Uncharted territory

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Chapter 5

“Colin!” Sophia ran over and jumped into his arms.

“Sophia! Looks like someone is feeling better huh.” He smiled hugging her.

“Cause you bring soup.”

“You two ready?”

“Yea.” I took her from him and buckled her in. I got in and drove us to the park. We pulled up and Sophia wanted Colin to get her out, so he got her.

“Sydney!” Sophia yelled as she saw her playing with my brother. He picked her up and Sean walked over with him.

“Colin, this is my brother Elliot, my niece Sydney, and my sister in law Sean. Guys this is Colin.”

“It’s so nice to meet you. She’s told me so much about you.”

“You too.”

“How about you two boys take the girls to play so we can talk.”

“You going to be okay with that?” I looked at Colin nervously. Elliot was protective, more so after I got pregnant.

“Yea, your brother will be there, we will be fine.” I nodded and followed Sean over to the bench.

“He is cute.”

“Yea he is he’s so amazing.”

“When did you tell him?”

“I didn’t actually. We were supposed to have a date last night, but she got sick so of course, I stayed home with her. He ended up coming over and he just figured it out.”

“He’s fine with it?” I shrugged not knowing. He was good with her now, but I don't know if he was okay with the situation.

“He seems to be, I’m sure it’s going to take some time to get used to. She seems to like him, so that’s a major plus.”

“What about Rickey?”

“Nothing has changed he’s still a jerk.”

“He didn’t come over or anything?”

“No, didn’t even text me back or anything.” I looked over and saw Sophia with the biggest smile on her face, as she played with Colin.

“You know we should double date soon.” Sean smiled.

“Yea that sounds good, I’ll have to check with him.”

“He looks good with her. The kid looks good on him.” She smirked making me blush.

“Yea will see. ”

“Don’t you want another one?”

“Yea, but I’m not ready for that. I need to get out of my parents’ house, and I want to be married. Besides who said he even wants to have kids.”

“You two need to get talking.”

“Not yet, he hasn’t even asked me out yet.”



“We’re going to need to talk.”

“Don’t you dare.” She smiled and I looked back over to them and taking a quick picture.

“Momma, come play.” I looked at Sean and she nodded, so I went over to them.

“You having fun?”

“Yea.” I smiled kissing her cheek making her giggle. We played for a while then the girls started to get tired especially Sophia, so we decided to leave.

“Little sis come here,” Elliot yelled.

“You got her?”

“Yea.” I nodded and went over to Elliot.

“Please don’t get all big brother on me.”

“He seems like a good guy, and he’s good with her.”

“Yea he is, she loves him.”

“What about Rickey?”

“Nothing, he’s not going to continue to ruin my life. I’m finally almost happy with everything. I wish he would change already.”

“One day sis.” I shook my head unable to believe that. Rickey had come a long way but there was still a very long way to go.

“Hope so. It was good seeing you though.”

“Yea you too. Do you know when Gavin is coming home?”

“I think next week.”

“The three of us will have to get together.”

“Sounds good, I should get going.”

“Love you, sis.”

“Love you too bro.” I gave them hugs then went to my car making sure he did the car seat right.

“Everything okay?”

“He likes you.”

“I like him too.”

“You can say no if you want, but what do you think about double dating with them?”

“Sure, what about them?”

“My aunt Lacey will probably take them, give my mom a break.”

“Sounds good to me, just let me know when. ” I nodded as we pulled up to the house and he carried her up to her room laying her down.


“Right here baby, go to sleep.” I kissed her forehead and she went to sleep. We left her room and went to my room lying on the bed.

“This might never happen, but there’s a chance, she might call you daddy on accident. I don’t want you to freak out when she does or if she does.” He smiled and kissed my forehead.

“You know she is one lucky little girl to have you as her mommy. Her dad is missing out on how amazing she is. I wish I could take away all the hurt he has given the both of you.”

“You already do. When I’m with you I can finally relax. You accept my daughter, and she loves you. I like being with you and so does she.”

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes.” I smiled as he leaned down pressing his lips to mine kissing me softly. I moved closer to him and tugged on his hair making him groan against my mouth. He pulled me closer and moved to hover over me. It’s been about six years since I have a boyfriend. I tugged on his shirt and he pulled away, ripping it off before come back kissing down my neck making me moan. My hands went down his perfect chest to his back. I loved how he was trying not to go far then what I already had.

“What the hell is going on?” I pushed Colin away and looked at my little brother.

“Quiet, your niece is sleeping.” I hissed at my little brother.

“Who is this?” Gavin hissed.

“Calm down, he’s my boyfriend Colin. You’re not supposed to be home till next week.”

“Got in early.”

“Man, I’m sorry you had to see us like this.”

“Mom and dad know about this?”

“Yes and so does Elliot.”

“Fine, I’m going to shower and take a nap.”

“Okay, I’ll tell Sophia, you’re here.” He nodded and left the room. I turned to Colin frowning at him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think he would react like that.”

“Well, he did catch me with my shirt off making out with his sister.”

“So it’s my room, he should knock.”

“That is true, let’s watch a movie.” I nodded curling up to him.

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