Loving Ammah

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Chapter 57

Faisal's POV

"No my wife can't do that" I snapped into the phone as I entered my car. Aunty Zainab just called Dahiru Ringim crying that Ammah slapped her and poured hot tea on her sending her out of the house.

"So you mean my wife is lying?!" Dahiru Ringim yelled over the phone

"Who knows"

"Enough is enough. You and Ammah should come home today, now! We have to sort things out. I won't stand anyone disrespecting my wife no even you or Ammah" he command ending the car. I sigh heavily and drive home. What if Ammah really did that? No she will never do that. I know her very well, even if she had enough she will never raise her hand on someone who is elder than her and can give birth to her.

I park my car and enter the house using my key. I went upstairs only to find Ammah sleeping on the bed. Is she still that sick?

"Baby" I called "Ammah, wakeup" I said touching her and she open her eyes

"Your back already?" She gasped

"Dahiru Ringim sent for us so I had to leave work early" I said and she sit up

"What did Aunty Zainab tell him this time?" She frowned

"I don't know what happened between you guys when I was at work but he is really furious and I do not want to have to deal with his shit"

"What do you think happened?" She shot standing up

"I don't know"

"I just hope she is gone for good"

"So you did sent her from the house"

"What? Me send her out of the house?" She asked surprised

"You just confirmed my suspicious"

"Can you even hear yourself?" She yelled

"Don't you dare raise your voice on me" I yelled back and she shake her head sideways blinking back her tears.

"Unbelievable" she whispered entering the bathroom and I sit on the bed closing my eyes. Ya Allah.

Ammah's POV


I stare at Faisal shaking my head sideways. Is he for real? Does he really think I'll do that? That I'll slap aunty Zainab and send her out of the house. Wow. Just wow.

"Zainab you have said your own side of the story now Ammah say yours" Dahiru Ringim said. we are all sitting in his parlor, a side I've never been to in the house. Faisal is sitting across me on the fluffy carpet eyes locked on me.

"Aunty Zainab asked me to make breakfast for her and I was very sick so I told her and she said she didn't care I should make breakfast for her. I made toast and ginger tea for her only for her to pour the tea on my body and abuse me. She told me to make another cup for her and I politely told her I can't, cause I was feeling really sick. Allah knows I have never disrespected her and I didn't slap her and send her out of the house." I explained

"So you mean I'm lying?" Aunty Zainab yelled

"Who gave you the right to talk?!" Dahiru Ringim roared and she keep quite. "I have listened to both side of your stories and I don't know who lying and who is saying the truth. Ammah if you have disrespected my wife then mind you I won't take that in this house and you Zainab I didn't send you to the house to make Ammah's life hell, I sent to there to bond with Faisal that way we will all become a happy family and his kids will know you as their grandmother" he continued

"So that is your plan all along?!" Faisal snapped "you want her to take Amma's place in my life?"

"This is not about her taking your mother's place"

"Then what the hell is it about?" Faisal yelled

"If you raise your voice one more time I'll be forced to slap you" his dad command

"She is not staying in my house" Faisal said

"Who are you to tell me what to do?!" His dad yelled.

"It's my house. You have to choose between your son or your wife" Faisal said standing up.

"And if you go against your father's command I will disown you. Zan sine maka! (I will curse you)" His father said making him stop dead in tracks. "It is final, Zainab is staying in the house and mind you if she calls to tell me you or your wife are disrespectful, I will be left with no choice but to take my younger kids with me back to London" he said and Faisal turned with tears in his eyes.

"You can't take the twins and Ameera away from me. It's not fair" he whispered

"Try me and see" he said dismissing us and we leave. The ride back home was dead silence. Aunty Zainab said she will be home after maghrib she has to be somewhere so only me and Faisal are in the car.

All my life when ya Abba tells me it's better if I don't cross path with Dahiru Ringim I thought he was joking but today I can see why he said that. He is a man who can do anything he likes without caring about your feelings. How can he threaten to take the twins and Ameera away from Faisal. He knows how close they are and that Faisal cannot bear staying across the country from his siblings. We reach home and Faisal walk to our room while I went to the kitchen and start cooking dinner. After I was done, I went to the room where Faisal was laying on his stomach on the bed. I am still angry at him for thinking I'll do such a thing. Doesn't he know me by now.

I take a shower and clean my self up ready to step out from the bathroom when I decided to puke my guts out. what is happening to me? My head starts to ache terribly and the door to the bathroom opens.

"Are you okay?" Faisal asked and a shake my head sideways brushing my teeth.

"Let's go to the hospital" he said handing me my abaya and I put it on grabbing a black veil. We drive to the hospital and the doctor runs few tests.

"Call doctor Alit" The doctor orders the nurse and she runs out from the office.

"Is everything okay?" Faisal asked worriedly.

"We have to give your wife a bed Mr Faisal" the doctor said and Doctor Alit enters.

"Why? What's wrong with her?" He asked again and the doctor share a look making me clutch to my aching abdomen and letting a shrill escape my mouth.

"No!" I whispered crying "it can't be"

"I'm sorry to say but you lost your baby"


Just to be clear: Ammah was pregnant but she didn't know cause she is always busy fulfilling Aunty Zainab's demands and taking care of her house so because of that she lost her baby.

Much love♥♥♥

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