Uncharted territory

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Chapter 9

“Morning beautiful.” Colin smiled.

“Morning handsome.” I smiled as he leaned over and kissed my lips.

“I could get used to this.” I nodded, curling up against his chest.

“I want you to stay more. I just don’t want to freak her out.”

“I know I don’t want that either, we can talk to her and see what she thinks.”

“Yea, I was thinking about going to talk to Rickey before I get her.”

“Are you sure you’re ready?” I sighed nodding my head. It's been a couple of days since the incident, giving me time to calm down.

“Yes, I don’t want to be that mom that keeps her kids from her parents. Rickey made a mistake and as much as I want to kill him, Sophia still loves her daddy. Yes, he’s not the greatest, but he is still somewhat there which is better than a lot of guys.”

“You're right.”

“Now, let’s start our morning off the right way,” I smirked, moving on top of him and he just smiled.

“You’re so beautiful.” I smiled, pecking his lips before grabbing a condom putting it on him. After Rickey, I thought I was never going to have sex again, but with Colin, it was so different. It wasn’t alcohol-driven, it was passion.

“I love you.” He said as I kissed down his chest and he was pulling on my hair.

“Love you too.”

We finished and I laid there against his chest while he held me.

“We should probably get in the shower so you can go get Soph.” I nodded, kissing his chest before getting up to take a shower. Arms went around me as I was finishing up.



“I have to go.”

“I know.” He kissed my cheek letting me go. I got out and dried off and brushed my teeth.

“Are you staying here while I go there and then go get her?”

“No, I think I’m going to spend some time with Kendall.”

“Okay, you should have her come here one day, so she and Sophia can play.”

“I’ll have to see.” I nodded and went back into my room and got dressed. After I was done Colin came in and I kissed him goodbye. I pulled up to Rickey’s and went up knocking on his door.

“McKenna.” He gasped looking me over.

“I’m in a good mood, so I highly suggest you don’t ruin it.” I pushed past him walking into his kitchen.

“You got laid.” He smirked.

“That’s beside the point. We need to talk about our daughter. I hate you, but our daughter loves you which drives me insane. Anyways, we’re going to try this again and if she gives me a bad report, then I don’t know what we’re going to do. I want to trust you with her, but it makes me so nervous.”

“I know, and you know I would never hurt her.” I nodded.

“Yes I know that, but she’s not your number one priority like she is mine.”

“Where is she?”

“With my parents and Sydney my niece. Tomorrow Summer wants to hang out and have a shopping day, so if you’re up for it you can have her for two hours.”


“For now you can’t go anywhere you have to be here. Maybe next time you can take her to the park, but with everything that happened two days ago, I would freak out.”

“Okay fine, when do I get her?”

“I will text you tonight that detail.”

“So can I ask you something?” I nodded.


“Who was better?” He laughed.

“Seriously, are you sixteen?”

“It’s me isn’t it?”

“You wish! Colin was amazing, it was a lot different than our time.”

“But I got a baby out of you.”

“You did, but that doesn’t mean he won’t,” I smirked back.

“It’s that serious?” He frowned.

“It’s getting there.”

“How does Soph feel about that?”

“She loves Colin. I’ve been talking to her and she is okay with everything. I need to get going to pick her up.”

“Okay, I will see you tomorrow.” I nodded and left heading to my mom's. I pulled up and quickly went inside to hear crying.

“Where’s mommy?”

“She’ll be here soon.” I walked in the doorway and she saw me right away.

“Mommy.” She came running and I quickly pulled her into my arms hugging her.

“Hi baby, I missed you.”

“Missed you, mommy, how come you took so long?”

“I went to talk to daddy.”

“Are you still mad at him?”

“No, you get to go spend time with him tomorrow.”

“You too?”

“Nope, just you two.”

“What if I get lost?”

“You’re not going to. You’re just going to stay at daddies.”


“Go give nana some love.” I kissed her forehead and let her go so, she could see my mom.

“Thanks for watching her?”

“Of course she is always welcome here and you too for that matter.”

“I know thanks, momma.”

“Love you, baby.”

“Love you, momma. Soph, go get your things to let me talk to nana for a minute." She nodded running back into the living room.

"You and Rickey civil?"

"For right now I guess. I'm still upset about what happened. I'm letting her take her a couple of hours tomorrow when I hang out with Summer."

"You guys have come so far. I thought he was turning around."

"Yea you and me both." Sophia came running back over wrapping her arms around my leg.

"Alright, munchkin say bye to nana."

"Bye monkey, I love you."

"Love you nana." Mom gave us both a hug before we headed home. Colin wasn't here, so he must still be with his sister.

“Come here.” I was lying on the couch and she came over curling up on my chest.

“Do you like Colin staying here?”


“Would you be okay if he stayed here more?”

“Yea, I like it when he stays here.”

“Me too.”

“I wish daddy could stay here.”

“Baby we talked about this.”

“I know.” I sighed, kissing her forehead. I wish she didn’t have to go through this, but it is what it is. Hopefully, things will get better and they can spend more time together.

“Love you baby girl.”

“Love you, mommy.”

"Guess what?"


"Tomorrow you get to hang out with daddy again." she quickly moved to look me over.


"Yea, you and daddy are going to hang out for a couple of hours. Momma has some things to do."

"I want you to come to."

"Maybe one day." I sighed running my fingers through her hair. Maybe once things cool down we will have more family days together. I know it would be really good for Sophia to see her parents get along.

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