stay angry with me for too long. "Sweetheart? Love of my life, the owner of my heart, I am so sorry please forgive your baby" he says and my hearts melts.

"I'm tired" I said crossing my hand over my chest

"Trust me, I miss the time I make love to you on the kitchen counter and on the dinning table" he smirked and I laugh at him.

"I don't think I can put up with her anymore"

"Come here" he said dropping the game pad and opening his hand, I walk over to him and sit on his lap hugging him. "My baby is very strong" he coos.

"Your baby is on the edge of losing her patience"

"No she won't Insha Allah. She should please hold it back for some time, I'll fix everything soon" he said and I sealed our lips together. My phone rings bringing us out of our heat up moment and I answer the call.

"Adda is in labor, meet us in Garki Hospital" Humaira said and I end the call going crazy looking for my veil.

"What's wrong? Who was that?" Faisal asked worriedly

"Add is in labour, we need to go fast" I yelled and he wear his jeans. We quickly get dressed and leave for the hospital forgetting about aunty Zainab.


"Congratulations, it's a girl" The doctor said and we muttered Alhamdulilah. Abdallah who came to Nigeria a week ago grinned as he hold his baby girl in his hand.

"Mama meet baby Afnan" He said handing the baby too mama.

"Allah ya raya Afnan" she said and we all say Ameen. She is dressed in a cute pink dress and the nurse wrapped her in a pink flannel. After mama blows duas on the baby, she passes her to me and and Faisal and we smile watching the baby in aww. She is so cute.

"May Allah bless you two with you own bundle of joy" Mama prayed and I blush both of us saying Ameen.

"Ammah don't listen to mama, Allah don't try and get pregnant. Kai it's not easy. I thought I was going to die" adda said and I laugh

"Keh Afra don't discourage my daughter" mama scold

"It's true. Ammah don't have sex" Ya Abba said entering the hospital room with Yesmin. I turn to meet Faisal who was smirking at his best friend. Oops. Too late for that one.

"Ya Abbaaa" I hugged him

"Baby" he hugged back. We talk for a while enjoying family's time and snapping the newest addition to the family before the nurse sent us out of the room saying adda needs rest.

"I miss Afnan already" I whined as we enter the car

"Awwn, someone wants a baby" Faisal cooed as he start the car

"Lol. Faisal let's go to cold stone please"

"Ammah you've had lots of candy today fah" He rolls his eyes

"Haba cold stone is bae and it's been two days since I had cold stone last, do you want me to die?" I said dramatically

"Just because you don't take cold stone so you will die?" He laugh

"Ehen na. You don't know"

"Ouch.. I'm not offended don't bother apologizing" he joked

"Just take me to cold stone"

"Yes ma'am!"


"Are you sure you are okay? Why don't we go to the hospital" Faisal said worriedly as I step out from the bathroom. I have been throwing out my guts since yesterday and my stomach is aching the pain in my lower abdomen is just unbearable.

"I'll be fine. I'm just on my period" I manage to reply. I really I'm not in the mood to talk, I just want to lay on bed and maybe get some sleep.

"But what about the puking? It's not normal" he said running his hand inside his hair.

"I'll be fine, just please come lay down with me" I said squeezing my eyes. The bed dip in as he hug me rubbing my stomach in a soothing manner.

"Faisal you have to go to work" I whispered in his ear.

"No, your sick. I'll take the day off" he whispered back

"No. Just go, you don't want to get fired"

"Are you sure?"


"Keep your phone on at all times" he said

"I promise" I said and he kiss me on my forehead standing up. I immediately miss his warm body close to mine as hell dress for work. After he was done, he kissed me on my forehead and made me promise to go to the hospital if I don't get better.

"Keh Ammah!!" Aunty Zainab yelled from downstairs. Ugh... Can she stop yelling, I'm suffering from a bad headache and menstrual pain is hell bent on killing me and here she is shouting. She kept yelling my name and I muster all the courage I have left in me to stand up. I walk downstairs to see her seating on the couch giving me one of her dirty glares.

"Shegiya Kawai, er iskanan na kiran ki so bari ki share ta KO?! Didn't you hear me calling you?! Mstew! So today you won't give me food" she yelled and I just stood there like a statue watching her.

"Aunty Zainab I'm sick"

"Are you pregnant?!"

"Pregnant? No"

"Well whatever sickness is bothering you, I don't care. Go and bring my food" she commanded and I drag my feet to the kitchen. I make toast bread and her famous ginger tea before taking it to her.

"Inalilahi waina ilaihi rajiun!!" I yelled jumping as a hot substance burn my body.

"Haka a ke tea a garin Ku? Is this how to make tea is your village?!" Aunty Zainab yelled throwing the tea cup on the floor making it shatter into pieces. She had poured the tea on my body and just broke another of my tea cup and I've had enough.

"Go and make another tea for me" she command.

"I am sorry aunty Zainab but I can't" I said as politely as I can be.

"I'm telling you to do something and your telling me you can't. Are you high?! So you have the guts to open your mouth and tell me that. You stupid child.. Who are you?! Er gidan munafuka. I don't blame you, it's your mother I blame, for she has not taught you to respect your elders"

"Aunty Zainab please don't bring my mother into this. It's people that cause other's not to respect them. Allah have since I have never raised my voice on you and have always done what you asked me to do but wallahi I'm tired. I can't do this anymore and my mother has never done anything to you so keep her out of this"

"Dahiru must hear this. ke baki da kunya ko?! Your husband too must hear. let him come back from work" She threatened and I turn on my heels and walk upstairs. If she likes she should dig my dead father from the ground and tell him what I did. Allah knows I've been patience and nothing but nice with her but she doesn't appreciate me. I'm sick and I don't have energy in my body can't she even consider that and spare me from her wahala for today?! Mstew. I take a shower and change into my bum short and black v neck vest. I jump on the bed and let sleep consume me.


Ammah is a big girl.. Iyay iyay ooo🎶🎶😂

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