Academy For Young Love Addicts

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Chapter 4

“You want to love me.” Thomas says, as if it’s so obvious. Lowering his head to mine and kissing my cheek lightly, making my stomach full with butterflies.

“Yes.” I admit, going crimson as he traces my lips with his fingers, stroking my cheeks lightly.

“I do too.” He whispers. Gripping my shoulders gently, and drawing me nearer to himself.

“Really?” I ask, shocked. I never thought that he’d actually like me back in the same way I did. It was too dangerous.

“Really.” He smiles, warming up my body with his words. But we can’t do this.

It’s too dangerous.



My story is straightforward, I fell in love and when the Government found out, I was sent here. To the Academy For Young Love Addicts. The only problem with everything, is that when your taken into “care,” by the Academy, they will erase your memories of your match, and your whole life before here as well.

But then, why was I suddenly getting my memories back? I remember everything.


“Hello?” I hear my voice echo through the huge house.

“In here.” Thomas calls back from the kitchen.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” I tell him as I round the corner, watching him cut up bell peppers as part of dinner. The Government had their ways, they’d be onto us in no time.

“Their not going to figure it out.” Thomas answers, taking a bite of bell pepper with a crunch.

“Yes, they will.” I say, stressed. Walking towards the couch, I curl up in a ball and listen to Thomas singing in the kitchen happily. I wouldn’t hear that ever again. I couldn’t let the Government tear us apart, I had to do something about it!


All my memories swirl around and blur together in my mind, as I remember my whole life for the first time since the Academy. My mother was an author, my dad an architect. I had no siblings, my friends were all animals. Kind of like Cinderella. And my match was Thomas Lincoln. Or as I knew him from the Academy, Collin Hadbury.

How could I have ever been in love with such a jerk? That’s what I really want to know. And I can’t help but think about the consequences, if the Government ever found out about my memories returning.

But I knew something for sure.

They would.


"Mckenzie! What happened? You've been motionless since first period." Dean asks me, worried. Dean has 3 classes with me, and is one of the smartest people I know.

"Oh, nothing. Just stuck in thought." I smile at him. What? He's a really sweet guy. Like a brother to me.

"Ok, just for a second there I thought you might know." He finishes slowly.

"Dead?" I ask him, laughing at his expression.

"Well...yeah." He trails off again, going red in the face. What is it with people going red in the face these days?

"Don't worry Dean. I'm very much alive." I chuckle again, walking to my locker and exchanging my books, leaving Dean speechless in front of Chem. Class.

"Oh, no! I know that face." Annie says, putting a hand to her forehead in disappointment. "Did you get another D in Chemistry?" She sighs, moving her hands to look at my expression.

"No. And what do you mean by another?" I ask her, placing my hands on my hips confidently.

"Nothing." She say's quickly, scurrying away to her next class. God, I just remembered my whole life, and I didn't even tell my best friend?

What was wrong with me?

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