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BOSS Love Lessons

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Aomine Axton is intelligent, cruel, arrogant and manipulative. The President and player build a hotel empire across the globe, and have the largest hotel in the world before his 25th birthday. Aurora Atticus is your innocent girl who has never had any love with anyone before. A good beginner who knows nothing about love and your beautiful daughter. His mistake reflects Aomine. Intrigued by the sense of humor, he was determined to teach her anything to know about 'love'. But will it succeed? After all, he was just a player.

Romance / Humor
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Aurora Atticus’s POV

I play with my fingers nervously while I observe another female applicant leaving through that imposing wooden door. Her face flushed red.Is there a problem with the aircon? Or were they too as nervous as I was hence that expression?

"Ms. Atticus" The lady clad in a blazer called, "You may enter the room now" she guided and led me right to the front of that door. I stopped her for a while from opening it-- quickly smooth down my dress, take a quick check to make sure I look professional enough, and take one final deep breath before letting her open the door wide for me to enter.

Upon stepping in to the office, I looked around in awe. At the interior of the office that seems to be much more intimidating. While the sunlight comes in from all four corners of the full length windows to create a bright atmosphere, it still didn't stop me from being daunted by that five foot black oval table. The desk black, the racks black, the sofa black.... He must've love black.

"You are not here for excursion" A deep, smooth and raspy voice spoke. "Oh," I snapped back to reality; The interview. "I am sorry" I apologised and looked at the man in suit. Chiseled face with dark brown coloured eyes, black tousled hair, and well-defined lips- The entire being had an air of authority that was almost too palpable.

His eyes gaze steadily. "Sit" He commanded, and paused for a second as I nodded and took my seat. "Why do you think I should offer you the position to be my personal assistant, ... Ms. Atticus" He said, with a slight raised up brows.

My eyes glint upon hearing the question. I knew this was going to be one of what is commonly asked. I'm definitely well-prepared!

"I'm incredibly hard working, focused and also organised. So I am able to-"He stopped me with his hand gesture. Then he stood up and approached me; towering over me. His body leaned in, then to my surprise, he took my chin and level it up to meet his eyes. "How then do you work under pressure?" His eyes looked into mine.

I blinked several times at him, unable to comprehend what he is actually trying to do. Is this a trap? To test me?

Unfazed, I answered his question calm and composed. "I've had jobs in the past that was highly pressurized but I found that I cope well with that and-"

"Do you have a boyfriend, Ms. Atticus?" He stopped me again. Why is he always cutting me off when i'm speaking?

"No, I don't, sir" I answered, nevertheless.

"Do you find me attractive then? Because you are one fine woman" He smirked.

Excuse me?

"Thank you" I said, "But I have never thought of you in that way, Mr. Axton" I shook my head. His eyebrow raised, as if he was surprised to hear it.

"Really, now?" He leaned in closer until his face are a few centimetres away from mine. I stood there rigid for a moment before realising what he was trying to do. I thought I came here for an interview to get a job. But this.... I stood up abruptly, stepping away from him. "I am sorry sir, but I think this is inappropriate" I voiced out of my opinion.

He smirked again, and stepped froward nearer to me. "Inappropriate as it seems, but it might secure you this job" Wow, that honestly sound so convincing. I almost rolled my eyes at him.

"Then i don't think i would want a job that i get by-"

"You are hired" -He said, stoic and lack of emotion. I blinked several times at him. Unsure if I heard it correctly. "Why?" I asked, but quickly covered my mouth. Just accept it, Aurora.

"You can start tomorrow, Ms. Atticus" He instructed. "Now then, I have a question for you" He continued.

"You've seen the women who left this office before you, haven't you?" I nodded. Trying to reason out why the question. "They were all flushed and-" I started.

"They turned willing when I offered them the same chance I offered you... the one you called it inappropriate" I nodded while listening to him, and acknowledge the fact that I may never fully complete a sentence when I'm with him. "You asked why you are hired. You weren't affected by my presence, that is why" He said. "But for some reason, I am quite hurt, Ms. Atticus" He admitted, and sat beside me. He gave it a thought.

"You weren't fazed at all, but you said you have no boyfriend..." He trailed. "Can I safely assume that you had a somehow dark and depression memory with your ex-boyfriend? Perhaps so, your heart is closed?"

"I think you must be mistaken, sir" I quickly corrected, "I never had a boyfriend before so I don't have any of those issues" I paused, as he looked over giving me his are-you-being-serious expression. "I just think I don't understand the feeling of being attracted to someone so-"

"You mean to say you have absolutely no experience and knowledge about love?" His eyes locked on mine. "You can put it that way" I shrugged.

He looked at me, amused. "What was running through your mind when you first walked in that door and saw me?" -He asked.

"You are lucky you have the 1% superior rare genes... That's what i thought" -I admitted, honestly. He chuckled, "You are one interesting girl" -He said.


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