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Crazy interesting facts about LOVING AMMAH

⚠ Warning: keep the tissue close by ⚠ you are warned😊

Where do I start from?

Ahh.. Loving Ammah. Tbvh with you guys when I started writing this story I didn't know anything about the story plot😂 I know crazy. I was like okay, her name will be Ammah, his name will be Faisal and they will love each other unconditionally.. That's all I knew! But with my time I was like ooooh this will happen, that will happen blah, blah, blah shit.

Loving Ammah has been my rock✊ my support💪 my pains😭 my smiles😊 my happiness🔥 my ups and downs 😩 you can't imagine how this book made a big change in my life. Whenever I am sad I write and some times put my self in Ammah's shoes😆 when I'm happy I make the mood happy, when I'm sad I make it sad.. That's how it goes.

If anyone of you have noticed, two characters died in this book. Aunty Hauwwau (Faisal's mom) and aunty Zainab (Faisal's step mother) this two are the opposite of each other. Aunty Hauwwau is a muslimah we all strive to be, a woman who is patient, loving, caring and a human being who had a good ending while aunty Zainab on the other hand died in pains and who will probably end up in hell.

I made this two characters just so to remind my self and others that death can come anytime. Aisha Kallore's death brought tears to my eyes, she was a beautiful soul and Insha Allah she is in a better place😭 my grandmother died somewhat during a period if y'all can remember. She also was a very loving and nice woman and she also died of cancer💔 Her death really shocked me and left a big scar on my heart💔 but life goes on and we reap what we sow, when you do good things, good things will happen to you, when you do bad things, bad things happen to you. Karma is a bitch😂 aunty Zainab didn't believe in karma and look where she ended. Last night so many people closed their eyes and never opened them, your not one of those people so say Alhamdulilah🙏 I really hope you guys learned one of two things from this two character. May Allah forgive us all🙏

🌷Ya Abba💕

He is one of my favourite characters to be honest. he is my imaginary elder brother😂 when I started writing this book, I made ya Abba an elder brother who I always dreamt of having😴 Ammah is so lucky to have him don't you think? He is so caring and loving and overprotective👅 If I had an elder brother I would have wanted him to be just like ya Abba😆💕 you all boys that have younger sisters should be just like ya Abba💪 a man who will do anything to see a smile on his baby sister's face, his autan mama💞 Ammah grew up without her father but look she never got the chance to miss him cause her brother never let her have that chance. He was always there for her giving her a shoulder to cry on😩 to beat any boy that makes his sister cry even if that boy is his best friend. He doesn't care, you hurt his sister, he hurts you.. Which is so freaking cute! They are my siblings goals❤

🌷Did you know Ammah was actually going to marry Ahmad?

I know insane😂 but there was this part of me that was like. Let Ammah choose Ahmad and they will get married and get a divorce after three months then she will marry Faisal and tarraaarrrr!!! They will live happily ever after🙈😂 but then this part was like haba no!! That's crazy.. Even I love happily afters😆😆 then I changed my mind. Ayyahhh Ahmad💕 I really liked him wallahi, he is a nice guy but too bad Ammah and Faisal are meant for each other. Forever and ever🔐❤

🌷Oooh Can you remember when Faisal was kidnapped?

Yeah about that🙈🙈 I didn't know who kidnapped him. After I published the chapter I was like, kai! Wait.. Wait.. Wait!! Who kidnapped Faisal? And why?! Then my subconscious was like your the damn author your suppose to know. I had to crack my brain.. At first I was like let's say it's a prank or he wanted to test Ammah to see if she liked him? But then nahhhh too lame DanAllah. Let's spice things up🔥🔥 that's when Tsunami came into the story.

🌷Faisal. Our main gee💪❤

Hehe.. Faisal our one only😻😻 Godddd I need a Faisal in my life with no aunty Zainab in our life😒 who else wants the same? Hehe.. Allah ya bamu Faisal🙌💞 How would will I describe him serf? No words can explain how romantic❤ Loving❤ and caring he is ❤ He is my imaginary future husband😂. His love for his baby Ammah hmm.. It's like my love for food fah😂 They have been together since day one and now look at them.. They are now married with have two adorable baby girls. He has gone through so much in life😭 from his mother dying to his father threatening to disown him😭 but then again after every rain comes sun. The are couple goals👅💜

🌷Did you know Ammah and Faisal were going to stay abroad after marriage?

Yeah I was actually planning on that. Maybe Boston, Paris or London but then decided on it.

🌷Oh yeah.. Mama is suppose to die fah.

But c'mon. Ammah won't be able to handle the pain😭💔 trust me I know how it feels to lose someone close to your heart.

🌷Ammah was suppose to also have another miscarriage or not give birth until years.

