Loving Ammah

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Chapter 68

Ammah's POV


"Babe" Faisal called as I grab my handbag and phone.

"Hmm" I replied ignoring him

"Baby please let's talk about it" he sigh running his hand through his hair. I stop whatever I was doing and turn to face him

"What the hell do you want us to talk about?" I cried. I can't believe aunty Zainab cursed me, what have I ever done to that woman?

"The curse" he whispered and I use my hand to wipe my tears but it's of no use they keep pouring out "just yell at me, talk about your feelings to me. Say what's on your mind, leaving the house is not the right option"

"Fine. I will talk. It hurts Faisal, it fucking HURTS. What have I ever done to that woman. What did I ever do to your aunty Zainab that it got to the extent she cursed me. She stopped me from having kids for goodness sake. Do you know how many nights I spent crying and craving to hold my little ones in my hand. Do you know the pain I go through when I see Ya Abba bonding with his son or Safiya bonding with her kids and Adda bonding with Afnan, I gotta admit it hurts so bad. Or when we go out a date and I see someone with their babies, or when your relatives ask if I am finally pregnant or when we visit the doctor and he says the same thing every time. When I hear people talk about how I still haven't given birth as if it's my doing. Who the hell told them I don't want to hold our love in my hand too. Or when people taunt me about my bareness.. God Faisal you will never understand the pain. I will never forgive aunty Zainab for this. Allah ya isa and God will serve me justice. I can't do this anymore.. No matter what you do or say I will never forget what that woman did to me. We lost our baby that day because of her! Only HER! wait she needs to answer my questions today. What have I ever done to her?! Did I poison her? Disrespect her? Hurt her kids or what?! Does she have a grudge against my family that she wants to revenge on me or what? Faisal I don't want to live in this kind of life anymore. Even when she might die any minute from now she still won't repent. God!!!! Ya Allah heal this pain in my heart. I can't take this anymore wallahi, I have been patient enough but not anymore. I am going to break down alright and you can't save me, you can't save your wife! I've reached my breaking point. Just let me please. I need to be alone. I need to go breathe. I need air. I need a new life without aunty Zainab in it. I need pure happiness and ever after." I yelled crying and he pull me into a hug and let me cry in his arms.

"I love you so much and I am so lucky to have you as my wife. Thank you for being patient and loving. You are one of a kind baby girl and a rare gem. You shine brighter than all the stars in the sky that's why you are my baby Ammah. My heartbeat, the love of my life, owner of my heart, mother to my unborn babies, my crush, my rock, my one and only and baby you are stronger than you think you are. I try every single day to show you that I appreciate and love you and if that's not enough then I don't know what to do with my life anymore. Baby girl you can't break, I need you, my bubbly baby Ammah. I love you so fucking much" he said and I smile against his chest.

"I love you too" I replied

"I call you my baby Ammah, if not you sairijiya. I tell you this and I tell you that, your smile is a work of art, say your on my mind 24/7 cause in ma life baby you are a blessing, say you are a blessing" Faisal sings melting my heart

"Nagodee baggy" I teased

"Now stand up and get ready"

"Ready for what?" I asked confused standing up

"A surprise" he grinned

"Rwearllyyyy?" I asked in my Afnan's voice

"Rwearllyyy rwearlyy" he mimicked and I laugh.

"I'll pick you up after maghrib. Be safe for me" he said kissing me on my lips

"Be safe for me too" I said watching him leave. Ya Allah thank you for giving me a husband like Faisal.


"Don't the water grow the trees, don't the moon pull the tides, don't stars like the sky, like you need to light my life.." Faisal sings All I ever need by Austin Mahone as he drives to his 'surprise'

"Awwwn, baby your so cheesy tonight" I gushed as he kiss my hand

"We can do anything you like.." He continues

"Can we get cold stone?" I asked giving him my best puppy eyes.

"How can I say no to that look"


"If you need me anytime just know I'm always right by your side. You see I've never felt this love, your the only thing that's on my mind." he sings parking the car in a dark hall. He gets down and open my door like a gentleman helping me out with his hand.

"You don't understand how much you really need to me. I need you in my life your my necessity, believe me your everything that just makes my world complete and my love is clear your the only thing that I ever need." he says pulling me closer to his body and I blush wrapping my hand around his neck.

"Your all I ever need" I whisper hugging him "baby your amazing, your my angel come and save me!"

"As much as I want to spend all night singing Austin Mahone's song to you we have to eat dinner" he said kissing me and I nod my head.

"Wait here" he instructs and I watch him enter the hall. After i got tired of waiting, I enter the dark hall calling his name but got no response.

"Fai-" I said but the red balloons floating in the air cuts me mid way. The lights flick on and a table with two chairs were were organized in the middle of the hall.

"Happy Anniversary baby" Faisal said walking towards me with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

"What?!" I yelled confused "anniversary? No way"

"Yes way"

"How can I forget?"

"It doesn't matter" he says kissing me on my cheek and I smile. We eat dinner with Faisal making cheesy comments and talking about everything and nothings.

"Ohh, I almost forgot" he yells standing up


"This" he said going on his knees and bringing out two matching diamond rings. "Babe this is the place you scream" he says nervously.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! OMG yes! I'll marry you!" I yelled dramatically

"We are already married" he rolled his eyes

"Shush! Don't ruin the moment" I said as he slip the ring in my finger. I slip the ring in his finger too and look up to see him starring at me.

"What?" I asked laughing and he shake his head.

"Nothing.. You are just so beautiful" he replied and I blush chewing my lips.

"Stop doing that!" He scold

"Why? Does it turn you on?" I smirked

"What ever helps you sleep at night" he rolls his eyes


"I know. Now quit chewing your lips, it makes me want to take you right here"

"Well then who is stopping you"

"Thank God I rented this hall for a day" he said kissing me on my lips and using his hands to remove my clothes.

"Ready to bring another one of our love into the world?" He whispered huskily in my ear

"I'm ready when you are!"

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