Loving Ammah

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Chapter 60

Ammah's POV


"Is this the girl you were talking about Zainab?" A woman, one of aunty Zainab's visitors whispered.

"Yes she is the idiot" Aunty Zainab hissed

"But she is beautiful and well mannered, why don't you like her?" The woman pressured

"Look if you are here to preach to me then kindly take your ass out of my house. Mstew! Over sabi-sabi" aunty Zainab yelled

"Hmm Zainab you will never change your ways will you?" The woman continued ignoring her attitude.

"Ke stand up and leave my house, you disgusting woman!" Aunty Zainab yelled and I watched her stand up.

"It's not even your house. Your not even ashamed you are leaving in your step son's house" the woman growled angrily standing up

"At least my husband is rich not like yours who works in an oil company. I don't even know why I'm friends with middle class people like you. Please carry your fat body and leave my house before I call security" Aunty Zainab said and the woman wipe her tears away shaking her head sideways at her.

"Remember Zainab, karma is a bitch. Duniya ne.. Duk abunda kama wani kaima za'a maka"

"Mstew. If karma is really a bitch why is he fearing me. Aikin banxa. I am here sitting cross legged the so called karma should come" aunty Zainab laughed drinking the champene she popped.

"May Allah help you mind your ways"

"So you won't leave already?! Let me call the security, they should remove this disease from my presence" she said and the woman shake her head sideways before walking out of the house. I went out from the kitchen from the backdoor just in time to catch up with the woman.

"Ammah right?" She asked and I nod my head

"I saw what happened earlier.. Please-" she cut me off

"Don't apologize on her behalf. I know Zainab since childhood, she has always been like this. I just hope she mends her way soon" she sigh "my child sai hakuri kinji? Keep praying, Insha Allah everything will be fine. I know you've been patient but keep being patient, Allah will set things right soon. God bless you!" She said hugging me and I mutter Ameen and watch her leave.

I sigh heavily and sneak into my room as aunty Zainab and her guests have fun in my living room or should I say hers. I change into my bum short and remove my T-shirt staying only in my bra as I jump on the bed. God, I'm so exhausted from all the cooking and serving. My phone rings and the ID says baby na. I joyfully pick up hearing his sweet yet tired voice.

"Sweetheart, why didn't you visit today?" he asks

"Ayy my dear hubby. Aunty Zainab was having visitors over so I had to cook"

"Visitors in which House?" He growled

"Malam there is a full blast party in your house" I teased

"She must be drunk" he snapped and I giggled "And I hope you didn't over work yourself"

"I'm fine, but I've been thinking of visiting the doctor, I spent the night puking out my guts" I groan

"What? And you didn't tell me? Should I come and pick you? Yes I should come obviously." he rambled worriedly

"This is why I didn't tell you. Don't worry yourself, I'll come to the hospital later. How is Ameera?"

"She is fine, I called to tell you she has woken up"



"That's great news"

"Yeah, I have to go, see you later. I love you"

"I love you too" and with that I end the call drifting into a slumber sleep.

Aunty Zainab's POV🌞 aka, the villain😂

"Are you sure this will work?" Fawaz asked as I hand him the packet of condom

"Have any of my plans ever failed? No! Then why now? Please if you know you can't get intimate with that girl then tell me, I'll find someone to do the job" I hissed annoyed.

"No, I'll do it. Her husband is so full of his self, today when he sees me in bed with his wife I'll show him that I Fawaz should never be underestimated. I can get into any girl's pants I like" he smirked and I laugh at him.

"I just want to ruin their marriage and maybe Dahiru will see that Ammah is a witch"

"A beautiful sexy witch you mean" Fawaz drool and I roll my eyes at him

"I just want to get the hell out of this country. When Faisal divorces Ammah, Dahiru will make him and all of us go back to London and then I'll turn Faisal and his siblings into my servants."

"Ayyy sai ke big sister! I salute you hajiya" Fawaz teased and I laugh.

"Oh young boy, please go and do your job and don't forget to hide the video camera where you will get a good look of things"

"Consider this mission done"

"Make me proud and make it look like she is the one desperate to get in your pants"

"I'll see you in a few hours" he grinned like a little boy as he walks to Ammah and Faisal's room where she is sleeping. I laugh evilly as I grab my champagne and walk to my room. Hmm, na only me sabi!!! I thought as I laugh to myself.

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