Loving Ammah

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Chapter 69

Ammah's POV

⚡Two months later⚡


"Remember when we did that?" Faisal whispered in my ear and I nudge him in his stomach.

"Yeah, yeah when the Imaam ask if you take me to be your wife and you said yes. Ahh.. I remember that was just two years ago"

"Young love" he chuckles as Ahmad and Fatimah dance.

"Shut up"

"Make me" he smirked

"Haba Faisal keep quite, this is their day be happy for them" I whisper as that Rihane woman glare at me. Ohh My! You are still alive daman.

"Let's just go home, we attended all their wedding events" he whined.

"And this is the last one so please behave"

"Huffffff" he groan as the everyone clapped their hands. I missed the dance because of Faisal!!!

"Aunty Ammah" Afnan yelled running to me in her purple ball gown

"Yes baby" I cooed, They came to Nigeria for Ahmad's wedding and will be staying for holiday.

"Mommy swaid you and uncle Faisal shwould come and snwap pictures" she stutter in her language and I giggle pinching her cheek.

"Okay. Faisal let's go" I said standing up and he glare at me and walk away. Oh Allah! Don't tell me he is angry at me? I hold Afnan's hand and we walk to where the groom and bride were snapping pictures with guests.

"Happy married life" I say hugging Fatimah.

"Thank you"

"Happy married life Ahmad, I am really happy your happy" I grin

"Thank you so much" he grin back and we snap pictures. I find Faisal playing candy crush on his phone and I tell Adda we are leaving before going to him.

"Finally" he groan and we walk to the car

"Baby na" I call and he ignore me. Wow! Just great. the ride back home was extremely quiet and when we reach Faisal makes way to the bedroom while I walk to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

"Fai---" I start entering the room only to be tickled by a shirtless Faisal. My kitkat falls on the floor as I beg for him to stop.

"I- am going--to throw up" I said in between laughter and he stops. I run to the bathroom and throw my guts out.

"Are you okay?" Faisal asked worriedly handing me my toothbrush.

"Yeah" I breathe brushing my teeth

"I didn't mean to hurt you" he said scratching his head nervously

"I know" I smile and wrap my hand around his neck tiredly "My KitKat" I whine in his ear and he chuckle carrying me and I wrap my legs securely around his waist.

"Let's go get you another one" he says as we walk downstairs. He drops me on the kitchen counter and opens the fridge handing me a bite

"Now I want sandwich with tomatoes, cheese, pickles and cucumber" I whine and Faisal look at me as if I am growing two heads.

"Yeah.. I'm not making any sandwich"

"Why not?"

"Cause you just ate aren't you full?"

"I want sandwich Faisal with extra cheese and chicken please" I said giving him my best puppy eyes and chewing my lips

"Okay fine just stop doing that"


"Your such a baby"

"Stop talking and make my sandwich" I command and he gets to work. I'm already drooling.... God!


"Juwieeeee babyyy boo" I yell collecting Juwairiyya from Safiya and she giggle hugging me.

"I am also here fah" Fahad said holding his toy truck

"Hey baby love" I said kissing him on his cheek and he smile at me shyly before running inside the living room.

"After you finish playing with the kids, meet me in the kitchen" Safiya yell, when did she enter the house seff. I lock the door and follow her to the kitchen

"Madam what are you doing"

"Eating now." She rolled her eyes helping herself the fried rice and chicken seating on the counter.

"How are you and the baby in your tummy"

"Were both fine Alhamdulilah. But so far this is the hardest pregnancy and Juwie and Fahad are not helping matters" she sigh as we sit down on the dinning table

"Ayyah sorry"

"Thanks b"


"So how are you? Iyee are you using a new soap? Your just glowing this days fah"

"Me? glowing?"

"Yes. Are you by any chance pregnant?"

"I don't know but Faisal was considered taking me to the hospital.. Wai I eat a lot" i roll my eyes "In my defence I eat like a normal human being, I just tend to crave for things once in a while. He is just being a big baby Allah" I complain as Juwairiyya struggle to get out of my grip, I dropped her safely on the ground and watch her crawl to her brother in the living room

"Allah ya sa you are pregnant then we can be pregnant buddies like Kylie and Khloe were" she said dreamily.

"Ameen" I blush and my phone rings, I pick the call without bothering to check the ID.

"Aunty Zainab is asking for you" Faisal's worried voice said


"Ammah I know-"

"Look if you are asking me to go and meet that woman then I am sorry I won't"

"Ammah listen to me-"

"No you listen to me. I won't meet her, after all she has done you are asking me to meet her. Who knows if she is trying to curse me again?" I cried standing up

"Baby I know you are worried but she is dying"

"Good to know"

"Ammah keep your differences apart today please baby. For me" he says his voice cracking. Is he crying?

"Is she that sick?" I asked in a low voice

"Yes boo, please come"

"Okay" I end the call grabbing a veil to go with my cream design pattering bubu.

"What happened?" Safiya asked

"Aunty Zainab is asking for me"

"Okay.. I'll lock up and give the gate man the house key"

"Sorry I ruined our day"

"It's okay. We'll hang out another day, now go" she pushed and I smile driving to Dahiru Ringim's mansion. The house was utterly dead quiet only soft sobs coming from aunty Zainab's room. A tear escape my eyes as I come in contact with her.. Auzubillahi.. so it's possible for a person who is full of energy to look this disturbing.

"Hey" Faisal said hugging me even though Dahiru Ringim was sitting on the chair staring into a space.

"How?" I cried

"Shh, this is what she gets for her evil ways. This is your justice. Allah is punishing her and there is nothing we can do to save her, we can only pray for her to die already" he whispered in my ear and I nod my head walking to her.

"Aunty Zainab Ammah is here" Faisal inform

"Who is Ammah?" She asked eyes closed

"Ammah, my wife"

"Who are you?"


"Who is Faisal?"

"Dahiru Ringim's son, your step son"

"Just call Ammah for me, I don't know you" she said and Faisal sigh. I bend down to her level kneeling beside the bed.

"Is that you?" She asked opening her eyes. "Thank you for coming. We have to talk before I die, I can't live like this anymore. I have been paralyzed for a year and a half now and I was diagnosed with brain cancer when the curse was broken. No one knew except me and the doctor, it was too late to save me, I was slowly dying. I went mad for few months, I don't recognize anyone anymore.. Even my kids. All I remember is the pain I've cause you in life, I have to confess deep down in my heart I don't regret what I did to you. I know you must think I am mad but not everyone has a good ending and unfortunately I am one of those people. I just ask for forgiveness but I don't regret separating you from your happiness cause you were the root of my problems all along. If you never married Faisal, Dahiru Ringim would have forced Faisal and his siblings to go back to London with us and I would have tortured them but unfortunately for me Matches are made in heaven. I hope you forgive me and no matter what I did to separate you guys you both always made up. Your love story is a very unique one and I envied you a lot, I still do cause you will get to live with the love of your life without another woman in your life, step kids or any aunty Zainab to make your life hell. Thee Zainab is now dying. I hope you find pure happiness in your life from now on. I have said my mind now I would die peacefully because I have said my mind. Remember I don't regret anything.. I am still the same Zainab you know!" She coughed and I cry holding her hand.

"You will be missed dearly, and maybe your right not everyone is lucky to have a happy ending. I really pity you"

"Who are you to pity me?!" She yelled pushing me "Who are you?! Leave me!" She yelled her breathing seizing.

"Faisal" I cried burying my face in his shoulder.

"Prepare for your step mom's Janaiza" Dahiru Ringim said after a while and closing her face with a white cloth.

"Aunty Zainab is dead"

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