Loving Ammah

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Chapter 70

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. Before I start this chapter, I want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for reading this story. I am so sad that loving Ammah has ended or is about to💔 you guys are amazing.. I love you all❤

Ammah's POV


"Ameera, Anisa dinner" I call but got no response. I turn off the cooker and walk to the living room were the two were talking.

"I miss my mother even though she has always been mean to me" Anisa says pouting sadly

"I miss amma too. But don't worry they are in a better place" Ameera console

"Your mother must be in a better place mine will be suffering now in hell" Anisa said and I smile sadly walking to the two.

"Sweetheart don't say that okay? You keep praying for your mother, I'm sure she is in a better place." I said hugging her


"Ammah I'm hungryyyy" Faisal whine walking inside the living room shirtless.

"Baby I'm taking care of babies here why don't you serve yourself"

"No. I want you, only you" he whine and I roll my eyes. God Faisal grow up will you.

"Okay I'll be there in a sec"

"You girls can't come to my house and snatch my wife. It's not fair!!!" He whines at Ameera and Anisa dragging his feet to the kitchen and the girls giggle at him.

"Ya Faisal is a baby, iyay Iyay oo" the teased him as we walk to the dinning table. I serve the girls dinner first before serving Faisal who was rolling his eyes at me the whole time.

"So what are we doing tomorrow?" I asked the three as we eat

"First we are taking you to the hospital" Faisal said

"Why? I eat normally for the last time"

"I heard you puking in the middle of the night"

"That.. I ate expired KitKat" I lie

"Stop lying. Why can't you just man up and let me take you to the doctor already? What are scared of"

"She is scared of needles" Anisa laugh

"Even I am scared" Ameera pout crossing her hand across her chest

"I am not. I am a grown up!"

"Says the girl who is afraid to go to the hospital" Faisal laughed

"You were literally whining few minutes ago"

"Don't change the topic"

"Fine I'll go to the damn hospital and you all will see I am not scared" I say seriously and the laugh at me. Ugh! We finish eating dinner and the girls change into their pajamas before sleeping in the guest room. I left for our room when I made sure they were sound asleep.

"I thought you were sleeping with them you know they are babies" Faisal joke and I roll my eyes at him taking off my t shirt.

"Oh please stop whining!"

"But it's not fair, they get all your attention nowadays"

"Your jealous of kids? OMG! They've only been here for three days and your making a fuss"

"You are mean" he said setting up his game.

"Mstew you need deliverance" I said jumping on the bed.

"Good luck sleeping alone" he shot

"Haba Faisal"

"Haba Ammah"

"I was just joking you know that"

"Someone can't sleep without me" he smirked

"Yes and you know that now don't do this to me"

"Fine, I'll sleep with you after I finish playing my game"


"I promise" he said and I smile before laying down on the bed


"You see why I hate coming to the hospital" I complain laying my head Faisal's shoulder


"Cause the smell makes me nauseas"

"Since when?"

"Since now!"

"Okay baby girl hug me and breathe in my scent you will be fine" he said wrapping his hands around my waist and I do as told closing my eyes. After a while the nurse calls us and we meet the doctor who runs few tests.

"Mr and Mrs Faisal" the Doctor said holding some papers in her hand

"Is my wife okay?" Faisal asked holding my hand

"Yes she is more than okay, I have a good news actually. Your wife is three months pregnant" she grinned

"What?" We both asked

"Umm yeah, that's a good thing right?" She asked nervously

"No you must be mistaken" I said placing my hand on my stomach

"No, it says here clearly that you are pregnant." she said fanning the papers in the air.

"Three months? woah you mean I've passed my first trimester" I asked grinning from ear to ear


"But she didn't vomit her guts like she usually does" Faisal said worriedly

"Yeah which is a good thing. You see she tends to eat a lot as you said right? That's cause she is eating for two. She hates hospitals smell and that is normal she is suppose to hate pretty little stuffs. She will crave for unexpected things at an abnormal period of time, she will be exhausted most of the times and it's perfectly fine. She needs to be on bed rest from now on, I'll prescribe some drugs and makes sure she takes them on time" she rambled and Faisal nod his head

"And yes, you next appointment is next week"

"Thank you" Faisal said happily while I ghostly walk back to the car. I am pregnant! No way.

