Uncharted territory

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Chapter 7

“Where are you going?” I asked weakly watching over Rickey.

“Back downstairs, don’t worry I will be back.” I nodded as he pulled his shirt back on and left, leaving me alone. Tears quickly filled my eyes as I pulled my clothes back on. I cleaned myself up running downstairs to find Summer. Of course, she was right where I left her dancing with her boyfriend.

“I want to go home.” I cried.

“What’s wrong?”

“Please, I just want to go home.”

“Okay let’s go.” She said bye to her boyfriend and we finally left.

“Talk to me, what happened back there?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Do you want me to stay with you?”

“No, I want to be alone.”

“McKenna, please talk to me.”

“Not now.” I got out of the car and went inside right up to my room. As soon as I curled up I couldn’t help but sob. I was so stupid. I should have never let that happen. Why did I have to like him, he was the biggest asshole I ever met.

“McKenna.” I heard my mom making me sob even more.

“Oh, honey, what is wrong?” I curled against her wanting her comfort.

“Did someone hurt you?”

“I regret it, I was so stupid.”

“What are you talking about?” I couldn’t say it, she was my mom. My mom was my best friend, but she was still my mom and I was not about to tell her I had sex. I shook my head and she just held me while trying to calm me down.

I woke up still curled up in my mom’s arms. I always felt a little bit better when I was curled up to her.

“Morning baby girl.” She ran her fingers through my hair and ran her thumb over my forehead.

“Morning mommy.”

“Want to tell me what happened last night?”

“Not right now.”

“Okay, I’m going to get breakfast ready.” I nodded and she kissed my forehead.

“Love you McKenna Shae, you know you can tell anything.”

“I know momma, I love you too.” She nodded still looking worried as she left the room. I already had Tylenol in my room, so I took it hoping it would take the aching pain of my lower half away. Summer texted me asking if I was okay, and I told her I was fine.

“Sean and Elliot are coming over in a little bit.” I nodded, looking about my breakfast, I felt sick to my stomach. My mom looked like she was going to break down into tears so I decided to eat. Once she was satisfied she left me alone and I pushed the food away I couldn’t eat anymore. I pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep. A few hours later there was a light knock on the door.

“Hey little sis, mom said you weren’t feeling good.” Elliot came in looking worried.

“Yea, I’m feeling a little better.”

“I just wanted to check on you.” I nodded and he left looking worried like my mom. The door opened again and this time Seam came in. She shut the door behind her before crawling into bed with me. Her arms wrapped around me and pulled me close to her.

“I did something really stupid last night.”

“What happened?” She frowned.

“I had sex last night with a player, he just left me right after.” I knew she probably wanted to say something, but she just held me instead.

“We’re you safe?”

“I don’t remember.” That made me regret what happened so much more.


“I know, I’m so stupid.”

“You were just caught up in the moment. Everything is going to work out.”

“I’m scared.”

“Keep your head up, that asshole doesn’t deserve your tears.” She was right, he was an asshole and I was better than that.

“Go get in the shower and clean yourself up before coming downstairs.”

She kissed my forehead before letting me go and leaving. I got of bed and grabbed my clothes taking them in the bathroom. I felt so much better after taking a shower and brushing my teeth. Once I was done I went downstairs and sat next to my mom.

“Feeling better?”

“Yea.” I smiled and she pulled me into her arms.

“I don’t like when you’re upset.”

“I’m okay. Sean and I talked about it.”

“That’s good, so she helped?”



“Rickey, I need to talk to you,” I told him

“About what?”

“It’s important.”

“Fine.” He took my hand and brought me behind the school. Once we got to the back he pushed me against the wall and tried to kiss me.

“Do you have to be such an asshole?” I hissed pushing him away.

“I thought that’s what you wanted.”

“No, I wanted to tell you something.”

“Then tell me.”

“You’re going to be a dad.”

“Excuse me.” He hissed.

“I’m pregnant.”

“It’s not mine.”

“You’re the only person I’ve had sex with. Your dumbass didn’t use a condom.” I hissed.

