Academy For Young Love Addicts

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Chapter 5

“Thanks.” I say as the lunch lady scoops mashed potatoes onto my tray.

“Why are you always so polite to everyone?” Annie asks me, as I wrinkle my nose up in disgust at the white blob in the center of my plate.

“Why are you always so mean?” I ask her, annoyed. I needed to get more of a social life. Don’t get me wrong, Annie’s a great friend. Just sometimes, a little clingy. And besides, I was stressed out with the rest of my life as well.

“Wow, quite the attitude today I see.” Annie says, hurt by my outburst.

“I’m sorry. I’ve just got a lot on my plate.” I say, looking down at my tray and laughing at my horrible joke.

“Ha, ha. Very funny. You should be a comedian.” Annie says sarcastically, already walking away from me.


“I’m the worst friend ever.” I complain to Liam, as I sit with him in the hospital wing of the Academy.

“No, you aren’t.” Liam comforts me, as I adjust his pillow underneath his head.

“Where did Collin hit you?” I ask him, changing the subject abruptly.

“On my cheek, and my stomach.” Liam groans as he tries to sit up, only to be dragged back down again by the pain all throughout his aching body.

“You fought back, right?” I ask him, already knowing the answer. I mean, I had known Liam since the start of school here at the Academy. We knew each other like best friend’s usually do.

“Of course.” Liam smiles weakly, rolling over onto his side, and gritting his teeth in agony.

“Good for you.” I say, reaching over to adjust his thin blankets.

“Thanks.” Liam says to me softly, starting to drift off into sleep.

“For what?” I ask him, confused. I hadn’t done anything that deserved applause. Like, at all.

“For taking care of me.” Liam explains, gesturing to his limp body with one hand.

“Oh, well sure. That’s what friends are for.” I grinned happily, trying to distract myself from the rest of my life.

“Right…” Liam starts, not able to finish his sentence, before he fall’s into a deep sound sleep.


“Um…” I start, looking at the clock above the door, just wishing that I could escape the nightmares of school. Especially this class. Math’s the absolute worst, even if it is my best class.

“We’re waiting.” Lucy say’s from behind me, laughing at my discomfort. She’s such a bully!

“That’s 4 ¾ right?” I ask Mr. Johnson, my mind calculating the sample problem and finding only one possible solution.

“That’s right Mckenzie.” Mr. Johnson raises his eyebrows, clearly impressed.

“Ugghh. Show off. Anyone could do that problem in their sleep.” Lucy whispers to her friends, and I fight the urge to punch her in the face. She wasn’t worth my energy, anyways.

“So, class.” Mr. Johnson start’s. “Some people have asked about what’s going to happen to Collin Hadbury.” So that’s what his last name is, I think to myself.

“And I just wanted to tell you that Collin’s trial will be next week. If anyone close to him want’s to attend, just tell me and I’ll give you some more details.” Mr. Johnson continues. The bell rings, and everyone rushes out of the class.

But I stay.

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