Loving Ammah

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Chapter 65

Let's try this new method guys..I hope you like it.

Third person's POV

It's been three days since Ammah and aunty Zainab have been admitted in the hospital. The doctors held Ammah in the hospital when she fainted due to low blood pressure the day aunty Zainab made her feel so useless in the world.

Many emotions were running through Ammah's head. She was scared of Faisal will bring up the topic about their baby not being his but he didn't. He has passed that level when he will let aunty Zainab or anyone else come in between them, he trusts his baby Ammah and he knows nothing of that happened between her and Fawaz. Though the couple never said anything about what they are thinking to each other, Faisal noticed Ammah has become more distant and the pregnancy was tiring the hell out of her. She gradually eats food from time to time but mostly eats chocolates and cookies which is not good for her or the baby's health.

Aunty Zainab on the other hand has been forcefully taken her drugs only to get out of the hospital so she would make her next move on Ammah. She is determined to ruin Ammah's life and wouldn't repent even though she might die.

"Fawaz! You stupid scary boy. Where have you been all this days?" Aunty Zainab yelled as Fawaz entered the hospital room with crotches "what happened to you now?"

"Hmm big sister, after that stupid cousin of Ammah beat me black and blue, my leg no longer malfunction well" he groans in pain as he sits on the chair next to her. Aunty Zainab hissed loudly that if you heard you will be afraid it's a snake.

"Fashi that stuff now tell me did you get the mallam's number?" She whispered

"Yes, I did actually"

"Yauwa! Now give me his contact, I'll call him later"

"But are you sure what we are doing is good?" He asked scared, after getting the beating of his life he no longer wants to interfere in Ammah or Faisal's life.

"Mstew. Look Fawaz, if you are going to start with this nonsense then stand up and leave."

"Haba big sis, why are you getting angry" he said trying to pacify her, he knows when he leaves aunty Zainab's side then that is his end cause she pays for his food and makes sure to give him money every month.

"Ah toh. Now, how much did he charge us"

"He said two hundred thousand" he lied, the mallam charged them only fifty thousand to complete their work but because he is so selfish and he knows his sister is ready to pay any amount, he thought that he must benefit something too.

"Okay no problem, he should just make sure the work gets done"

"I assure you" he grinned hoping everything will turn out as planned. That Ammah will lose her baby and never be able to conceive again in her life.


"Ammah what is wrong?" Adda asked worriedly as Ammah clutch on to her stomach. she just stepped out from the toilet only for her to feel a sharp pain in her lower abdomen.

"My stomach" she cried and when she remembers the familiar pain she falls on the ground "my baby Adda" she cried and Adda rushed to her side. She presses the button for help and the nurse rushes inside the room. When she saw Ammah's condition she ran out of the room and called the doctor.

"My babyyy" Ammah cried as the nurse help her lay on the bed, the doctor begins to do anything in his hand to save the baby while adda quickly called Faisal and the family members and told them what was going on.

"Please save my baby!!" Ammah cried and she hold her stomach. She was almost through her first trimester and she tried her very best possible to force herself to eat and take her drugs then what went wrong?

"How is my wife and baby?" A very worried Faisal asked as the doctor leaves the room, the doctor removes his stethoscope from his ear and wrap it around his neck before sighing heavily.

"I am so sorry Mr Faisal but you lost your baby" he said and Faisal feel the hot tears roll down his cheek. He couldn't believe his ear, the pain of was unbearable.

"What about Ammah, is she okay?" Ya Abba who was trying to be strong for his family asked

"She lost lots of blood and we have to run few tests to see what went wrong. Everything was going fine, her and the baby but I don't know what happened all of a sudden." the doctor explained confused as well, he was just about to discharge Ammah and now this.

"Thank you" ya Abba replied

"Can we see her?" Faisal asked and the doctor nods his head

"One at a time please" he says as he walks away. The family members ask Faisal to go first since Ammah obviously needs him and he is her husband. Faisal wiped his tears, he didn't want Ammah to see him crying she needs him. He is her pillar and he can't collapse when she needs him the most. As he approach her, he sees her hand on her stomach and tears rolling from her eyes. She looked so broken that he is afraid the wind might hurt her.

"Baby Ammah" he calls as he sit on the chair by her

"I am sorry, I lost our baby" She cried hugging him

"Sweetheart it's not your fault" he replied rubbing her back in a comforting manner.

"I promise I took all my medicines on time and I forced my self to eat" she hiccupped

"I know baby, don't worry yourself too much" he said kissing her on her forehead.

"I can't bear the pain in my heart.. Please make it to away" she cried harder if that was possible burying her head in his chest.

"I wish I can" he whispered pulling her closer to him as she breath in his familiar scent. After staying in each other's embrace for God knows how long, Faisal decides to let her family members see her. They too must be so worried.

They all took turn seeing her and comforting her and after crying her eyes out she finally slept off in mama's embrace dreaming about a little girl running in a garden with a lollipop in her hand.

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