Loving Ammah

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Chapter 61

WARNING: steamy chapter! You are warned. ⚠

Ammah's POV


I feel a hand trail up and down my thigh and I smile. Is Faisal home? Maybe he was planning on surprising me. I grin and turn to the other side of my bed and open my eyes to come in contact with Fawaz.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" I yelled wrapping the blanket around my half naked body as he smirked removing his shirt.

"Get the hell out of here! Are you mad?!" I yelled as tears full my eyes. The thought of him rubbing his filthy hand up and down my thigh disgusts me.

"Listen angel, let's make this quick before your husband comes home" he said and I shake my head sideways.

"What do you think your doing?! Get out my room this instant" I yelled "aunty Zainabbbb!!" I yelled when he climbs the bed hovering over me. I roll away from him falling on the floor with a loud thud following afterwards.

"Baby I know you want me." He said and I move backwards crying heavily. "Faisalll!!!!" I yelled wishing he will magically show up but reality hits me hard. He is not here. I keep moving backwards until my back comes in contact with the wall. Ina lilahi waina ilaihi rajiun.

"Don't please Fawaz!" I plead as he remove his pants making me close my eyes.

"Please-" I cried but keep quite when he crash his lips on mine. He forcefully kiss me sexually harassing me in the process. The blanket falls from my hand as I push him and try to run away but he caught my wrist and throw me on the bed.

"DanAllah leave me alone" I cried as he cupped my boob removing my bra.

"Haba baby" he cooed as I try to free from his grip but he is stronger than me.

"Faisal!!!! Aunty Zainab!!!" I yelled hoping someone will come and save me "ya Abbaaa" I yelled but he shut me up with his lips, sucking my swollen lips.

Ya Allah save me.

He stand up and I take that opportunity to leave but he throws me on the floor making me hit my head and blood ooze in the floor.

"Holy shit!" He swears under his breath "Stay still darling" he said forcing his self on me and the door to the room open.

"Ammah?!" Khalifa yelled and I hug my knees to my chest crying. I watch as he punch Fawaz and I crawl to the bathroom locking my self. I cried my eyes out as the memories of Fawaz touching my body flash in my head.

"Nooooo" I cried trying to erase the memory. I stand in front of the mirror and take a look at my body, my lips are swollen and there were love marks on my body which makes me what to throw up. I throw my self in the shower and wash my body crying along.

"Hey Ammah" Khalifa called "Please come out already, I took care of him and ya Abba is on his way" he add

"Go away!" I yelled

"Ammah please,"

"No! I can't show my face to anyone ever again"

"Please. It wasn't your fault"

"I don't' want to hear it, go away!" I yelled and I hear him sigh going away slowly. I didn't know for how long I stayed in the bathroom but I didn't leave until I heard Faisal's voice. I wrap a towel around my body and immediately hug him. Khalifa and ya Abba leave the room while I cry in Faisal's hands.

"Babe calm down, please Ammah" he said and I sniff as he hand me a t shirt and joggers. Once I put my clothes on, he called Ya Abba and Khalifa back inside the room

"Tell us what happened" Ya Abba said worriedly.

"I don't want to talk about it" I shiver

"Ammah please, Aunty Zainab is telling Dahiru some things that I know your not capable of. Baby please trust me" Faisal plead as he wipe my tears.

"Tell them what I saw" Khalifa said

"I was sleeping-" I started as three boys lock their eyes on me "and I felt someone touching me" I continue and Faisal clench and unclench his fists.

"Go on" Ya Abba encourage

"I can't say more, please I just want to go to mama" I cried standing up

"Ammah please try and understand" Faisal said frustrated "you need to tell us what happened if not we can do anything about all this. Aunty Zainab said she was talking with her brother downstairs and she asked him to go and call you to eat but then you took advantage of him." he continue as tears flow freely from my eyes.

"And you believe her?!" I yelled

"Don't raise you voice on me!" He yelled back

"Don't shout at my sister" Ya Abba yelled hugging me

"This is between me and my wife, stay out of this" he yelled at ya Abba

"She is not staying here for another second" ya Abba said

"What?!" Faisal asked

"Yes, she is still traumatized so I'm taking her home with me. You guys can sort things out when she is stable. Look at her for God's sake. She has just been sexually abused give the girl a break"

"I need the truth NOW!" he insist

"Go and ask your aunty Zainab the truth. I'm fucking done. I know she is behind all this. I'm tired. I just want mama" I cried opening my closet and grabbing my clothes. I stuffed them in my luggage and zip it.

"Call me back when aunty Zainab is out of my house and life, you know where to find me" I snapped at Faisal and Khalifa carry my luggage. Ya Abba puts a veil around my head and we slowly leave the house and Faisal didn't make an attempt to stop me from going. I guess this is it. The end of our marriage.


"No!" I yelled waking up from sleep in an abnormal manner swimming in a pool of sweat.

"A'oothu bikalimaatil-laahit-taammaati min ghadhabihi wa 'iqaabihi, wa sharri 'ibaadihi, wa min hamazaatish-shayaateeni wa 'an yahdhuroon."

Mama says holding my hand and I mutter the dua hugging her.

"Shh my baby, everything will be fine. Mama is here" she consoled and a worried Khalifa barged into the room.

"Are you okay? I heard you yell" he said worriedly holding a mug of coffee.

"She will be fine, what are you doing awake?" Mama asked and he sigh heavily

"I couldn't sleep and I was reading for a test"

"Don't over work your self too much" Mama said to him and he nod his head.

"Mama go to sleep, I'll take care of her" Khalifa said and I stand up following him

"Be safe" she says as we lock the door to her room and walk to the parlour. He turns the TV and put it in some random channel. He sits beside me and I lay my head on his shoulder crying silently.

"Hey, it will be okay" he says holding my hand

"Thank you"

"For what?"

"For being my knight in shinning armor. If you didn't show up I didn't know what would have happened" I hiccupped

"Shh, don't cry, see nothing bad happened"

"I left my husband's house Khalifa and he didn't come after me and your saying nothing bad happened" I scoffed

"Well that.. umm.. Okay" he stammer and I laugh

"Everything will be fine, and that asshole Allah ya isa. He will face his God when he recovers from the injuries" he growled

"I miss Faisal" I admit

"I know but he has to choose between his wife or step mum"

"He will choose her"

"What makes you say that?"

"Cause he can't go against his dad"

"And sacrifice the love of his life, that is fucked up"

"I'm never going back to that house until aunty Zainab leaves"

"Even if you want to ya Abba won't let you. I've never seen him fought with Faisal until today and he was really mad"

"I know.. It's all my fault"

"None of this is your fault. Did you know all this was going to happen? No you didn't cause you are not magician."

"I feel disgusted with my own body" I cried

"I can't even imagine what you are going through"

"Don't even try to, I swear you will regret it"

"Everything will be fine Insha Allah"

"Insha Allah" I say making a quick dua Faisal would come around. Or maybe he will not.


All in agreement to kill aunty Zainab say ayeeeeee😣😣

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