“I don’t want it.”

“It’s your baby.”

“No, it’s your baby. Now leave me alone.” He walked away leaving me sobbing. I texted Sean telling her to come to pick me up. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up the best I could so I could leave. I left the bathroom and went to my locker.

“McKenna.” I heard my little brother as he came closer to me.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine. Sean is coming to get me.”

“Did someone hurt you?” I shook my head.

“No it’s just one of those days, I’m fine.”

“If you say so.” I looked at him and he just pulled me into his arms.

“Whatever is happening, it’s going to be okay.” I nodded my head, hugging him back. Hopefully, he was right, because right now things weren’t looking too good. He had let me go and went to his class and I went to mine, so I could wait for Sean.

Finally, about ten minutes later she showed up and I left. We went back to her house, thankfully where my brother wasn’t. We got out and went inside and curled up on the couch. She wrapped the blanket around us and pulled me against her chest.

“Want to tell me what happened?”

“He said he didn’t want anything to do with us.”

“You’re going to be okay. You and the baby are going to be well taken care of and the baby will be so loved.”

“My mom’s going to kill me.” Sean was the only one that knew I was pregnant. I was too scared to tell anyone else.

“She’s going to be there for you, she has been through this before with Elliot.” I nodded and she just rubbed my back. She was the one that’s supposed to be pregnant not me.

“I’m so scared.” I cried.

“You’re going to get through this and have the cutest baby in your arms.”

“You’re supposed to be the pregnant one.”

“I know and I wish I was, but we’re trying.”

“I hope you get pregnant soon, so we can be pregnant together.”

“Won’t that be fun?”

“Everyone would hate us.” I giggled against her making her smile. She kissed my forehead and I just sighed. I’m so glad I have her in my life.

I stayed with Sean for a little while before going home. Surprisingly, no one was home so I went into the kitchen to make something to eat since I was starving. Carrying this baby was making me exhausted and hungry all the time. I’m trying to hide it the best I can, but I know they will notice soon. I heard the door open and in came Gavin.

“Hey, where is everyone?”

“Don’t know I just go back, what are you doing home?”

“Practice got done early. About earlier are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yea, I just had a bad morning. It was good spending time with Sean, it was much needed. ”

“You know if you want to talk about anything, I’m here right?”

“Yea I’m fine.” I finished up and cleaned up when I heard the door again.

“McKenna Shae Morris, you are in big trouble.” I heard my mom yell as she walked into the kitchen. I was scared she knew, but the school probably called telling her I left.


“Would you like to inform me why you cut class?”

“I just couldn’t be there anymore, so I called Sean.”

“Why didn’t she call me?”

“Because I asked her not to, so don’t be mad at her.”

“What happened at school?”

“Mom, I don’t want to talk about it?”

“Gavin?” She looked at him and he shrugged.

“I don’t know, I saw her at her locker she was pretty upset. She said she was fine and she was going to call Sean to get her.”

“It was a boy wasn’t it?”

“Yes mom, please I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Fine, you are grounded.” I nodded and made my way up to my room so I could take a bath.

“McKenna.” Mom sighed.

“I’m going to take a bath.”

“I want to talk to you.”

“After I take a bath, please.”


“Thank you.” I went into the bathroom and started the water getting in. Even though I wasn’t showing I could see the changes in my belly.

“Me and you are going to be okay. I promise I will be the best mommy to you, I already love you so much.”

I rubbed my hands over my belly and just sighed. It’s amazing how this tiny little person is inside of me and will be in my arms before I know it.


“Yea.” My mom came in and sat on the bed and just looked at me worried.

“Will you tell what’s going on, you used to tell me everything?”

“I can’t.”

“Why, baby you can tell me anything.”

“I know mom, I’m just not ready.”

“You will tell me when you’re ready right?”

"Yes, mommy.” She pulled me into her arms making me sob against her. I wanted to tell her so bad but I was still terrified.

“It’s going to be okay.” I sure hope so. I was going to need a lot of help in raising my baby.

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