Loving Ammah

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I can't believe this! loving Ammah has come to an end. It was just like yesterday when I opened a wattpad account and was like: Okay I am going to write a story and it doesn't have to be a big hit, I just want to write a freaking story.

I'll start by saying Alhamdulilah. This wouldn't have been possible without you guys honestly😆 Thank you for voting, commenting and sharing, for your love and support💕 Motivations😩💕 Dm's that make my days and nights💕 that brings a smile on my face💕 to be sincere you guys are the best readers ever💕 I love you guys so Much💕 Faisal adores you💕 Ammah cherishes you💕 Ameera loves you💕 Ya Abba takes you guys as his siblings💕 each and every character loves you except for aunty Zainab of course😂😂

You guys made it possible but some people made it more possible.

I appreciate each and everyone that voted and commented💕 even once, you guys are amazing💕

Here is a sneak peak of their lives since two amazing people begged me to please update one last time!!

Sneak peak

Ammah's POV

"No we can't go swimming today, look at the weather it look like it's gonna rain" I said worriedly.

"Haba don't be a party pooper the kids are excited" Safiya said wearing her shades ready to go swimming.

"Yes aunty Ammah we are already excited!!!" Seven year old Fahad said holding his ball

"What if the kids get a cold" I said worriedly glancing at Zahara and Zahira who are wearing the sleeveless gown and hair packed in a bun.

"Overprotective mommy" Humaira roll her eyes.

"Mommy please, pwetty please let's go" Zahara beg jumping up and down

"Yes mommy, please" Zahira join as they give me their puppy face. Awwn, they look so adorable.. No Ammah you can't get carried away with their cuteness, if they get sick you will be the one to suffer.

"Sorry babies, maybe another day" I smile and Zahara start to cry stomping her feet.

"You are bad mommy, I want my daddy!!!" She cried and soon Zahira and Shukriya (Safiya's last born) join her.

"Ughhhh babies shh" Juwairiyya said playing on her IPad.

"Since we are not going anymore, Anisa let's go and watch Riverdale series" fourteen year old Ameera said

"Oooh I love Riverdale" Anisa yell in joy as the two leave for the living room.

"Ya Faisal" Amnat call "come and talk to your wife" she add

"Even Faisal can't change my mind" I smirked walking to the kitchen to grab KitKat for the crying girls, I hope this calms them down.

"Babe why are ruining this for everybody" Faisal starts entering the kitchen

"No! No and no" I said crossing my hand across my chest "my babies will get sick, it might rain can't you see, we can go another day. And don't you dare do something to change my mind" I said and he wet his lip making my knees go weak. I hold the counter for support as he moves closer, even after years of marriage he still manages to make me go gaga for him.

"I know you badly want me.." He said trailing his finger on my lips

"Faisal" I moan

"Let the kids have fun and I'm all yours tonight" he said sucking my lower lip.


"I promise" he said kissing me his hands finding their way into my shirt. He pulls away from me and my body instantly miss his touch.

"Why would you stop?" I frown and he laugh

"Cause the kids are waiting for you and I don't want your friend and my sisters to hear you moaning"

"I hate you" I said kissing him on his cheek

"I love you too, forever and always"

"I know" I smile walking to the living room were everyone was waiting for me to speak

"Were going swimming!!" I announce and they all yell in joy!


Say a prayer for AISHA KOLLERE❤

May Allah pardon you, give you strength and have mercy on you😩😩❤❤

O Allah, be generous to her and cause her entrance to be wide and wash her with water and snow and hail. Cleanse her of transgressions as white cloth is cleansed of stains. Give her an abode better than her home and a family better than her family, take her into paradise and protect her from the punishment of grave and hell fire. Ameen thumma Ameen🙏❤❤

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