Loving Ammah

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Chapter 59

Ammah's POV


"How?" Faisal snapped at Amnat as soon as we arrived at the hospital who was crying heavily.

"I swear we were with her all the time" she sobbed

"Amna how?!" He said trying his best to calm down but he failed miserably.

"She was playing tag with Anisa and she was running on the stairs, someone spilled water on the floor and she slipped and hit her head"

"Where the hell where you guys?!" He snapped

"I was in the kitchen, then I heard her screaming and I rushed to see blood" she sobbed and Faisal walked away from us. I pull Amna into a hug and console her.

"Where is Safinat?" I asked when she calmed down.

"She went for a sleepover in her friend's house" she said "Ammah please stay with ya Faisal he looks like he is going to murder someone" she add and I kiss her on her forehead giving her a squeeze before walking over to Faisal who was leaning on a wall.

"She can't leave me" he whisper pulling me into a hug and I hug him back.

"She won't Insha Allah, she is a strong girl" I whisper in his ear.

"What if she leaves me? I can't handle the heart ache, I can't live without her. Amma left, now Ameera?" he cried and I feel his tears fall on my neck

"She won't leave us Faisal!! Please just pray for her" I said fighting my own tears.

"What if she does leave us?" He asked in a small voice that I almost didn't hear him. I kept mute because I didn't know what to tell him, his breathing increase and I kiss him his ear lobe just then Dahiru Ringim stormed through the part of the ICU with bodyguards behind him and police. okay! I quickly pull away from Faisal and greet him and he replies.

"How is She?" He asked Faisal

"I don't know, the doctor hasn't come out yet" Faisal replied and Dahiru Ringim sigh heavily giving orders to the police to vacate the hospital for him and his family and to get the best doctors to treat his daughter.

"Family of Ameera Dahiru?" The doctor asked stepping out from the ICU.

"I am her father"

"Hello Mr Dahiru" the doctor greets removing his gloves and they shake their hands.

"How is she?" He asked

"Well" he sigh "she lost lots of blood and we need a blood transfusion soon if not she might enter coma which is a very panicking situation." he explained and Faisal squeeze my hand tightly making me wince in pain and he let go muttering sorry.

"Do anything you can to save my daughter. You want money I'll give you, any amount but please save her" Dahiru Ringim plead

"Mr Dahiru, it's not about money and it's not in my hands. Just pray while I do my best. Besides, her blood group is very rare to find"

"What is her blood group?" Faisal asked

"O- (O negative)"

"I am O-" I yell

"No you won't give Ameera your blood" Faisal snapped and I roll my eyes at him

"Why not?"

"Because you are anaemic. remember what the doctor said? You are weak" he said concerned and I nod my head slowly.

"Okay, we can buy blood from the blood bank" I suggest

"But you need to be fast" the doctor instruct "we don't want to lose her!"


"Ammah lafia kuwa? (Are you sure you are fine?)" Adda asked as I stepped out from the bathroom.

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"Hmm. Nothing" she grin and I roll my eyes at her. What is wrong with her now? I came home an hour ago when Faisal insisted I got and rest cause I was exhausted and dizzy.

"Adda!! Afnan is crying" Humaira entered with a one month two weeks old baby dumping her on her mother's lap.

"Afnan is a good girl, Iyay, iyay oooo" she sings and the little girl starts to laugh.

"Awwwn, cutie pie" I said kissing her on her forehead and she laughs more.

"When are you guys going back?" I asked adda

"Next month Insha Allah"

"Assalam Alaikum" Yasmin enter wearing a silk bubu with her baby bump showing. we answered her salam and I hug her

"Sister in lawwwwww!" I cooed

"Ammah. Yakike?"

"I'm fine. You? And my baby?"

"We are both fine, Alhamdulilah. How is Ameera feeling now?" She asked as she sit on the bed collecting baby Afnan

"She still haven't regained conscious, sha the doctors are still operating her" I sigh

"May Allah grant her shifa"

"Ameen" we all mutter. After talking for a while, Faisal calls me and informs me the surgery with successful and I bid my family goodbye going back to the hospital.

The hospital was utterly quite only few nurses making conversation among each other. They greet me when I pass and inform me she has been moved to room 35 A. I push the door open and Faisal is sitting on the chair by the bed holding her hand eyes closed. He looks exhausted and worried and he snores lightly. He might have fallen asleep, tubes where connected on her head and hands as they wrap a bandage around her head.

"When did you come?" Faisal asked as I close the door behind me

"Just now. How is she?"

"She is stable, the doctor said she might regain consciousness today or tomorrow"

"Alhamdulilah" I said hugging him and he wrap his hand around my waist.

"She got me thinking I'll lose her"

"I told you she is a strong girl"

"Yeah, that she is" he chuckled and I smile.


"Ke!" Aunty Zainab calls as I cook lunch.

"Can't you hear I'm calling you?" She yells and I reduce the flame of the gas cooker and walk to the dinning table where she was sitting typing away in her phone.

"Cook many amount of food, I'm having visitors over" she commands.

"But Aunty Zainab, I was planning on taking food for Faisal, you know he slept in the hospital and I wanted to check on Ameera"

"How does that affect me?! Iskanci.. Mstew! You can send the driver to take food to the hospital. Go and cook they will be here soon" she dismiss chewing gum loudly making a very irritating sound. I walk to the kitchen and start cooking. I suddenly start to feel dizzy so I sit on the stool and drink water breathing heavily just then my stomach starts to ache and I rush to the bathroom and exhaust my stomach's content. After making sure I was stable, I brush my teeth and went back to the kitchen. I made a mental note to visit the doctor later, I don't know what's wrong with me but I sure as hell know I'm not fine.

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