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Chapter 7

"Where were you yesterday?" Annie asks me quietly, pretending to be buried in her book.
"No where in particular." I lie to her, stretching out on my bed with a yawn.
"I know when your lying. So spill it." Annie commands me, putting down her book and frowning at me.
"Ugghh! Fine. I skipped class." I lie.
"Yeah right. You, skipping class?" Annie laughs hysterically.
"It's true." I try to convince her.
"Sure, let's just go with that." Annie says, picking up her book once more.
Bending over pretending to read my calculus notebook, I think about all that had happened. Me getting my memories back, and meeting my match who "didn't want to remember," whatever that meant.
"I'm going to get a snack. Want anything?" I ask Annie, already getting up and walking toards the door.
"Uh, yeah. A water." Annie tells me, still delved into her book.
"Ok. I'll be right back then." I say as I slip outside into the hallway of people.
"1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3." I whisper, feeling electricity as Thomas and I glide across the living room floor together.
"I love you." He whispers to me, bending down to kiss my temple.
"Thomas..." I begin, but he silences me with another kiss, this time on the mouth.
"Hmmm?" He asks as he comes up for air.
"Never mind." I brush the thought off.
"You can tell me everything you know." Thomas says, stopping mid step to pull me closer against him.
"I know." I whisper, still trying to hold back tears.
"So, what do you want to do tonight?" Thomas asks me, taking me in his arms again.
"Let's rent a movie." I suggest, laying my head against his chest tiredly.
"Sure." Thomas says excitedly.
"Any requests?" I ask him, my eyebrows high.
"What about, The Notebook?" He say's, his voice getting deeper and more enticing by the second.
"That's a classic." I sigh, relishing the feeling of myself in Thomas's arms.
"So...?" Thomas urges.
"Yes, we can watch that tonight." I nod, smiling gently as he places his lips on mine. We are perfect together, but no one could ever know that.
Too bad someone already did.
"Before we get the movie started, let's have dinner." Thomas tells me as I lay on the far couch overlooking the ocean. Whenever Thomas and I want to be alone together we always go to my families vacation house. It's the best way to be comfortable, relaxed, and to not worry about anything in the world.
"What are we having?" I ask him, my stomach grumbling eagerly at the thought of food.
"Mac and cheese." He answers, and I race to the kitchen table as fast as I can. Thomas's mac and cheese is the best there is.
"Wow there. Slow down." Thomas tells me as I shovel mac and cheese continually down my throat.
"Not a chance." I mutter through my mouthfuls of food.
Then, there is a knock on the door.
"Open up!" Someone shouts, and then there's the sound as the door swings off it's hinges, and a Gov. Official enters the house.
We are so screwed.
"Hands up where I can see them." The Official tells us, as if he is a police officer, although I guess he kind of is.
"Sir, we did nothing wrong..." I start, but I stop as I meat Thomas's eyes.
"You have the right to remain silent, anything you do..." I tune him out, only looking at Thomas's face, trying to memorize every inch of his delicate features.
"Please, don't do this." I plead with the Official.
"It's not my say Miss." The guard says, pulling me with him to the van he came in. And as I look back towards the house, I see Thomas with his hands tied behind his back looking at me through the window, a look of pure hatred plastered on his face. I deserved it anyways. Because everything I had ever said or done had been a lie.
I had thrown the best part of me away, and I was never going to get it back.
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