Loving Ammah

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Chapter 63

Ammah's POV


"Well before you make your decision, let me tell you Mr Faisal, I'm PREGNANT" I say as tears roll down my cheek.

"I--" he stammers.

"Why don't you guys talk in alone" Dahiru Ringim said standing up and motioning for ya Abba to follow me. He gives me one assuring look before they leave the parlour locking the door behind them.

"What have ever done to you that you hurt me so much?" I asked and he keep quite breathing heavily "I've suffered enough don't you think? Faisal I've always been there for you during your happy and bad days but why can't you be there for me during mine. Why can't you be my shoulder, my backbone, my rock, my support? When I married you i expected you to take my side in anything fight and competition. Even when I'm wrong you should support me and when were alone you can scold me. I don't want to live with a man who doesn't trust and support me. I don't want our child to grow up in this type of environment. I need you in my life but I am sorry I can't live like this anymore" I cried

"I was brought up in my home as a princess, I was always given what I wanted, nobody ever abused or made me felt so used and disgusted with my self but as soon as I left my home things changed. I have put up with aunty Zainab and God is my witness. She is not even my mother in law for goodness sake yet I gave into all her demands. If you are ready to change then fine I'll gladly come back to you but if this keeps continuing I'm afraid this is the end of us" I say when he keeps quite.

"I never meant for this to happen you know. You are making this look like it's all my fault" he whispered

"I'm not saying it's your fault and I'm sorry if you feel that way. All I'm saying is that you should trust and support me more. I'm your damn wife for goodness sake"

"We can give us another chance princess" he smiles making butterflies fill my stomach.

"Only if you promise to change and aunty Zainab won't stay with us"

"I promise and she won't. I can live without the twins and Ameera" he said

"I am sorry, my intention is not to separate you from your siblings"

"I know baby, come here" he said opening his hand and I crawl to him hugging him. He place me on his lap and kiss me making my knees go weak. I tug his hair kissing him deeply and moaning into his mouth and he chuckle as we pull away catching our breaths.

"I'll kill Fawaz and I am so sorry please forgive me"

"I don't want our unborn child to grow up without his father. You will be in jail" I laughed and he place his hand on my stomach "you will be forgiven on one condition"

"And what is that?"

"I'll stay with mama until I get through my first stage of pregnancy" I said and he pout

"Why? I can't live without you"

"Cause I won't be able to take care of the house and I don't want to lose our baby so I have to be extremely careful"

"I'll help you"

"You will go to work"

"I'll resign" he pouts and I kiss his lips

"You are crazy"

"Ugh.. Okay fine" He says and I smile standing up from his laps.

"Why would you do that? I was about to kiss you" he frown

"Cause ya Abba and your Dad are outside" I said and he stands up

"Your brother slaps hard mehnn" He joke holding my hand

"That's what you get for messing with his sister" I said sticking out my tongue at him

"Do you think he will forgive me?"

"When I've forgiven you why won't he?"

"I love you babe"

"I love you too baby daddy" and he pin me on the door kissing me.


"Geez!" Humaira gasped as I throw up food I just ate. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine" I managed to reply brushing my teeth.

"La haula! Don't tell me she threw up the food" adda gasped entering the room with a mug of custard

"Yup" Hummy chirped as I fall on the bed

"Ayy love. You need to eat to survive, don't forget a human being is growing inside you" she said handing me the custard.

"No. I'll vomit it so why bother" I said shaking my head sideways.

"Ammah you have to eat this or I'll call ya Abba" she threatened

"Take it away, I don't want to"

"Haba stop being a baby, drink the custard before I come back or else I will call your husband and ya Abba" she hissed leaving the room.

"Hummy please drink half" I whispered

"No way, if Adda finds out she will kill both of us"

"Please. I'll give you anything"

"Ha an! Madam drink you custard and leave me" she said typing away in her Iphone 7.

"Money" I smirked

"See debit alert, that fool Ibrahim just sent hundred thousand to me so no thanks"

"Hummy stop deceiving boys and collecting their money" I laugh

"I didn't ask him to send it did I? I am not interested it's not by force" she roll her eyes and I laugh.

"Assalam Alaikum" Safiya greets entering my old room

"Ummu Fahad" I chirped collecting baby Fahad from her.

"Don't Ummu Fahad me, Adda just told me to have not been eating. Don't torture the little one inside you" she said removing her veil and sitting on the bed

"I'll throw up no matter what i do." I pout

"Still some amount of food will stay in your stomach"

"You guys should please stop bothering me. Do you think it's easy?"

"I have gone through what you are going through too sweetie."

"Tohm you know"

"Now I am going to bring food and you must eat" she said leaving the room and I groan while Hummy laugh.


"Hows my baby doing?" Faisal asked as I hug him. It's after Maghrib and as usual he will stop by and meet me before going home.

"He is tiring me out" I whine "talk to your child" I said and he laugh kneeling in front of me kissing my stomach.

"Hey baby" he talks and I comb his hair with my fingers. Watching Faisal talk to our baby is the most beautiful thing on earth. "Baby be a good girl and stop disturbing mommy okay? When you come into the world we can gang up and disturb her together but for now leave her okay? I love you so much" he says kissing my stomach again and I smile.

"How do you know if the baby is a girl?" I laugh

"I know" he smile standing up and kissing me. His phone rings bringing us out of our heat up moment and he groan answering the call.

"What?! Where?! Okay.. We are coming.. Yes..now!" He said ending the call

"Who was that?" I asked

"Dahiru Ringim. Aunty Zainab had an accident, she is in the hospital" he said and we rush to the hospital.

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