Married To The Ruthless

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Emerald got every girls dream, a glamorous life and a rich and powerful family. Being the youngest child of the De Hizon she tried her best to be the perfect daughter she could be. Striving hard to belong in her family and be love back by her father, she believed that one day she'll be acknowledged by him and be proud of her. Life then must be cruel when she finds out the real truth- she was adopted! What can be more cruel when she finds out she was ought to be engaged to be married to the person she knew her brother!!! Sebastian Alexander De Hizon- the revel and dominant brother who hated her for unknown reasons. He loathed her even more when he found out about their arranged marriage. He bestowed her nothing but ruthlessness and showed her how he was against at the wedding. "I loathe the idea being married to you. " he said with eyes blazing in fury. "I don't wanna marry you either. " "And you think we can go against that old man's manipulation?" "B-But y-you're my brother..." She almost whispered. "We're not blood related! May I remind you that you were adopted by my father?" That fact was once again slapped by her face and it damned hurt her. With that, she angrily slapped him hard on the face to show him how hurt she was. She never expected Alec's response for he harshly grabbed her arm and drastically claimed her lips!!!

Romance / Drama
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I tried very hard to be worth on my father's praises.

Being the youngest child of Alonzo De Hizon was never easy.

No, being hidden in the society was never easy.

Yes I may have everything, wealth and glamorous life

and lot of girls may wanted to be in my shoes.

But not me.

It's lonely being me,

Its lonely being not part of your so-called family.

Its hard to be the best and yet you knew it will never be enough.

It's painful to work for their praises just for you to be love back.

Just a little attention from them, that is just all I want.

I just want them to be at least proud of me.

But I knew it will never gonna happen.

I was only adopted that's the reason why

You know how hurts to be slapped that truth on your face?

And you know what hurts the most? To be asked to repay their goodness by marrying their son-the person whom you thought your brother.

Sebastian Alexander De Hizon, the brother who despise me for unknown reason.

Beyond those icy cold stares and bad treatments he showed me, I know he was a good person.

Why he hates me? I could never know the reason why.

The warm meaningful stares and those stolen glances he gave me when he thought I wasn't looking,

Only him who knew what those meant are.

Whenever I stutter and blunder in front of him,

And this silly heart that throbs whenever he comes near me,

I couldn't explain why I feel that way...

I am about to marry him yes,

and neither one of us want it.

He loathe me and I'm afraid of him.

We can't be together, it will be like mixing oil into water

Yes, he hates me and I can't imagine spending my lifetime with him.

Well, I'm done and over with this kind of life

I had enough with the sorrow and pain

I got tired wishing to be love back

I got tired to ask for their acceptance anymore

I had enough of hypocrisy and pretensions

And this time I'll think of myself

This time I won't let my life be manipulated by anyone

I'll do what I have to do

And that is to runaway....

I am Emerald Marie De Hizon, married to the ruthless and this is my story....

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