Loving Ammah

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Chapter 64

Ammah's POV


"Inalilahi waina ilaihi rajiun!" Both Faisal and I gasp as we see aunty Zainab's condition. Tubes were connected in her nose, mouth and hands as she is on life support.

"What happened to her?" Faisal asked his dad

"I confronted her about what Ammah said and she had an attack all of a sudden." He said before turning and facing me "Ammah I am really sorry for all the trouble Zainab caused for you" he said

"That isn't important right now. Let bygones be bygones." I said smiling and the doctor comes out from the ICU

"Mr Dahiru Ringim?" He calls "your wife is much better now, she has stroke. I am sorry to say but her left side is paralyzed but you can see her"


Alhamdu lillaahi 'alaa kulli haal.

Thank you doctor" he said as we enter the room. Aunty Zainab kept sending me dirty glares and she opens her mouth to speak.

"You witch! What are you doing here?!" She growled

"Zainab look at your condition and you are cursing this poor girl. Fear God" Dahiru said

"Shut up. Wanna shegiyan ta mun asiri. she visited her malams that is why I am in this condition" she accused and I hold Faisal's hand for support.

"After all you have done to her, she has forgiven you-"

"I don't need her forgiveness." she spat "You idiot, see what you caused for me. You have achieved your aim koo? You wished to see me like this right? Then let me tell you I am still the same Zainab. Nothing can destroy me!" She said coughing

"Instead of you to ask your Lord for forgiveness you are here fighting with someone you ought to give birth too" Faisal said shaking his head

"And you foolish man. How can you forgive her?! She cheated on you remember?"

"Ammah didn't cheat on me"

"I heard she is even pregnant, who knows if it is your baby?" She said as tears roll down my cheek "prostitute kawai, you have been caught many times with men. That guy who saw you with Fawaz, I saw how he was hugging you"

"He is her cousin" Dahiru defend

"So because he is her cousin she can hug him when she is married? sha I don't blame her, like mother like daughter. Everyone knows that her famous widower mom slept around with men back in the days" she said and I run out of the hospital the words piercing my heart like a thrown. What does she mean by that?! And she is accusing my baby.. How dare she? I just hope Faisal doesn't let her play games with his head and put crazy ideas in his head. I hope he doesn't let her get in between us like always. I hope he trusts and know nothing like that happened between me and Fawaz.

"Ammah!" I hear him yell running to me. I didn't know how i ended up here, how did i cross the street. My vision starts to blur as i feel dizzy.

"Baby Ammah" Faisal calls pulling me to his body. I let my knees collapse and he carry me

"Stay with me!" He yells "Ammah please.." He cried and I let darkness take over.


Aunty Zainab's POV aka karma ya ISO

I refuse to die. I refuse to lose and give up and I refuse to let Ammah get her happily ever after while I'm here on the hospital bed paralyzed.

"Hmm Zainab Keenan. What did I tell you?" my so called friend of a thing say sadly entering the hospital room

"Wait what is your problem? I told you I don't ever want to see your face then why are you here? maya Kawai! Gold digger." I hissed

"Say whatever you want but because I care about you I will advice you" she says sitting on the chair across me

"Get out of here!" I yelled coughing

"Look at your condition for heaven's sake. You look like you might die any second from now, won't you repent already?"

"Die?" I laughed bitterly "Me die? Ahh it's not possible. The whole Zainab should die! That is until pigs start to fly"

"Zainabu Abu. Death can come anytime"

"If you are really my friend you won't be wishing death for me" I scoffed annoyed at the presence of her.

"I am your friend that's why I am here. I told you karma is a bitch but you didn't believe me now look at you? You are paralyzed dan ya rasullulahi"

"It is not karma, that wicked soul visited her malams that is why I am here. Let me get out from this hospital she will see what I am capable of."

"Zainab please stop already. Haba! Leave that girl alone, what has she ever done to you?!"

"Ke you hypocrite. Stand up and leave before I call the nurse to send you out. I don't need your preachings and I don't have to explain my self to you."

"Allah ya shirya ki achikin adinin musulunci. (May you go back to your right senses in Islam's way)"

"Ahab en Mata! Na you hear that one. You innocent woman, please go and disturb someone and preach your nonsense. As you are seeing me now, I am going to take my beauty sleep and when I wake up I will plan my next move" I hissed closing my eyes.

"May Allah grant you quick recovery" she said standing up

"That I don't need, I'll be fine"

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