Guys it happens a lot nowadays, people will get married and they won't give birth until after years and years of marriage when they've lost hope. I have this aunt who met many specialists and gynecologist regarding her womb and she was told that her hormones is for boys which was so sad😭 cause she loves kids so much. She is always spoiling me when I visit her for weekends and my only prayer to Allah is to grant her with her own kids and now after twelve years of marriage she has given birth to a bubbly baby boy😊💞 Abaad who I named Adda's son after😇 cause I am genuinely happy for her😌😌💕 When the doctors have given up she didn't. She kept praying day and night to Allah and look at her now😩🔥 Alhamdulilah🙏

🌷Humaira is a character based on my cousin actually.

So this cousin of mine her parents got divorced when she was really young so she stayed with my grandmother and when my dad visited my grandmother this time he saw her, she was so lonely no one to talk to or play with someone he decided she will come and stay with us. I was very excited tbh💃 even though there was an age gap between us but I took her as my younger sister and made sure to make her feel at home😌 that's why Hummy came inside the picture. To show that you don't have to come out from the same womb to be sisters💕

🌷Dahiru Ringim was going to despise Ammah.

So when Faisal told Dahiru Ringim about Ammah he was supposed to make a fuss and go against the wedding because he already has someone in mind for Faisal.. You grab? But the I love happily ever after too😇 so no thank you Dahiru Ringim..😂


Growing up Safiya made lots of mistakes but look at her now. She is married to man who loves her for being her and doesn't judge her by her mistake. Exactly💠 don't judge a person by the chapter you walked in on. We Nigerians tend to do that wallahi😂 which is very badddddddd! Just becuase you made one mistake doesn't mean your whole life is ruined.. You can change cause mistakes makes us who we are and brought us where we are. Mistakes makes perfect. (Even though the saying is practice makes perfect😂) One mistake can make a perfect life🌺🌺 best friends are the best😌 they say when you find a friend with the same disorder as you that's priceless😂😂 who agrees?

🌷Ammah.. Our baby Ammah💞

Did I mention sometimes I put myself in Ammah's shoes? Well I do sometimes😂 I'll be like Faisal this, Faisal that😂😂 Goshhh y'all shouldn't mind me😌😌 Ammah is the most interesting character.. She makes me express myself and people say I am childish like Ammah.. Which I totally disagree with! Seriously😒???


I am somehow like Adda is a way fah😆😆 I am overdramatic like her😂😆 hyperbole 👅 that's why I love her Lodi Lodi💕💕💕

🌷Who knows my real name?

I have been dying to see in the comments or my DM asking my real name but nobody did except @Mss_Gujbawu😂💕 so she is the first person to know.


🌷Someone asked for my IG handle once

Well surprise💃❤ I happen to open an IG account recently for loving Ammah. Go follow: ammarhhh_ now cause very soon I'm giving Mss_Gujbawu my password to write what she feels about loving Ammah and if it changed her life for the better some what along the way.. Who her favourite character is.. and why? Who she adores most. Yesssss! She is the lucky someone😊❤❤ If you want to ask her questions regarding my story DM me and I'll send it to her then she will answer them on IG.

It's going to be fun, trust me. And also I'll post my new book on the account first before posting it on wattpad😉 so go and follow the account ASAP!

For those who want my personal IG username DM me💠

🌷Will there be a sequel?

No! sorry guys💞 but Loving Ammah is officially sealed🔐

🌷In the epilogue Faisal mentioned something about marrying another wife.

Well well, calm your horses. We know that will never happen😉 he just said it out of anger and obviously he was joking💁

🌷Haram policy gang🔔🔔

Abegggggg! We've discussed this already please and please try and understand the story plot woooooo! Ahh this story is meant to show what is happening nowadays. Twenty first century oo! I already explained and I know what Faisal and Ammah did before they got married was wrong but some people do worst and I was just trying to say it is HARAM! dating is haram but we still do it, shaking a boys hand is haram but we do it, staring at a boy is haram but we do it then why would you show up here and start saying mean stuffs about my book😒😒 it is fictional Ooooo! DanAllah let's be practical😌😌😌!

🌷I need to edit.. But I AM SO LAZY😣

I know they are lot of typos and mistakes but I'll edit when I am not lazy kay? But mind you.. I won't change anything in my book😁 loving Ammah is forever loving Ammah.

🌷Did I say I love you guys?

Well even if I haven't said that.. ILYSM GUYSSSSSSSSSSS!❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💞💞💞♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥💝💝💝💝💗💗💗💗💗💘💘💘💘💚💚💚💛💛💛💜💜💜💓💓💓💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💟💟

🌷I am so sad and happy.

I won't be able to make anyone smile again😭😭😭 Goddddd but the again I completed a book and it's a hit Alhamdulilah💃💃💃❤❤ I now rest my case.

🌷Goodbye. Nah I will be back soon.

Bye bye lovelies❤ this girl will be working on a new book.. So don't forget me and keep on the lookout for something new.

🌷IG account. Username: ammarhhh_

Don't forget to follow my new account and DM me your questions.

🌷Farewell babies😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤

I love you all so much. Keep voting, commenting and sharing.

All rights reserved.

Officially sealed.


April 21st 2018.


I heart y'all♥♥

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