Academy For Young Love Addicts

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Chapter 2

I can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched. As in whenever I turn around I can feel that burning, tingling sensation on my neck. But no one’s ever there. I think the right thing to do, would be going to see the school’s counselor Mrs. Green about it. Good thing I’m not a “good girl then.”

Lurching up from bed, I gasp to myself as I wipe the sweat off my forehead. I just had another horrible dream. It was always the same one. Me walking towards some sort of dark passageway, and then this hooded man come’s forward and grasps my hands tightly, as if I’m what keep’s him grounded on the earth and if he let’s go he’ll float away off the ground and to the world outside of our own.

But what scares me the most isn’t any of that cheesy romance stuff, it’s that then, the both of us then turn around and we walk towards the darkness together. Dumb, right? I know how childish it might sound to some people, but here at the Academy we have always been taught that love is never to be tolerated. And so, I guess it’s rubbing off on me as well.

“Psst.” Lucy whispers at me from the next bed over. She’s one of my dorm mates. I have 8 dorm mates not including myself, and it always seems to be restless in here, as if no one ever get's any sleep.

“What?” I groan, rolling over in exasperation.

“Just keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep.” She hisses at me softly, already laying back down again.

“Some of us are trying to get some sleep.” I mock her quietly, resting my head against my pillow and sighing deeply to myself. Some people here were just so...what’s the word? I guess you could call it aggravating.

“Hey!” I hear someone shout across the room, and as quickly as can be, everyone’s up and shushing her, clasping their hands on her mouth to silence her.

If hall patrol heard that, we’d all be in deep trouble.

“She spit on me!” The girl explains, pointing at a figure across the room as Lucy takes her hand off her mouth cautiously, wiping it on her blue silk nightgown.

“That’s no reason to scream!” Another girl complains, setting her hand’s on her hips in disapproval.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to get in trouble either you know.” She points out, silently sitting on her bed in conclusion.

“Shh! I think I hear someone.” I say in alarm, and everyone rushes to their bed’s in unison. The light goes on a second later, and a man in a white Government uniform stands in the doorway, surveying the room for anyone outside of their bed. No one make’s a sound, and eventually the light’s dim again as the government official leaves the room.

“That was too close.” Lucy whispers quietly, glaring at the girl who’d made the sound minutes earlier, and had almost gotten us killed.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that if you are found outside your bed in the middle of the night, your punishment is death itself? Yeah, well, as you can see, rules are taken a little too seriously around here. For reasons, none of us know. And no one really want’s to find out.


"You almost got caught?" Annie asks in disbelief, holding a hand to her mouth with surprise.

"Yeah, it was really scary. Never break the rules." I add, nodding in time with my words.

"Wouldn't dream of it." Annie shrugs. She's such a goodie two shoes.

"Anyways, where's Liam?" I ask, looking around the crowded hallway for any sign of our friend.

"I don't know. Why?" Annie asks, her face blank.

"Well, I didn't see him at breakfast. Did you?" I ask Annie, my eyebrows raising with my words.

"No. Why, do you think he's in trouble?" She asks me, eyes widening slowly in panic.

"No, no Liam knows how to take care of himself." I smile weakly, as if trying to convince myself.

"Should we try and find him?" Annie asks, not even listening to my words.

"And skip class? What, are you crazy?" I ask, shocked by the hazardous idea.

"Well, what if he isn't ok?" Annie looks at me, the light of the sun reflecting the tall window's and painting her brown eyes gold.

"He's fine." I repeat my words, still craning my neck above the wave of bodies, trying to spot even just a glimpse of Liam.

The crowd part's then, and Annie and I get swept away with the huge wave of people. Turning around, I glance a Government Official dragging a guy across the floor. He look's familiar, like someone I know but don't remember all that well.

And then it hit's me right smack in the face, as he turns around struggling to break the Officials grasp on his shoulder. He's the boy from Biology. Collin, something or other. And thing's do not look good for him.

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