Academy For Young Love Addicts

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Chapter 1

I’m so bored! This is my free period, and yet I’m laying on my bed in my dorm room, and staring up at the ceiling like a statue. Slowly I sit up, ouch! Was that my bone?

Stretching my arm's and leg's carefully, I make sure I didn’t rip anything and gather up my books, making my way down the hall and to my locker, which is by the way on the opposite end of the school! And, to make things even worse, right by the boys bathroom! Now, believe me when I say, you don’t want to be down there on the school cafeteria’s burrito day.

Holding my breath, I shove my psych. books into my locker and take out my biology books with a loud thud. Holding them tightly to my chest, I close my locker door and bound back to my room right as the bell rings for 5th period. Darn! My biology class is close to my room though, so it shouldn’t be a problem to get there on time.

But apparently, I’m either out of shape or not fast at all, because I get to my Biology classroom 5 minutes after the bell signals class. Luckily though, Mr. Davis doesn’t notice my late arrival, as I take a seat at the back of the room like always.

I look around, mainly searching for the clock but not wanting to be rude. Every classroom in the school is dark, with brick walls, and big round windows. In science though, we have stools instead of the hard stone-like chairs in all the other classes. The outside of the school is white marble though, and looks in a funny way, kind of like the white house.

Mr. Davis, writes something on the board, but I’m too busy staring at the boy in front of me. Is he new? I've never even noticed him before.

“Class, this is Collin Hadbury. He’s a new student, not at the school but just in this class. Everyone be nice to him, and whenever you get the chance, introduce yourselves and welcome him to the classroom.” Mr. Davis booms.


It’s P.E. and we’re doing a cardio workout. I’m pretending to tie my shoe laces, because let's face it, cardio sucks!

“Mckenzie. You’ve been tying your shoe for the past 10 minutes! I’m surprised Coach Magrave hasn’t noticed.” Liam Johnson says, bending down beside me to actually tie his shoes.

“Yeah, well you tell me when you have a better idea of how to get out of P.E.” I say.

“Good point.” He smiles. Liam’s one of my best friends. At the Academy it’s ok to have opposite gender friends, so that’s the only good thing that comes with this school.

Liam doesn’t remember anything about the girl he fell in love with, just like anyone else at school. The only thing we’ve figured out, is that one of my other friends, Annie, might be a possible contender for his match. For me though, we’ve tried paring up with years but can’t find any possible contenders.

“Oh no, here comes Clay. get up!” Liam say’s urgently. Clay’s basically my arch nemesis. We’ve been fighting for as long as I can remember.

“What are you doing Mckenzie, are you and Liam talking about how you can secretly get married?” Clay laughs.

“Grow up, and for your information there’s a spider on your head.” I say, knowing Clay hates spiders. And also, because it’s the truth. There’s a small gray spider on his head, slowly inching it’s way down to his eyes.

“No, there is not.” He smirks.

“Ok, but I warned you.” I say and Liam and I smile at each other when Clay’s face falls and he starts swinging his body around, trying to get the spider off without touching it.

“What did you do?” I ask Annie who has just jogged up to us. Get this, she actually enjoys cardio!

“Nothing.” She say’s innocently, but the look on her face gives it all away. “Ok, fine. I did that.” She admits, like always.

“Great job.” Liam says slapping her hand. I smile at her and we both fist bump each other.

P.E. is my last class of the day, so it really sucks. But at least in the summer we get to swim. Oh yeah, that’s another thing in the Academy. There’s no Summer! Yes, there’s breaks and weekends. But no SUMMER!!!

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