"God I am so happy, wait till I tell the twins and Abba and Dahiru Ringim that he will be a grandpa" Faisal said joyfully hugging me

"Yeah" I simply replied

"What's wrong?"


"Are you not happy?"

"I am" I fake a smile and he nod his head clearly not assured. The ride back home was silent only Faisal trying to make a conversation but I turn him out.

"I'll cook dinner tonight" Faisal inform as we enter the house

"Okay" I replied going upstairs, I take a shower and put on my bum shorts and v neck black vest then lay on the bed. Faisal enter few minutes later and remove his clothes staying in his boxers only

"Talk" he said laying on bed beside me


"I know something is going on in your mind now tell me"

"I am fine"

"Don't lie to me just say your mind"

"You won't get mad?"

"I promise, now talk"

"What if I loose the baby again?" I cried "What if I become a bad mom? The worst probably. I know nothing about babies, I am scared Faisal.. To know there is a human being growing in my stomach is terrifying you can't begin to imagine" I said and he pull me into a hug

"Insha Allah this baby is ours and that's why I am here, to help you be the best mom in the entire universe. Even I know nothing about babies but we will figure it out I promise. Now don't harm our baby and let's go cook dinner"

"I love you "

"I love you too"

"Can I eat KitKat?" I pout

"It's not good for you health" He sigh carrying me as we walk downstairs "but I'll let you have just one"

..... Six months later.....

"No I am Khloe and you are Kylie" Safiya debate by herself as we walk around the mall with me eating KitKat, honestly I've become addicted.

"I think I should be Kylie and you will be Khloe" she continues and I ignore her enjoying the chocolatey taste in my mouth.

"Just few more weeks till we go into labour. when is your EDD?" she asked

"It's next tomorrow"

"Remind me how Faisal allowed us to come to the mall today?" She asked and I laughed

"We bribed him and promised to be back in twenty minutes and call him if anything happens"

"Oh yeah. He is so overprotective"

"Tell me about it.. I don't do anything on my own.. Even to bath" I roll my eyes

"Haba. Wow Bish I have to take care of two babies and a house"

"Hehe, I want to pee I'm going to the restroom"

"Let's go together tohm" she said and we find the lift to the rest room floor. I use the toilet and finish my business then stepped out from the bathroom only to feel a liquid running down my legs.

"Inalilahi waina ilaihi rajiun!"

"What happened?"

"My water broke"

"What? Someone call the ambulance" she yelled and I watch a lady call the ambulance while Safiya call Faisal. I place my hand on my stomach as tears roll down my cheek. Two nurse rush inside the restroom and place me on a stretcher before taking me to the hospital with Safiya trailing behind.

"It will be okay kinji? Just keep reciting your duas" she said holding my hand

"Faisal" I cried

"He will be here soon"

"I can't bring our baby into the world without him. I need him" I cried as we enter the labour room.

"Baby Ammah" Faisal yelled rushing inside the room.

"Baby na" I cried

"It will be fine, I am here now"

"Faisal the pain" I cried and he hug me

"She is going into Labour, push when I say so okay" The Doctor said as Faisal squeeze my hand wiping my tears. "You are a strong woman, you will make it" the doctor smile at me and I nod my head muttering my duas.

"1,2,3 Push!" The doctor yelled as bead of sweats roll down my forehead.

"Come on baby, you can do it" Faisal whisper in my ear his voice cracking.

"I can't"

"Come on try again, 1,2,3, push!" The doctor yelled

"Your almost there"

"Baby you can do this. Your my baby Ammah, my strong baby, the fiercest of them all" Faisal whispered kissing my hand.

"I can't.. I am sorry"

"Nurse call Doctor Alit" the doctor commands.

"Hey what's wrong? Is my wife alright?" Faisal asked breathlessly.

"We can't hear the baby's heartbeat" the doctor sigh "we can hear the babies heartbeat" she said and with one deep breath my babies come inside the world.

"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Faisal, God has blessed you guys with two bubbly princesses"

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