Uncharted territory

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Chapter 24

“Look there’s Uncle Gavin,” I smiled at Ellie as we walked over to the pool.

“There’s my sister.”

“Hi, little bro.”

“Hi munchkin, you ready to go swimming?”

“Of course Uncle Gavin, she loves the water.”

“Go get her ready then.”

“Hey, is my other daughter here yet?”

“Not that I know of.” I nodded and brought Ellie inside where my mom was making all the food.

“Hey, momma.”

“Hey, honey.” She smiled looking up at us.

“I’m going to get her ready to swim real quick.” She nodded and I took Ellie into the living room quickly changing her.

“Ready to go swimming with Uncle Gavin?” I smiled kissing her cheek as I took her back outside.

“Watch her, okay, hold on to her.”

“I know.” I handed her to him and he put her on the raft, quickly splashing around.


“Mommy is right there.”

“Ellie, look at mommy so I can take a picture.” Gavin turned her and I got to take their picture.

“You know you’re going to be a great dad one day.” I smiled at him.

“Yea one day, for now, I’m happy being Uncle Gavin. I would like to have a nephew though.”

“Me too, so I’m counting on you for that. Sean and I can only have girls so it’s up to you.”

“We'll see.”

“I did hear you have a girlfriend though.”

“From who?”

“Oh come on, you’ve been hanging out with Rickey, so of course he told me,” I smirked.

“What is going on with you two?”

“I guess you can say we’re talking, we’re taking things slow. Is your girlfriend coming?”

“No, she had a thing for work.”

“Tell me everything about her.”

“Not right now.”

“Fine at least tell me her name.”


“When can I meet her?”

“I don’t know.”

“Soon, please. We could double date.”

“I don’t know.”


“You tell her Ellie, we’re trying to play.” He smiled splashing around with her.

“Fine. Watch her Gavin.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He smiled at me as I walked back into the house where my mom was.

“How did it go?” I had taken Ellie over to see Colin's family for a little bit.

“It was good, but it was weird. She asked if I was seeing anyone and I just don’t want to hurt her feelings. I told her the truth, but it still felt wrong. I was engaged to her son, now I’m with someone else.”

“She can’t expect you to not move on.”

“Did you ever think I would end up with Rickey?” She shook her head smiling.

“No, I didn’t see that coming. He has come a long way and I’m glad he has.”

“Me too, he’s so different from when we were in high school.”

“That’s for sure.”

“We were pretty bad.”

“Hey, I’m sure your father and I would have been like that too.”

“Speaking of which, where is daddy?”

“He went to the store to get drinks and meat.”

“Where are Soph and Rickey?”

“Good question and where is Elliot?”

“They should be on their way.” I nodded, grabbing my phone finding out where they were. Having them not here was kind of freaking me out a little bit. I went upstairs and changed into my bathing suit before going back downstairs where they still weren’t. I was starting to get worried.

“They will be here.” Mom said trying to relax me.

“He’s not answering me.”

“Maybe he’s almost here.” I nodded and sat at the counter just waiting. Finally, I heard the door open and Sophia talking. I sighed in relief when I heard her rambling about something.


“Mommy.” She yelled, running in and I pulled her into my arms.

“Hi baby, you ready to go swimming?”


“Uncle Gavin is out there right now, so you can go jump in. Be careful, he does have Ellie with him.” She nodded and kissed me before she ran outside. I looked up at Rickey and I knew something was wrong.

“What’s wrong?”

“We went to the house because I had to grab my trunks. Anyways my mother showed up and it wasn’t good. She wants to know us and everything.”

“That is your decision if you want her to be in your life. I, on the other hand, do not trust her and do not want our daughter around her.”

“I agree a hundred percent.”

“I will support you in whatever you decide.” I wrapped my arms around him and held him. When his mom comes around it bothers him and I hate it.

“I’m going to check on the girls.” He nodded, leaning down to peck my lips. I went outside finding them playing ball.

“Momma swim with us.” I smiled, pulling off my tank top and shorts before climbing in the pool with them. Sophia swam right over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Me and Ellie against you and Soph.”

“You’re on.” I smiled as he pulled Ellie on to his shoulders.

“She is still a baby, careful.”

“I know I got her.” Ellie is going to be two next month, so she is walking. We played around for a little bit and they were winning.

“Aunt McKenna.” I heard Sydney so we stopped and I turned to her.

“Hey munchkin, want to get in?” She nodded. I helped her take her shirt and shorts off. She handed her arm floaties to me and I helped her pull them on before I pulled her into the pool.

“Are you still sad?”

“No, I’m not sad anymore.” I shook my head smiling at her.

“Good.” I kissed her forehead and she went off to play with Sophia. I turned just in time to see Sutton walk out here.

“Hey little one, you should probably wait for your mom and dad.”

“Sutton,” Sean said, she quickly turned around looking at her mom. Sean had her hands on her hips and Sutton mirrored her.

“And Elliot says me and Sophia are bad.” I smiled as I felt Sophia come over, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“What’s daddy doing?“′

“I think he’s talking to nana.”

“He come out?”

“I’m sure he will in a little bit.” She kissed my cheek and I pulled her around so I could wrap my arms around her.

“Love you.”

“Love you, momma.” I kissed her cheek and she went back to swimming.

“Go to McKenna.” I turned and pulled Sutton in the water.

“Hi, cutie.” She squealed as she splashed the water on me. I smiled at her and placed her on her raft, bringing her by Ellie. Just like Sophia and Sydney, Ellie and Sutton were going to be best friends. There was a shriek and I looked over seeing Elliot dragging Sean into the pool.

“He is sure going to get it.”

“Elliot.” Sean squealed. She emerged while he was still under the water trying to hide. Elliot finally emerged and she attacked him with the help of Sydney and Sophia.

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