Loving Ammah

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💠 Four years later 💠

"Are we crazy for doing this?"

"Baby girl the twins are four years old they need a younger sibling sooner or later"

"Yes but then they are too young they need my attention, especially Zahira"

"Ammah please that's the same excuse you gave me last year I want another baby"

"All I am saying is that you know Zahira's medical history, nobody knows what she wants except me and you know how my pregnancy comes"

"Having another baby won't kill you. Look at Safiya now, she is pregnant with baby number four and Shukriya is four"

"Baby na let's wait one more year, if I find someone who can take care of my babies while I am pregnant then fine"

"Fine don't give me want I want, I can just go and marry another wife who will give me what I want" he said angrily leaving the room. I sigh closing my eyes and taking a deep breathe. After six years of marriage he still acts like a baby. I stand up when the baby monitor starts cracking meaning my babies are awake. I walk to their room and open the door to see Zahara playing while Zahira was rubbing her eyes.

"Good mworning mommy" the both said in their angelic voice running to hug me

"Good morning my loves" I kissed them tickling their tummies making the laugh. That's the laugh that makes my mornings, days and years. The day Zahara and Zahira came inside the world is the best day of my life, Zahira unfortunately had Diabetics, it started when she was a year old I noticed her increase to thirst, increased to urinate and increased need to hunger. I panicked and Faisal and I rushed her to the hospital and the doctor runs some tests only to diagnose my sugar with Diabetics. Now I have to check whether her sugar is high or low every time before she eats so I'll know what to feed her.

"Mommy, where's daddy?" Zahara who runs out of the room runs back inside.

"Tohm daddy's girl, he went out" I said carrying Zahira and placing her on my hip.

"I want my daddyyyy" she begins to cry making he twin start crying too. Ugh.

"Zahara stop crying DanAllah you make your sister cry" I said bending down to pick her and place her on my other hip. Masha Allah chubby kids.. I hope we don't fall on our way downstairs.

"I don't want you, I want my daddy" she continues crying as I strap them both on their high chair. Did I mention Zahara is a drama queen?

"He will be back soon baby" I sigh rubbing my temples to calm down, the cries are getting annoying. God! And this is how Faisal wants another baby. Selfish handsome human being. I get the medical kit and check Zahira's sugar, her sugar is low so she needs a booster. I decide to make give her half a cup of soda and a teaspoon of honey just so to be on a safe side.

"Daddy! I want my daddy now!!" Zahara yelled banging the table with a spoon, where did she get that? Oh Allah na.

"Zahara please let mommy be, I'll make breakfast for you now" I said thanking Allah for making Zahira to stop crying.

"I won't eat" she said crossing her hand over her chest

"You must eat" I snapped and she looked at me giving me her puppy eyes before.. Wait for it.. She starts crying again loudly.

"Ayy baby mommy. Yauwwa good girl, don't cry mommy will give you KitKat" I tried to pacify her but she only cried louder. the neighbors will think I'm beating her or something and everyone will see me as a failure mom that I am. Tears being to well up in my eyes too, I so on the counter crying along with Zahara and Zahira joins us to.

"We can just look like idiots together" I sniff as the door to the kitchen open and Faisal stands watching us as if we've grown two heads.

"Daddy oyoyo" Zahara yelled smiling. not fair, as if she was not the one crying just now.

"Hey princess" he said kissing her and picking her up "what's wrong with your mommy?" He asked

"I dwon't know. Mommy is bad she starts crying" She said confusedly.

"Baby na" he calls

"Don't baby na me you left me alone with this two you are mean" I huff looking at Zahira who poured the juice on her body. Great! Just great.

"I am sorry"

"Zahara won't stop crying, all she wants is you and you know how her twin starts crying when she sees her crying" I complain pouring another juice for Zahira

"And you started crying too?" He asked laughing

"It's not funny. What was I suppose to do then?"

"Not cry? Come on babe you can't just start crying you guys looked like mad people Allah"

"Maybe cause we are mad" I roll my eyes making a quick golden morn for the twins before feeding Zahira while Faisal feeds Zahara.

"Faisal please bath them, I'll make dinner in the mean time" i plead

"No, I bathed them yesterday"

"Haba baby boo" I said giving my puppy face and chewing my lips.. yeah that still turns him on.

"Okay fine" he groans carrying the two and when they leave the kitchen i did my crazy dance.

"Okay now you definitely need help" Faisal say entering the Kitchen

"What are you doing here, go!" I said in embarrassment.

"Oh I forgot to do this" he said leaning in and kissing me on my lips.

"Where are the kids?" I moan

"By the door"

"Go then" I push him and he laugh walking away. Finally now I can make breakfast I peace.


"Assalamu Alaikum" I greet entering mama's house

"Surpriseeeeeeeeee" Adda yelled holding baby Abaad in her hand.

"La Haula. Yaushe a gari? (When did you come to Nigeria?)" I gasped dropping the twins on the floor and they run to find their cousins.

"Yesterday" she laughed as I collecting the five year old baby who she treats like a two year old.

"And you guys didn't tell me" i pouted as we walk to mama's room

"Dummy that's why it's called surprise" she said hitting my head

"Mamaaaaaa tell adda to stop beating me fah me two I have two kids just like her" I whine as I come in contact with Yasmin feeding baby Aslamah

"Ohhh Allah, you guys should grow up" mama sigh as I hug Yasmin

"Sister in lawwww"

"Ammah. How are you? And the twins?"

"I am fine and those two I guess they went to find Aslam and Afnan" I said as Abaad runs from my hand. Someone is eager to play on the mention of the twins.

"Oh okay" she replied as the two months old Aslmah open her eyes, she smiles at me and goes back to eating.

"Ammahhhh" three sets of voice yelled hugging me

"Iyeeee our brides" I grinned hugging Humaira, Safinat and Amnat

"Ah toh she has started" Hummy roll her eyes blushing. Amnat is marrying Khalifa, Safinat a guy she met in Madina and Humaira our long lost Ibrahim that sends money to her and she would say her nonsense saying she is not interested

"When is the wedding seff?" I asked

"The twins are getting married on the 26th of April and I'll be getting married two weeks after" Humaira said and i nod my head.

I can't believe this. Alhamdulilah ya Allah for blessing me with the best family anyone could ever wish for. For a caring husband like Faisal, yes we've had our ups and downs but now look at us.. We are married with two princesses, the love of our lives. Truly or fights brought us closer and increased our love for each other.

"Ammah wait" Mama stopped as I stand up to follow everyone to the kitchen, we are decided to bake something for fun.

"Na'am mama?" I asked sitting on the bed beside her. Over the years mama haven't changed a bit only the fact that she has retired and her hair is white and she looks older and worn out.

"Allah ya miki Albarka autan mama" she said kissing my hands and I smile at her sudden gesture. "You have truly made me proud and carried out all my values and morals in you. If only your father was alive to see his baby grow into a beautiful young mother of two, he must be so proud of you for sure. Take care of your husband and kids and pass on the values and morals I gave you down to your kids, I love you so much" she said hugging me and I hug her back.

"This isn't the end my love, it is just the beginning of your life"

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