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Chapter 21

I woke up to Sophia still curled up against me while I was curled up against Rickey. Ellie was waking up so carefully placed Sophia next to Rickey so I could get Ellie.

“Hi, baby girl.” I smiled at Ellie. I carefully pulled her into my arms and got her situated before going into the living room.

“I know everything is a little scary right now, but mommy is getting better. When you get older I promise I will tell you all kinds of stories about your daddy. I love you so much, Ellie.”

“Mommy.” I heard Sophia say worriedly.

“She’s probably in the living room with Ellie.” I heard her jump down and she quickly came in to see me.

“Careful,” I said as she came over to me and curled up to me.

“You girls hungry?” Rickey came in the living room, smiling at us.


“Fine.” He smiled at her and went into the kitchen while I cuddled with my girls.

“What do you want to do baby?”

“Stay with you.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” I smiled at her and kissed her.

“I want to see Minions.”

“I don’t think it’s in theaters anymore.”

“Can we go swimming then?”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

“Daddy go?”

“You will have to ask him.”

“Daddy!” She yelled of course not wanting to leave my side.

“What honey?”

“Will you go swimming with us?”


By the time the pancakes were done Ellie was done so I moved to burp her.

“Princess come sit.” Sophia got up and went over to the table so she could eat. I looked up and saw Rickey carrying a plate and a cup.

“Let me have her so you can eat.”

“What about you?”

“I ate before I fed you both.” I looked down at the food and felt his eyes on me.

“McKenna eat. Soph tell your mom, she needs to eat.”

“Mommy eats, it’s good.” I sighed and ate the pancakes.

“Thank you.” He smiled at me and I smiled back at him.

“Mommy, when can we go?”

“Well we all have to get ready then we can go.”

“I’m going to clean up the kitchen real quick then go get my stuff before getting you guys.”

“It’s still pretty early.”

“Right, I keep forgetting Ellie wakes up before Soph.”

“I know.”

“I’m still going to go clean up and head to my house real quick. Do you want me to come back or do you want alone time with them?”

“You can come back.”

(Rickey’s pov)

“You didn’t come home last night?” Cammie sighed watching me.

“The girls stayed with McKenna, so I stayed to help with them.”

“Can we go to do something today then?”

“I’m going to the pool with them.”

“Rickey.” She groaned.

“Sophia asked me to go, so I’m not going to say no.” I groaned going through my drawers.

“I know she’s going through a hard time, but you do not have to baby her.”

“I’m not babying her. She needs someone to help her and be there for her. He just died a couple of days ago.”

“I need you too.”

“I know that this is hard for me too.”

“I have to go to work.” She got up and kissed my lips before going to work. I grabbed my things and headed back over to McKenna’s. By the time we got both of the girls ready it was eleven so, we headed to the pool.

“Daddy, we go swimming.”

“Sure are princess.” I carried Ellie in while McKenna had Sophia in her arms.

“Can I go in?” Sophia asked looking between the two of us.

“Have daddy put your floaties on.” I had set Ellie down and McKenna fussed over her while I got Sophia’s floaties on.

“Now can I go in?”

“Yea.” She jumped up in the pool and I watched her swim around. I sat down on the edge and just watched her, she’s getting so big. McKenna came over with Ellie in front of her on her little floatie.

“You okay?” She looked at me worried.

“Yea, I just had a little fight with Cammie.”

“About what?” She frowned.

“I forgot to tell her I was staying with you guys.”


“She’s just upset I’m not spending time with her.”

“I’m sorry. I’m keeping you from her.”

“Don’t be. I’m happy to be here with you three.” I smiled at her and she smiled at me.

“I do appreciate everything you have done for me and them.”

“It’s no problem, I’m happy to do it.”

“Daddy, get in.” I smiled and slid the rest of the way into the pool. She came over to me and I threw her back making her scream in giggles.

“Watch the baby,” McKenna said, so Soph and I moved down so we could play.

“Mommy come to play.”

“I’m helping sissy swim.” I swam underwater and popped up right before Ellie making her giggle.

“I got her if you want to go swim with Soph?”

“You sure?”

“Yea, I got her.” She nodded and we switched spots so she could go play with Soph.

“Look at that your mommy has a smile on her face.”

After playing around in the pool for a little bit longer and we went and got food before going back home. Sophia sat on the floor with her food in front of her. Ellie was attached to her momma, who was eating too. Spending time with these three makes my whole day so my better. Sophia was asleep twenty minutes later so I cleaned up her mess and got her more comfortable.

“Will you lay her down please?” I nodded and carefully took her from McKenna so I could lay her down next to her sister. McKenna got up and cleaned up. I felt arms go around me so I turned and wrapped my arms around her.

“What is for?” I smiled bringing her around my front.

“For being so amazing with everything. I do appreciate everything you have been doing. Thank you for being here for me and the girls.”

“I wouldn’t want to be anyplace else.” She sighed and I leaned down kissed her forehead before we sat down on the couch.

“Are you sure you’re not going to get in trouble for being here?”

“Don’t worry about it. You guys need me so I’m not going anywhere.”

“I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“It’s fine.” I watched as Sophia rolled over and curled up to Ellie.

“They are so perfect.”

“They need a brother.”

“Colin and I were talking about that. The next time we have a baby we want a boy.”

“One day it will happen.”

“I don’t know.” She looked lost in thought as she looked at the girls. I moved over and wrapped an arm around her giving her my support. One day I would love to give her a son. Being with McKenna this last week has only increased my feelings for her.

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