Metrosexual Much?

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Beck has a problem - everyone thinks he's gay. Well, that's easy to understand considering he's a tad - okay, very flamboyant. He's also a bit over-dramatic, a sucker for chick flicks, and extremely fashion conscious. (What? It's not his fault. His mum's a fashion designer!) He's determined to break these labels and burn them in hell, but how on earth is he going to convince the world that he's straight when he's not even sure himself?

Romance / Humor
Saint Caliendo
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Oliver and I screeched as we bumped into each other.

“Ouch!” Oliver said, frowning as he rubbed his forehead.

“Save the ‘ouch’ for later.” I slurred hugging him. We were in the middle of the reception of the boys’ hostel, my luggage abandoned somewhere around the sliding doors disrupting the flow of people into the reception.

“If you two are done blowing our ears out, would you consider having your bags checked Beck?” Mr. Lucas, our housemaster said from behind the reception counter.

“I’m coming.” I smiled as I continued to hug Oliver. I’d taken off my braces during the summer and I’m quite proud of my dentition if I do say so myself.

“I’ll help with your bags,” Oliver said, pulling away from me and giving me that green eyed grin of his.

“’Okay,” I agreed as I loosened my grip on him.

“Becky, mummy’s lost!” I heard my mother say. I turned to spot her head in the crowd by the sliding door, looking around in confusion. I rolled my eyes sighing. My mum could be so absent minded.

“Do you mind checking in my bags for me? My mother is in need of rescuing.” I asked. Oliver nodded agreeing to the arrangement. We finally got off the floor, Oliver heading for my bags and I for my mother.

“Excuse me! Sorry! Excuse me...” I keep repeating as I pushed my way through the crowd.

“I’m here mum!” I sort of screamed. Her eyes widened before she turned around to see me, and then smiled, sliding through the doors my bags were apparently blocking.

“Oh, I wanted to ask you if I could leave. Have you seen Midge?” She asked referring to a close friend of mine.

“No, but I’m sure I’ll spot her soon.” I said looking at her. She stared at me and I stared back.

“Aren’t you leaving?” I asked in confusion.

“Aren’t you going to tell the woman that conceived you goodbye?” She countered. I rolled my eyes, seriously?

“Bye,” I sighed before turning away but she took a hold of my wrist and pulled me back.

“Properly,” she demanded. I pouted. God, please tell me she’s not going to make me do this?

“You’re sixteen, not twenty,” she said, raising a brow at me. I rolled my eyes before stepping on my toes to peck her cheek.

“Be good, okay?” she said, holding my face between her hands as she smiled down at me.

“I will,” I whine, wanting her to just go away. I really don’t want anyone commenting on how much I look like my mum, which was- a lot. We both had dirty blond wavy hair we usually put in a bun on top our heads, freckles that were scattered over our noses, distinct green eyes, and our dimples just both on our left cheeks.

“I really don’t like letting you go.” She complained, pouting.

“You’ll be fine, where’s Lola?” I asked, asking for my white female tabby cat. Only heaven knows why I keep bringing her to school, all she does is walk over my laptop keyboard or curl up in a ball on my pillow...yeah, she not really an active cat.

“I saw Joshua on the way and asked him to take her up for you.” She said, patting my shoulder assuring.

“Oh okay...”

God don’t let Josh kill her. I mentally prayed.

“Say hi to Midge for me okay?” she said, pinching my cheeks.

“Sure,” I said as I was subjected to a kiss on the forehead. She hugged me before she left. I watched her walk to the parking lot through the reception window. I smiled when she turned to wave at me. I waved back before turning to walk into the main hostel.

“Mr. Lucas...”

“Your things are already up Beck, Ollie took them,” he answered, not waiting for me to finish. I shut my mouth before nodding and heading into the hostel.

“New year, new roommates!” I heard Maxwell chant as he brushed past me in a funny run. I smiled then frowned.

Wait, I hope Oliver is still in my room.

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