Loving Ammah

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Chapter 5

Ammah’s POV

“Omy God I love Jem!” Humaira squealed next to me, we were watching Jem and the holograms in the living room.

“She is so pretty” I add popping a skittle in my mouth. My phone rings and it was Safiya I answered the call and I hear her crying.

“Safiya? How did it go? Is everything okay?” I asked as I walk to my room leaving Humaira with full concentration on the tv.

“Nothing is okay bestie” she cried

“What happened?” I asked worried

“Baba is sending me to Jos tomorrow. I’ll be staying with my aunty until I give birth and after that” she said as she stop to catch her breath “After that I’ll take my child to the orphanage and return to Abuja to start a new life”

“What? No! You can’t leave girl-friend. Haba this is so unfair” I cried along with her

“I have no choice” she replied. We cried for two good hours until we decide to go pray asr. I wash my swollen red face and pray to Allah asking him to protect my best friend.

My phone ring and it was ya abba. Oh gosh how I miss him. He went to kano for a job interview and also to ask for a girl’s hand in marriage.

“Ya abba?” I called

“Autan mama” he replied cheerfully.

“I miss you. Ya kano? And the job interview how did it go?”

“Missing you too. Kano is fine, and the job interview, let’s just say alhamdulilah”

“Okay. So when are you asking for Yesmin’s hand in marriage”

“Tomorrow Insha Allah”

“Awwn, good luck bro”

“Thanks. How is everyone doing?”


“Okay listen, Faisal is coming over tonight to have dinner”

“What?! But your not home, what will he do here”

“Chill. He is coming with his mom to meet mama, you know its been a long time since the two had a little chit chat”


“Yeah, I want everything to be perfect, entertain Faisal and make dinner”

“Why me? Why not adda?” I asked pouting even though I know he can’t see me.

“Because I trust you and you know how Afra is so please do this for me”

“Okay fine.” I sigh “You owe me big time” i add

“What do you want toh”

“A matching kimono with my soon to be sister in law”

“Deal” he chuckled



I hop downstairs and see mama in the kitchen.

“Ya abba just called me, don’t worry mama I’ll make dinner” I said

“I’ll help you”

“No mama go and rest” I said pushing her playfully out of the kitchen and towards her room.

“Okay fine, if you need any help just call me” she said and I smile at her.

After making sure mama is in her room, i went back to the kitchen and made friend rice and pepper chicken with side snack chicken tostadas and crispy chicken mini tacos. All is left is chapman with desert. Humaira joined me in making a chocolate strawberry crumble ball and chapman.

“Wow Ammah, the chocolate strawberry crumble ball looks good” Humaira said

“Thanks. high five!” i said putting my hand in the air and she hit it hard.

“Ouch” I growl in pain

“Sorry” she replied sheepishly. We cleaned and each went to freshen up

I changed into my purple and peach blouse and pep lone attire and did my head tie. I did my makeup and grab my matching purple veil and put it over my shoulder. Purrfect.

The door bell rings and I hear voices and chattering. I glance at the mirror one last time before heading downstairs. I walk to the leaving room to greet Faisal’s mom and she pull me into a big hug.

“And this must be Ammah. Since Faisal returned home one night he has lost his appetite to my food all he wants to eat is your food, toh yau Allah ya yi” she said and I flush pink.

All he wants is my food?!

“Now you must teach me how to cook once again as my son does not like my food anymore” she said and we all laugh.

“I’ll set the dinning table” I said and the two women nod their head as they were in a different conversation. I look up to meet Faisal, he was wearing a navy blue shirt and a pair of pants.

“Hi” he muttered

“Hello” I replied and walk to the kitchen and grab the plates to set the table. When I was done I called them to eat and everyone sit down (including Humaira and adda).

“Ammah dessert” Humaira remind me and I sheepishly smile at her.

I’m so forgetful.

I grab the chocolate strawberry crumble ball and return to the dinning table.

“Now I know why my son likes your food more than mine” Aunty Hauwau (Faisal’s mom) said as she grin at the dessert.

“That’s Ammah, always trying new recipes, what is this kuma?” mama asked

“Chocolate strawberry crumble ball” I replied smiling

“Manya. Now let’s taste it and see” she said back and i serve it yo everyone.

“This is delicious” Aunty Hauwau said taking a mouthful

“Thank you”

“That’s my Ammah, the best chef in the whole wide world” my mom praise and I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself.


“And this is Ammah when she was a baby!” Humaira showed Faisal my picture and I lean in to yank the picture from him, this is so embarrassing.

“Chubby Ammah” he teased and I stick out my tongue for him. I collect the picture and stuff it under my notebook.

“Faisal, we should better get going ko?” his mom called from downstairs.

“Yes” he replied and we leave my room

“Today was fun, visit again when Ammah is not home then I’ll show you all her pics when she was a baby” Humaira joked and he laughed

“I will” he replied and they both laugh again.

I’m so annoyed.

We escort them to the door and Faisal hand me a picture, it was me on my first birthday.

“I almost forgot, here is your pic baby Ammah” he said and I smile.



“Goodnight” I replied and we watch them drive away. I look at my picture closely and turning it around I see Faisal’s number.

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