Loving Ammah

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Chapter 7

Faisal's POV

"Amma, I'm going out I'll be back in a while!"

I yelled as I run down the stairs.

"Okay sweetheart, be safe"

She yelled back as she concentrate on her Indian series. Typical house wife mothers. I thought as I walk to my benz.

"Take the day off!" I tell the driver as I collect the car keys

"But...." he protests

"Have fun!" I said as I drive out the gate. If you know me really well you will figure out I'm on cloud nine today. Why? Cause Ammah and i are having lunch today. After a lot of convincing her she finally agreed. I bet she couldn't resist my charming smile.

Stop with the pride young man! It's not like your going on a date with her.

My subconscious remind me. I feel a little pang on my chest as I come to a halt due to the traffic light.

Ya Allah.

"we can have lunch at home no need to go to the restaurant"

I remember what Ammah said when I told her about my idea for lunch.

"or is there something else?"

She asked watching me with a glint of sparkle in her eyes, her lips curve into a smile as her cheeks flush pink for a minute.

"Do friends need a reason to go out for lunch?"

I asked and her smile faint before she covers it with a smirk.


Did Ammah want me to ask her out on a date?

I wonder what she thought. I mean we are just friends right and she is my best friend's younger sister.


I came back to reality when the cars behind me start to horn at me. I was so caught in in my thoughts that I didn't realize when the traffic light turned from red to green.

I muttered a quick sorry and drive to Ammah's house. I called her and she said she will be with me in a minute. After a few shuffles with the door knob, Ammah came out dressed in a red T-shirt, a black skirt with a kimono on and a red veil wrapped around her head neatly. Her makeup was not done too much as she smiled at me before entering the car.

"What happened? Am I too decked up for a mere lunch?" she asked worried as she put on her seatbelt.

"Just right." I purred

"You don't look bad yourself" she said

"Are you kidding? people die for this look" I joked

"Faisal who has been deceiving you. Oh my dear friend, it's okay not everyone has the looks but everyone is lying constantly to themselves" she joked along "I bet your mirror was the one deceiving you right hun?" she joked on.

"Says the girl who never had a boyfriend"

"How are you suppose to know that, you were not in my school back then" she argued and I laugh at her.

"I can't believe you fell for that" I laughed on and she frown. I park at the parking lot of the renowned restaurant and I got off. Being a gentleman I was planning to be by opening her door for her, it got ruined by an angry Ammah. She walked past me with a pouty face and approached for the restaurant without waiting for me.

Ya Allah is she still angry about the small joke?

I followed her in and say my name to the man behind the counter before he let us know our reserved table. Ammah sit across me as she look through the menu totally ignoring me like I was invisible.

This is not how I planned out lunch to go.

"Ammah I'm sorry. I was just joking okay?"

I plead with her but she called the waiter instead who took her order.

"Anything for you sir?" he asked

"Uh, I'll have the Chicken Biryani please, with side snack chicken koftas and a glass of orange juice" I said and he write it down before disappearing like a ninja.

"Ammah...." I plead

"Fine enjoy lunch alone!" I yelled and leave the table.

Ammah's POV


"I was so disappointed when I found out he wasn't asking me out on a date"

I finished narrating my story to Safiya who was patiently listening on the phone. It's been a month since she left and Faisal and I have become pretty close

"Don't lose hope baby girl, maybe he hasn't realized he is in love with you yet" she convinced

"You always know what to say. Anyways got to get ready for our lunch"

"Have fun"

"Thanks love!"

I said as I quickly enter the shower, I dressed up casually as he informed me he was here. After a few shuffles with the stupid door knob, I entered his car. We made a few jokes but the last one he made hurt me.

How does he know I never had a boyfriend?

Yes i had a crush and boy friends but never a real boyfriend with the lovey dovey and flowers and chocolates and romantic dates!

"Ammah I'm so sorry, I was just joking okay?" he plead but I ignore him by calling the waiter to take my order.

"Anything for you sir?" The waiter ask and he take his order too.

"Ammah..." he plead again

"Fine enjoy lunch alone!" he yelled and leave the table. I watch him walk out of the restaurant as i assured my self he will be back soon. Why is he so angry I'm the one that suppose to be that angry. I thought.

The waiter brought our food and there was still no sign of Faisal. Is he that mad? What the hell is wring with him he is acting like a jerk, a douche ball. I call him but it was switched off.

A- Lunch's a disaster :( call me asap!


One week! One freaking a week since our so called lunch and Faisal still hasn't called to apologize. He didn't show up either and his phone is switched off.

"Stop stabbing the dear chicken oh Lord!" Humaira said she collect the fork in my hand and gave me a death look.

"I miss ya abba!" I sigh putting my head on the dinning table "and my dear mama!" I add.

Mama and ya abba went to Kano a few days back to give Yesmin's kayan aure (wedding gift)

"They will be back tomorrow boss baby" Hummy teased as Adda walked to the table with the food flask.

"Humaira be a darling unlike others and get the other food flask" adda said and I know she was referring to me.

I ignore her and Humaira brought the food flask and we all eat in silence. My phone ring and it was Faisal.

"Where the hell have you been?" Was the first thing I asked as I excused my self from the dinning table.

"I'm outside your house" he said totally ignoring my question

"I'm coming" I said and hop to my room, I grab my veil and wrap it round my head.

"Where are you going now?" adda asked

"Faisal is outside, I'll be back soon" I reply and walk outside not waiting for her reply. I stop in track as I see Faisal standing by his car. The tears I've been holding for days were now rolling down my cheeks.

How I've missed this guy.

"Don't cry Ammah, I'm so sorry okay?" he apologized moving closer and I hugged him crying my heat out.

"Don't ever disappear like that okay. Do you know how worried I was? What if something happened to you?"

"But I'm fine. I so badly wanted to call you and explain but there was no service in Maiduguri"

"You went to Maiduguri?" I asked pulling away from the hug.

"Yes, my grandmother died. We left for Maiduguri the moment I stepped out from the restaurant. We just came back today!" he explained

"Inalilahi waina ilaihi rajiun. May her soul rest in perfect peace" I prayed


"Come in for dinner"

"I wish I can but Amma will be so worried, it's already late"

"Oh yeah"

"Tomorrow my treat lunch" he said

"You will never give up will you?"

"Not unless I make you day perfect. Goodnight!"

"Goodnight!" I replied and walk in.

I hope this lunch goes well.

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