Loving Ammah

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Chapter 66

Third person's POV

*one year later*


"Ayam Alayyykum(Assalam Alaikum)" Little Afnan greets as she answers her mummy's phone. Ammah chuckles at the one year old at the other side of the call replying her salam.

"Baby where is your mummy?" Ammah asked after Afnan has finished telling her about how her mummy's tummy is getting bigger and bigger day by day.

"She ish in the twoilet" she said in her yet to be perfect voice.

"Okay tell her aunty Ammah called"

"Owkay, bye bye aunty Ammah" she said and Ammah end the call. It's been a year since the incident Ammah lost her baby and a year of her broken heart managing life. It took her six months to finally come back to her senses and accept reality and for her to accept the fact that she might never hold her own babies. Faisal and her have visited every specialist in town concerning her situation and all said the same, that they should just pray for a miracle to happen. Ammah cries herself to sleep every time she remembers the fact she will never give birth and Faisal has been nothing but supportive and caring to his wife.

Aunty Zainab on the other hand was enjoying life as it may be with her left side completely useless. Even though her health kept getting worse day by day she still haven't mended her evil ways. She has accomplished her aim which is to make Ammah never conceive again in life with the help of her malam. Dahiru Ringim too wasn't spared by his wife, she bewitched him too and made him her puppet controlling his every move in life. He no longer cares for his princess Ameera or the twins, all the cares about is Anisa and Adil, Aunty Zainab's kids.

The twins had graduated and were now in university. Safinat is studying medicine in university of Madinah while Amnat was studying in University of Birmingham with Khalifa. Yes, Faisal finally allowed the two to date after he saw that Khalifa really loved his sister. He is doing his masters in Birmingham While Amna is in university, after she is done the two are planning on getting married as soon as possible.

Ameera lives with mama and Humaira who is studying in Nile University. From time to time she visits Ammah and Faisal cause since Faisal noticed his father's changed behaviours he made up his mind not to let his baby sister stay there when the twins won't be there to look after her. Dahiru Ringim couldn't care less, even if Ameera as living with or not he doesn't notice cause he is completely under aunty Zainab's command.

Ya Abba whose life changed when his little prince arrived inside the world Aslam, has been nothing but loving and caring and over protective of his sister as always. He makes sure to spend the little time he gets from work with his mama's auta just so to make his sister feel like his little baby sister again.

Safiya was now pregnant with baby number three. Fahad is a year and a half old, her second baby Juwairiyya will be a year in a months time and now she is two weeks pregnant. Though Juwairiyya and Fahad don't share the same father, Farouk loved the kids equally and doesn't discriminate them.

"Baby I have to go buy tampons, I'm out" Ammah calls to Faisal who was playing his PS game. It's Sunday so he is lazing around as expected

"Now wonder you've been moody, someone is on her period" he teased and she roll her eyes at him putting her black abaya over her bra and bum shorts. She bends down to his level and kiss him on his cheek.

"Be safe" he whispered and she smile at him leaving for the supermarket. After buying her tampons and some chocolates and cookies, of course she wouldn't enter the supermarket without buying any goodies. she pays and bumps into someone making his phone fall on the ground.

"Oh My God. I am so sorry" she said helping him receive his now cracked IPhone X and as she look at the man she gasps.

"Ahmad?!" She asked shocked.

"Ammah?" He ask shocked too. He haven't see her since the day she chose Faisal over him which is a very long time.

"Oh Allah na. It's been a very long time, how have you been?" She asked excitement blossoming in her

"I have been good. You?"

"Well I'm doing alright since I'm alive" she joked but she really did mean what she said deep down.

"How is Faisal?" He asked

"He is good, he is at home" she said nervously.

"Don't be nervous, I don't have feelings for you anymore"

"Ouch" she joke

"I mean I have found the love of my life now" he grinned

"Who is the lucky girl?"

"Fatimah, we are getting married in two months"

"Ayy I am so happy for you wallahi"

"Me too. Please do attend the wedding, I'll be glad"

"Insha Allah. Just give me your contact" Ammah said and they exchange phone numbers promising to keep in touch. After bidding each other goodbye, she went back home only to find Faisal in the same position she left him.

"Hey guess who I met" she said removing her abaya and unwrapping her KitKat.


"I said guess oga sir!"

"I don't know. Beyonce?" He asked sarcastically and she hit him on his shoulder playfully.

"The next times to hit me I'll take you right on bed I don't care of your monthly visitor is her or not" he joked smirking and she gasp.

"I met Ahmad today" she changed the topic knowing very well her husband can do what he said.

"Fucking Ahmad" he growled and she roll her eyes. 'Some things never change' she thought to herself

"He is getting married two months from now and he invited us" she adds

"Whatever at least he is getting married so he won't follow you around like a pest" he said pausing his game and standing up.

"Oga sir what are you doing?" Ammah roll her eyes as he moved closer and closer to her wetting his lips making her knees good weak. Even after a year of marriage he manages to make her go crazy by his mere sight.

"Faisal" she moaned as he pull her to his body and stare at her lips. She instantly wets her lips with her tongue making him go crazy and he sucks on her lower lips

"I don't care if my monthly visitor is here" she said unclasping her bra "just take me already"

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