Academy For Young Love Addicts

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When Mckenzie Louis falls in love, she is sent to the Academy For Young Love Addicts. There, she is taught that to fall in love will not be tolerated. But when curiosity get's the best of her, will she risk her life to find the truth behind the boy she fell in love with? Or will the government get to her first?

Romance / Mystery
Blair Davis
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The way you are supposed to act in the 3000’s society has lots of rules. But there is one, that if any teenager breaks, they will immediately be sent to The Academy For Young Love Addicts. A school that takes love into serious matters.

The rule, is that you can’t love anyone, until you have completed school. Many teenagers can’t help it though. I guess because of hormones, or something like that. Sure, the society says they are trying to help us, because if a girl gets pregnant accidentally, then it ruins their lives. But the other side of this case is that if you don’t love anyone, you feel depressed, and lonely.

For me it was simple. At 13 I was in love. And at 14 I was in The Academy For Young Love Addicts. I don’t even know what happened to the boy I fell in love with. And I especially don’t know how my secret leaked out, but the government does have it’s ways, so it shouldn’t surprise me at all.

Still, I wonder, what happened to the boy I love? I know he’s here somewhere with me at the Academy, because he loved me too. But all of our identities change when we come here, and we have surgery to change our appearances, so that if for some reason a match, like me and the boy I loved, happen to have a class together, we won’t even know it. The only thing they don’t change about us, are our voices.

They have made all of us forget the name of our match too. I only refer to my match as boy now, because I have no way of knowing who he is, all I remember is his face and how we fell in love.

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