Loving Ammah

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Chapter 6

Ammah’s POV

I will miss you baby girl, be safe okay?” I said to Safiya as we cried together

“I will miss you too and rock on without me, concentrate on your studies and look out for cute guys” she laughed despite tears are rolling down her cheeks

“Nothing will be the same without you Safiya!”

“I know girl-friend”

“I hope you will complete your studies in Jos”

“Yes I will”

“Good. Take care of the little one growing inside you”

“I will after all he is mine” she smiled at me and I smile back.

“It’s time to leave” the driver informed and she glanced at her house hoping her mother will come say goodbye but she didn’t even peep through the window.

“I hope you know she loves you” I said and she nod her head

“Here, hand her this letter for me Ammah will you?” she said giving me a letter

“I will. Safe journey”

“Thank you” she said and hopped inside the car

“Thank you for being a good friend Ammah Rabiu Alkali, I wish you all the best in life, stay in touch!” she yelled as I watch the car zoom off.

I’m going to miss this crazy girl.

I thought as I wipe my tears. I went back inside her house and meet her mother sitting on the couch with tears rolling down to her cheek.

“Mama!” I called her and she quickly wipe her tears

“Ta tafi ko (she has left right?)” she asked

“Yes, she asked me to hand you this letter” I said handing it to her

“Read it” she commanded and I open it.

“To my darling mama: I know I broke your trust and I know I disappointed you and I’m so sorry for that. Mama I’m willing to go to Jos as you and baba have concluded but please forgive me, find that soft place in your heart for me and forgive me. Words can’t describe how sorry I am. I hope you forgive me! I love you mama, stay safe for me.”

I read it out loud and she let the tears flow.

“Don’t ever make the mistake your friend made Ammah kinji ko?” she said and I nod my head

“I’ll talk to her father to send her back home. She is just a baby. She needs her mother’s love and support” she said standing up and hugging me.

“Thank you mama!” I said

“Your welcome”

“I will take your leave now”

“My regards to your mom”

“Insha Allah!”


“Rock, paper, scissors!”

“I win again!” Humaira yelled doing her victory dance “go hummy, go hummy!” she cheered her self and I laugh at her.

“Crazy girl” I said standing up and leaving her room

“Don’t feel bad Ammah there’s always next time” she yelled and I roll my eyes at her before entering my room.

I fall on my bed and grab my phone. I forgot to save Faisal’s number. I quickly grab my picture and save his number before texting a quick hi.

F- Hello

Wow, I wasn’t expecting a quick reply.

A- Knock, knock

F- who is it?

A- Princess Ammah

F- Princess Ammah who?

A- Princess Ammah the chat starter!!

F- that was so dry.

A- Faisal your suppose to clap, your no fun wallah!

F- Sorry my lady, I will try to be fun from now on.

He replied and we chat for hours until it was maghrib. He is so fun. I performed whuduh and pray before hopping downstairs to eat dinner.

Adda and Humaira were laying the table and mama brought the flask of food to the dinning table.

“Your brother just called” mama said when we all sit down to eat

“How did the asking of Yesmin’s hand in marriage go?” I asked

“It was successful Alhamdulilah”

“When is the wedding?” Adda asked

“First August!”

“Zamu sha aure!” Humaira squealed

“I’m so happy for ya abba” I add grinning from ear to ear

“Finally I’ll have another sister I’m so fed up of you two” adda groaned

“See who is talking? You will soon leave the house for us ko Ammah?” Humaira asked and we did our high five

“Ehen now, if you get married we will see who will allow you enter this house” I said

“Oh toh now that your brother is getting married everybody ma is planning to get married” mama teased

“Not everybody, I’m not leaving my mama for any silly guy” I said side hugging her

“Don’t be crazy, there will be a time when you will leave me and go to your husband’s house” she said laughing

“No way! I am not leaving you no matter what” I said stubbornly

“You can carry her to your husband’s house no problem” adda joked and they all laugh at me.

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