Loving Ammah

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Chapter 8

Ammah's POV


"Faisal pleasssee!!"

"Okay fine" he agreed and I smile. After convincing Faisal to take me meet his sisters he finally agreed.

We finished our lunch and we drive to his house.

"I never got a proper tour of your house" I said to him as he park the car

"You never asked for one" he replied

"Is this how you treat your guests Mr Faisal Dahiru Ringim?" I asked and he scratched the back of his neck.

"I promise I'll give you one now"

We entered the house and it was silence and more beautiful then the last time I came with ya abba.

"Daphne where are the twins and Ameera?" he asked one of their house maid

"They went out with your mom" she replied

"Okay, thank you" he replied and she walk away.

"They will be back soon, let's go for the tour what say?" he asked me


The mini parlor is freaking hute! They call this MINI?!! Holy potatoes. Someone kill me...pleasseeeee!!!!

The twins room is on point...

This is my freaking dream room!!

"This is Ameera's room" he concluded.

Oh Allah na! I'm jealous of a six year old?!!

"And this is my room"

our room Insha Allah

Wait what?

"The back door"

"What about those two different blocks there?" I asked

"My stepmother's houses" he replied

"Oh. They are not here?" I asked

"One is in Canada with her kids and the other in America with her kids too"

"Oh" I simply replied

"They come for holidays though and abba goes to visit them too" he add

"Come on, they are back" he said as we notice a car drive inside the gate.

We walked to the living room where I'm guessing Ameera ran to Faisal and he picked her up hugging her.

"Ya Faisal. Look Amma bought us ice cream and other goodies" she chattered away

"Princess look I brought a friend for you" he said and she peep at me.

"Is she your girlfriend?" she asked

"No she is just a good friend of mine" he explained

"Hi, I'm Ammah" I said and she struggle to get out of his grip

"And I'm Ameera. Nice to meet you"she said hugging me and giving me a kiss on my cheek. She is so adorable.

"Come and meet Amma" she dragged me to the couch where she was sitting.

"Amma look ya Faisal brought me a new friend" she said and aunty Hauwau looked up to me.

"Oh my Ammah? Welcome dear" she said pulling me into a bear hug

"Inna wuni" I greet

"Lafiya my love. How are you? And your mother?" she asked

"She is fine"

"Amma you know her?" a confused Ameera asked pouting

"Yes princess I know her" she replied to Ameera

"Finally Faisal brought you home, where is he?"

"He was here a minute ago" I replied looking for him

"Maybe he is in his room, make your self at home dear. Daphne bring some drinks for the guest!" she yelled

"Come on Ammah, let's go meet my sisters" Ameera yelled and drag me by my hand. I flashed aunty Hauwwau a smile as she repeatedly call Ameera's name to slow down but to no avail did the little girl slow down.

"Amnat, Safinat look at my new friend" She yelled as we enter the twin's room.

"And you must be Ammah" a girl hugged me "I'm Amnat and that book worm is Safinat" she introduced her self

"Geez Amna way to go introducing me" Safinat said looking at me and closing the book she was reading.

"Hi Ammah, Ya Faisal has said lot about you" Safinat said hugging me too.

"He told me lot about you guys too" I replied and we start chatting like long lost friends. They are really fun. Ameera who was pouting throughout our conversation went to grab her dolls to show me and Daphne brought drinks with another maid who brought snacks, another brought in deserts and another brought coconut rice with pepper chicken and fish.

So much food for three of us? Wow!

"Help yourself Ammah" Amna offered and i smile before i grab a drink. Safinat offered to serve the three of us in a big plate and we gladly thank her. After eating, we prayed Asr and it was now Ameera's turn to spend time with me. We went to her room where we played with her dolls and had a tea party.

"Lets play hide and seek" she suggests

"Okay. I'll count you hide" I said as I close my eyes.

"........eighteen, nineteen, twenty. Ready or not here I come" I yelled as I open my eyes.

Oh Allah, why did I agree to play truth or dare in this huge house?

I walk about the house for thirty minutes looking for Ameera but I couldn't find her. I was about giving up when I hear Faisal saying


I enter his room and he act innocently.

"Did you by any chance come across Ameera?" I asked

"Nope" he said popping the P

"Okay fine. I wanna hang out in your room"

I said opening his drawer hoping I will see Ameera hiding there but she was not there

"Honey didn't your mother warn you about opening a guys drawer? You may see what your eyes are not suppose to see" he said smirking and moving towards me.

"Faisal don't!" I said moving backwards

"Come on baby girl" he teased smirking

"Waaaaahhhh!!!" Ameera yelled from behind the curtain and I shriek in shock falling into Faisal's arm burying my face in his chest and hugging him tightly.

I hear the two siblings laughing and I jerked away from Faisal.

"Ameeraaa" I said dragging the a.

"Sorry. Ya Faisal don't laugh it's not funny" she said controlling her laughter

"Not fair, you were just laughing right now" he argued with her.

"But I'm not now"

"Whatever. Come on let's go get a drink" he said picking Ameera in his arms and holding my hand. His hand is so warm and it fit into mine like a puzzle sending shivers down to my spine. My phone rings and it was mama. I totally forgot my dear mom is coming home today.

"Are you gonna pick that Ammah?" Ameera asked sitting on the counter and swinging her legs while Faisal hand her Bobo and hand me a bottle of sprite.

"Yeah, sorry" I said and pick it up.

"Mama...yes...I'm on my way...I've missed you mana...I'm coming...okay..love you..bye" I end the call and look at Faisal

"I should better get going"

"Yeah, your brother is going to kill me if you stay for another second" he replied and I laugh

"I don't want you to go" Ameera said pouting

"Aww baby, I don't want to go too but have to" I said hugging her

"Promise you will come visit me?"

"I promise" and with that I left the Dahiru Ringim family.

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