Loving Ammah

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Chapter 67

Third person's POV

Back in Dahiru Ringim's mansion, aunty Zainab's health is worsening as her nurse informs she has a visitor. As the door to her room widen she gasp in shock.

"What are you doing here?!" She snapped at the malam who helped her succeed in her evil doings. "I thought I told you to leave this town" she hissed

"I did but I am here to tell you that the curse has broken" he says and she yelled using her right hand to throw phone on the floor in annoyance.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that Ammah might be able to conceive again and Dahiru Ringim will be back to his senses"

"And when Ammah will be carry her baby in her stomach you filthy animal will be partying in Miami koo?!" She said sarcastically as the mallam shiver scared. Her tone shook her him as he looked at the lifeless woman.

"Hajiya, I think you should stop your evil ways" he spoke as aunty Zainab glared at him "Look at your condition-" he continues but she stops him by yelling like a mad woman. The nurse runs inside as she hears aunty Zainab's screaming, she was shaking uncontrollably yelling in pain.

"What is happening to me!!! You stupid nurse do something! Oh Godddddd" aunty Zainab yelled on the top of her voice holding onto her chest tight. She felt as if someone was poking her heart with a broken glass and her head was throbbing. The nurse didn't know what to do, she has never seen someone in this condition. She runs from the room and call Dahiru Ringim, when he didn't pick, she decided to call Faisal.

"Hajiya I am sorry, the curse has gone back to you in a manner in which I can't help" the mallam apologized leaving the room as aunty Zainab yelled for him to come back and save her but it's too late, nothing can be done now.


"Babe your phone is ringing" Ammah yelled to Faisal who was in the bathroom.

"Answer it" he yells back and she reaches for the phone on the dressing mirror. The number said nurse and she picks up hoping everything is alright.

"Sir please come, your step mom is losing it. I think she is going to die soon" the nurse says panickly.

"What?!" Ammah yells worriedly.

"Please come soon, Dahiru Ringim is not answering his phone" the nurse replied ending the call, she is sacred to what will happen if aunty Zainab dies before her family members arrive, it will look as if she doesn't know her job.

Faisal steps out from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his lower abdomen as he hear his wife's yelling

"Who was that?" He asked a crying Ammah.

"Aunty Zainab, she is dying we need to go"

"Inalilahi waina ilaihi rajiun!" He whispered as he quickly gets dressed. No matter how aunty Zainab have hurt his wife she will always be his step mother and a woman who is elder than him. they both rush to Dahiru Ringim's mansion as they approach aunty Zainab's room.

"She is not getting any better" the nurse informs as they arrive.

"Noooooo! What is happening to me?!" aunty Zainab yelled insanely crying. "Don't touch ME!! Leave me alone. Who are you people? And what are you doing here?!" She yelled particularly at no one. She has lost it alright as the couple enter the room

"Don't kill me ! What have I ever done to you!! I never hurt even a single fly in my life then why are you holding a knife?" She yelled lying. Who is she kidding? She has made Ammah's life hell and she is saying she has never hurt even a single fly.

As'alullaahal-'Adheema Rabbal-'Arshil-'Adheemi 'an yashfiyaka.

I ask Almighty Allah, Lord of the Magnificent Throne, to make you well.)

" Faisal recite holding her hand. He recites the dua seven times and she finally calms down breathing heavily. Ammah rushed to pour a glass of water for her and she hands it you her only for her to throw the glass on the floor.

"What are you doing here?"she snapped at her

"When are you ever going to mind your ways aunty Zainab" Faisal asked sadly, he really pitied the woman.

"They will kill me" she whispered crying holding Faisal's hand

"Who?" Faisal asked

"Them" she said pointing at no one. Faisal really began to panic now, what is happening to this woman.

"If they come just recite your Duas" he said and she turn to look at Ammah who was ghostly watching her in pity. If though aunty Zainab has caused nothing but pain in her life, she has never imagined she would be in this condition.

"That mallam he did this to me because of you!!" She snapped blaming a very confused Ammah

"Which mallam?" She asked glancing at her husband who was also waiting for an answer.

"That mallam mana" aunty Zainab replied giggling like a child. she has really lost it.

"Who?" Ammah asked getting impatient as her heart beat wildly against her rib cage.

"The one I asked to make sure your never give birth nawwww, see you don't you remember" she giggles loudly making tears roll down Ammah's cheek. She knew something must be wrong but never in her wildest has she thought aunty Zainab cursed her.

"That is why you lost your baby ranan. Kai kin bani dariya (You make me want to laugh)" She add trying not to laugh. Ammah couldn't believe her ears, she couldn't think, all that was running through her head was that all this time she thought something is wrong with her reproductive health she is really fine. She was just cursed and forbidden to never give birth. The days she cries her eyes out through out the night praying and asking Allah for a miracle she was just cursed?! The night she lost her baby, that was the day she was cursed and the days aunty Zainab's plan worked once again.

"Ayyah Ammah kin bani tausayi kadan. (I pity you small)" aunty Zainab laughed. Ammah couldn't breathe, she needed air so she runs out from the room which a concerned Faisal running after her.

"Heheheh. Asiri na ya tonu. Oh well!!! I still don't care" aunty Zainab said to herself only to be hunted by a group of human beings holding knives each.

Indeed we reap what we sow.

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