Loving Ammah

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Chapter 58

Ammah's POV.

👑One month later👑

The past one month is the worst month in my life. I lost my baby, a part of me all it's all my fault even though Faisal holds his self responsible too, I still I believe I'm the reason I lost our little one. If only I haven't been so careless, if only I haven't over worked my self and ate like a normal person maybe my baby will have started growing in my stomach.

I changed in a drastic way. I became more quite and distance to everyone, even Faisal. Mama has scolded me saying Allah has already planned everything and there is nothing I can do. She believes this is just a test and the beginning of my life, I will have many children in the future Insha Allah. But I don't think that anymore, the doctor's are saying really weird things about my health. Something about me having a hard time to conceive cause of my medical menstrual history.

You must be wondering if Aunty Zainab is still alive well she is. She has been nothing but mean and and inconsiderate about my feelings. She makes me work when Faisal is not home but immediately he is home she will reduce putting pressure on me cause the doctors said I should not work my self too much and she fears Faisal will tell his dad.

I haven't told Faisal a single thing. If she likes she should kill me for all I care.

"Hello Ma'am. Your usual?" Susan, a waitress here in my bakery (Faiimah bakery) asked as I seat in my normal booth.

"Yes please" I answer and she walks away. The bakery is not too crowded but they are people as I wait for Safiya to arrive. My phone rings and the ID shows baby na.

"Hey" I answer

"Baby Ammah"

"Yes, how are you"

"I'm not good"

"Why, what's wrong?"

"I'm missing you" he says and butterflies full my stomach.

"I miss you too love"

"Baby I miss you, you can't even imagine. I miss your hair, I miss hugging you when sleeping. I miss your smiles, I miss your laughs, i miss your tears, heck I miss everything about you" he said and I suddenly feel guilty. I haven't been given him any attention since the incident that happened in the hospital. I only spend my time in my bakery and go home to fulfill aunty Zainab's demands. "Baby, I miss making love to you. You have no idea how bad I want to feel your body on mine" he says making my heart skip a beat.

"I'm sorry. I promise I'll make it up to you, tonight"

"Keep your promise, please"

"I will. I love you"

"I love you too" he said and end the call.

"Heyooo" Safiya said sitting down opposite me with baby Fahad in her hand, Susan has bought my order since, strawberry milkshake with whipped cream and strawberry with waffles and honey syrup.

"Hi Ummu Fahad" I said taking Fahad in my hands, he is now three months onld and chubbier and cuter.

"Sorry I kept you waiting. Fahad is one stubborn baby Masha Allah" she complained as she order her all times favourite, waffles and chocolate crumble with blueberry pie.

"No problem. how is the wedding prep coming up?" I asked, yes Safiya is marrying Faruk in a week time. It's not going to be a big wedding, just simple, family only.

"Fine, Alhamdulilah. How are you?"

"I am fine"

"Hmm.. Ammah I know you better than you know yourself so no need to lie. It's a been a month DanAllah stop worrying yourself. Haba dai!! You are not the first woman to have miscarriage on earth so stop over reacting. Yes I get you lost your baby but Insha Allah you will get thousand of babies in the future"

"When is the future going to come Safiya? It's my fault, if only I had been more careful." I cried

"Shh habibity. Don't cry. Leave everything in the hands on Allah, it's just been months after your marriage, you guys can try again"

"You don't understand, I am scared. What if I lose another baby? I won't be able to bear the pain"

"Allah does not burden a soul upon which it cannot bear. It's just a matter of time, don't be a big baby"

"Safiya I haven't given Faisal his right in a month"

"La haula. Kina hauka ne?! He has been patience enough gaskia. Foolish girl. Today you must give him what you stopped him from" she yelled


"You have to wear your most dangerous piece of lingerie. I want a niece of nephew soon" she said sipping her milkshake and I blush.

"Allah ya kawo su (May Allah bring them)"



I had arrived home few hours ago and I had already finished making dinner. I put on my red lingerie as I decorate the room with candles. I switch off the lights and wait for Faisal to enter the room, any minute from now.

"Ammah what the-" he said pushing the door open and stopping dead in tracks.

"Hey hubby, want a smooch?" I asked and before he can answer or recover from his shock I place my lips on his kissing him deeply. My hands find their way to his neck as I remove his tie and throw it on the floor, I slowly unbutton his shirt and he move us backwards our lips still sealed.

"You have no idea how I missed doing this" he moaned as he cupped my boob making both of us fall on the bed.

"I'm sorry" I moaned

"Your forgive on one condition"

"Anything you want"

"Six months of sex, every single day minimum thrice a day" he smirked and I laugh throwing his shirt on the ground.

"I am forever yours" I said and that night we decide to bring another one of our love into the world. Ya Allah let this one be ours.


"Faisal answer your phone" I groan as I nudge my head in his shoulder sleeping. His phone kept ringing but he didn't even move an inch. Gosh!!!

"Faisal!!" I tapped his naked body and he open his eyes


"Your phone. Answer it or switch it off" I grumbled and he pick it from the bed side drawer. Who can it be it's so early.

"Amna what is it?" He groaned into the phone and I sit up hearing her name. Something must be wrong.

"What?!" He yelled standing up "I'll be there soon, take care of yourself" he said and end the call.

"What happened?" I asked standing up from the bed in nothing but my pants.

"Ameera is in ICU" he said and that was enough to break me down


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