Loving Ammah

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Chapter 62

Ammah's POV


"Ammah lafia?" Adda asked for the hundredth time since I woke up. I didn't quite get some sleep, I spent the night crying and puking my guts out and hoping all what is happening is a dream but reality hits hard, it's not. Fawaz sexually abused me, Faisal believed his so called aunty Zainab of a thing and he didn't call even once.

"Adda please will you tell me what's on your mind?" I snapped as I carry the packet of oreos Khalifa gave me before he left for school. I don't have an appetite so the only thing that enters my mouth is chocolates and cookies.

"I was wondering.." She grinned "if you are pregnant" she completes and I laugh at her.

"Lol, me pregnant? You are sick"

"What? Can't you get pregnant" she frown

"Oho. Remember what the doctors said" I shrug sitting on the bed

"The doctor never said you can't get pregnant, he said you might have a hard time conceiving"

"Whatever, I have a lot going on in my life, being pregnant is the last thing on my list"

"Wawiya" she hissed and I roll my eyes "If you are pregnant things would get much more better. Faisal will come back to his senses when he learns there is a younger version of him growing in your stomach and things will be back to normal" she explained

"Wayooo. Bad luck I'm not pregnant" I sigh dreamily

"How do you know? You have been puking all night, you have no appetite and you feel dizzy and exhausted"

"I still don't think I'm pregnant"

"Take a pregnancy test, we will see who is right and who is wrong" she said handing me the stick and pushing me inside the bathroom. Why does she have this? Nevertheless, I pee on the stick and wait for the result. I know I am not pregnant, so why should I put my hopes high.

"What does it say?" Adda brings me out of my thoughts by entering the bathroom

"Gosh can't you knock?"

"I changed your diapers" she rolled her eyes

"Allah ya shirya" I shake my head leaving the bathroom

"Won't you check if you are really pregnant?" She asked as I slumped my self on the bed

"I know I'm not, you check"

"What if I tell you that your pregnant" she smirked


"Ammah wallahi it is positive" she shrieked and I stand up

"OMG adda I'm pregnant!!" I yelled hugging her and burst into tears.

"What now?" She asked hugging me back

"What if I lose the baby?" I whispered scared

"Insha Allah you won't if you take care of yourself. Now let's go get you something to eat, you haven't eaten since morning" she said dragging my hand to the kitchen. She feeds me danwake and tea ignoring my protests that I'm full.

"Hey" a voice greets entering the kitchen

"Ya Abba" I hugged him, he looks tired and exhausted with eye bags under his eyes showing her clearly hasn't slept through out the night or he cried.

"Hey baby" he replies

"You didn't go for work today?" Adda asked as she starts making lunch. Mama has gone to work and Hummy school while baby Afnan is still sleeping.

"Yeah, Dahiru Ringim summoned Ammah to come now" he sigh and my stomach makes a weird sound

"Don't worry no one will force you to do anything. We just want to sort things out" Ya Abba said when he noticed my expression.

"I won't go back to that house if aunty Zainab is still there" I cried

"You won't, I promise" he said kissing me on my forehead and asks me to go and dress up. I take a shower and change into my lilac abaya and a lilac veil. I didn't bother putting makeup on so I walk downstairs to where ya Abba and Adda were talking about something but kept shut when they saw me.

"Good luck sweetie" Adda said hugging me

"Thanks" I replied as me and Ya Abba enter his car. Ya Allah sort things out between Faisal and I, Ameen!

Faisal's POV

I couldn't sleep. I couldn't think, I couldn't eat, hell I couldn't even breathe. Ammah left and she might be gone for good if I don't bring her back but I can't, After seeing the video aunty Zainab showed me I don't know what to do.

If she really did cheat on me then I'll never forgive her and if Fawaz sexually abused my wife I'll kill him. I won't spare him. Memories of Ammah hugging me in only her towel crying flashed in my head and I throw the lamp light in my old room on the floor making it shatter into pieces.

The way her lips were swollen and the way she shivered crying makes me want to go insane. I miss her.

"Ya Faisal?" Safinat called as she entered my room


"Are you okay?" She asked walking to me making sure she doesn't step on any glass.

"No. Who is with Ameera in the hospital?"

"Amna. Do you want to talk about it?"

"Yes please" I groan "I don't know what do"

"To be very honest with you if I was Ammah I would have left and never came back" she said and I glare at her

"Who's side are you on?"

"No one, I'm just saying the truth. She is your wife, you trust her don't you? And I know Ammah she will never do that. You can't let someone come in between you guys. And yes, don't trust aunty Zainab. She is a meanie, weenie wanna be queenie"

"When did you start talking like Ameera?" I laughed

"Ha! Just trust her" she said standing up and leaving the room. Minutes later, a maid informs me that Dahiru Ringim is calling me. I walk to his side of the house and came in contact with Ammah and Abba. I take my time to check her out with her swollen eyes and glowing body as Dahiru Ringim clears his throat.

"Sit down will you" he commands and I nod my head sitting on the carpet across Ammah and her brother. Once again we are not on the same side.

"Ammah and Faisal, I don't know what happened between the both of you. I don't know who to believe but all I know is that you guys with settle things right now. If you feel you don't want this marriage then fine, you guys can divorce each other. No one will force you but remember, fights are normal between couples so don't make the wrong decision in a haste" he said and we nod our heads.

"I am sorry to say and don't feel like I have disrespected you but I can't go back to that house if aunty Zainab is still there" Ammah spoke

"And why is that?!" He growled

"Because aunty Zainab has done nothing but cause a rift between me and my husband. I kept quite because I didn't want to make a mountain out of a molehill. After what happened yesterday, I don't think I can handle anything anymore. And Faisal, if you don't trust me then why did you marry me?!" She cried

"I never said I don't trust you!" I snapped.

"Yeah you did a great way of showing that!" She snapped back

"I found you with a man, in my room in my fucking house on the bed!"

"And that guy sexually abused me because of you. If I never married you I wouldn't have met any aunty Zainab and her brother!"

"So you are saying you regret marrying me?"

"Stop putting words in my mouth" she cried

"Then what exactly are you saying?! Ammah I saw the video you were pleading him to touch you. Have I ever stopped you from touching me?! Then why would you cheat on me?!" I yelled angrily

"Shut up! Your not the man I married. I don't know you."

"How will you know me when you've slept with thousand men. To recognize me is even a problem" I said out of anger and I felt a hand on my cheek making a resonating sound in the living room.

"You need help" Abba spat

"Faisal don't say anything you will regret" Dahiru spoke after a long silence

"I don't want her"

"Marriage is not a child's play"

"Before you make your decision let me tell you Mr Faisal, I'm PREGNANT"

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