Bad at Love

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Love is hard, well, at least for Farrah Pearce it is. She's recycled men as if they were plastic, through a never ending revolving door of imperfect men who never pleased her. Being twenty six years old, she's forced to watch all her friends marry and find love as if it grew on trees. She didn't understand why every single relationship of hers had failed. It wasn't her looks, trust that; she had a naturally sultry smile and devilish eyes that could bend any mans strong will. It was more of the fact that she consistently chose the wrong men. Her relationships lasted mere weeks with the exception of one --which definitely didn't end well. She was very ill versed in the language of love and she could only blame her childhood for her inability to properly find a man. So, when handsome, jaw dropping and humorous Silas Faber waltz into her life and not only giving her the best damned sex of her life but taking her heart with him. She knew he was the one for her. But with love comes heartbreak and let's say that this was no different from the last. Because, as always, Farrah Pearce is Bad at Love.

Romance / Drama
Darian Boddie
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Chapter 1

I watched as my best friend Sofia tossed articles of clothing around her room, covering up the little space that was her floor. She had been doing this for the past half hour, looking at her favorite outfits just to discard them as ‘making her too fat’. It was rather irritating considering Sofia was one of the fittest girls I had ever laid my eyes on.

She was athletic and toned. She was the epitome of beauty and grace. But with how rough the last two years had been, she wouldn’t listen to what anyone said.

Sofia had dated her boyfriend, Reid, for two years before he decided he was wasting his time with her. She was in no-way ‘wife material’; which, to me, translates to he’s just a piece of shit. She had spent months crying in her bed, refusing to do anything regarding her classes or work. While she was heartbroken she had almost gotten kicked out of Uni and was fired from her long-time job at the Deli Shack as a shift leader. The girl really needed a break after what she had been going through the past few months, there was no doubt about that. So, when she flashed me her puppy dog eyes and pouty lips, there was no way I could say no to coming out tonight.

“Sofs, please, just wear the yellow dress. It doesn’t make you look bad at all. I promise.” She had bought this yellow halter dress earlier in the week and had been dying to wear it out. It was one of the more appropriate dresses for this evening. It had hugged her curves in all the right places. Any man who would see her wearing this dress would want to take her home with them. I told her this repeatedly within the last half hour.

“I look fat in it. Why would I wear it?”

Pft. As if a girl who was as fit and slim as her could ever be fat.

“You’re lying, Fah. You just want me to stop looking for something.”

I rolled my honey-hued orbs. She had been accusing me of lying to her even though I had done nothing but tell her the truth the entire time we had been friends – which goes all the way back to elementary school.

“I mean look at you, you’re wearing a gorgeous maroon bodycon dress.” I looked down at the dress she was talking about. I had bought this dress back in April when I saw the deep V and lacey neckline I was in awe. It was perfect but now it was being used against me.

I groaned and shoved my face into my hands.

“Yeah but you have a phenomenal rack whereas I am a part of the itty-bitty titty committee.” I mused as my hands grasped onto my breasts and shook them for emphasis.

“Please. Wear the dress.” I insisted, my eyes boring into her as she finally submitted.

I sighed in success as I walked over to her vanity mirror and began to apply my makeup. For a moment, we sat in silence. Letting our minds wander to what we would be doing to make ourselves look good.

“So, your sisters getting married?” Sofia’s words made me recoil and glare at her through the mirror. Half of me wanted to leave the conversation hanging in the air, not dignifying her stupid question with an answer. I sighed over dramatically.

“Yeah, I don’t know why she invited me. It’s not like she wants me there. If she did she would’ve sent me an invitation months ago, but she just sent me a text saying she wanted me to meet him when they came into to town next week.” I droned on as I applied a base foundation to my face.

“That’s true. But at least she’s trying. I know it’s not much and she’s still a massive twat, but she’s trying not to be as estranged.” She stated as she sauntered over to the vanity and plopped down next to me. I knew she was right, my sister had been talking to me a little bit more than usual. She had sent me at least three texts this month. For Kiera, that was a world record. But I knew that if she really wanted anything to do with me she would’ve told me she was in a serious relationship, in the first place. She wouldn’t have kept me in the dark all the way up until the wedding.

“I know she is. I just don’t see why she’s trying so late.” I murmured, grabbing onto the concealer that was to the left of the table. “I don’t want to talk about this right before we go out, it’ll be the only thing on my mind and I really want to get laid tonight.” I mused, elbowing her slightly.

“Alright. I’ll leave it alone. Just keep an open mind, ya?” She flashed me a nice smile before starting to apply her own base of the foundation. I frowned slightly, looking off to the side. I couldn’t let her get to me, she did too much of that when we were growing up. Keira was the definition of a golden child. My parents praised her for being brilliant and wise beyond her years.

While I was just as smart, they didn’t care about me. I was just the younger sister, a replica of the first. I sighed longingly as I pushed the thought of her to the back of my mind.

My jaw tensed as my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I had spent the last half hour bickering with Sofia. She had been insisting that the guy I had been crushing on for three years was gay.

“There is no way!” I griped, sloshing back the clear, burning liquid.

“I’m telling you, Fah. He literally came out during today’s lecture. It was sly as hell, too.” Sofia had followed suit and tossed back the shot of her own.

“Our professor was all talking about the bill that had passed that same-sex marriage is now legal and he was asking for opinions all around the room. He asked about a dozen people before someone voiced a very negative opinion and Tyler just butted in, cursing at the dude. Telling him he could go shove a dildo up his ass and he’d probably enjoy it, too.” She quirked her thin black brow.

I scoffed at her, my eyes rolling to the back of my head.

“That’s ludicrous. I highly doubt he did that.”

“He did. I vow to you.”

“Whatever. That doesn’t even mean he’s gay.”

Sofia widened her sapphire-hued orbs and choked on a laugh. She and I both knew there was something off about him. I had thrown myself at him a numerous amount of times; I even wore lingerie one time at a Halloween block party. He never took a bite. I had just written it up as he had eyes for another girl. But I guess now I knew why he really didn’t want me.

“You and I both know it happened.”

I groaned as I looked at the empty drinks on the table. I wanted nothing more than to feel the burning sensation in my throat to forget this conversation (and that man) ever existed.

“I’m going to go grab us another round, same thing?” I quirked my dark brows.

“Yeah, I don’t feel like anything other than tequila.”

I chuckled at her. If you’re Sofia Guilia Russo, every day is Tequila day. She had a literal problem. Normally when someone drinks Tequila they make the worst decisions of their life but when you’re my best friend, you don’t care if you make bad decisions. You prefer them.

As I reached the bar, I looked over at the bartender talking up some lady at the end of the bar. She was giggling like a little school girl talking to her first crush.


I placed my elbow on the bar top, my head resting awkwardly on my hand. I knew it’d be a minute before the man would take notice that he had a patron. That’s usually these things worked for me. Ignored by the male population unless they had decided they wanted me.

“He’s one of the worst bartenders around.” A masculine voice runs through my ears.

“Sure, seems like it. He’s talking to the wrong girl because she hasn’t bought any of her own drinks, therefore, she can’t leave a decent tip.” I snorted a reply as I looked over at the source of the voice.

He was gorgeous.

He had a long face with a nice strong jaw, his eyes were a dark mocha along with his brushed back long locks. He was lean and even though I wasn’t standing I knew he would tower over me. He was dressed in a charcoal gray suit with a white button-up underneath. He looked like the poster-child of Wall Street.

I heard him chuckle deeply.

“That’s true. I’m pretty sure almost every guy in here has bought her a drink.” He replied a smoldering smile graced his lips. His eyes trained on me as if he was trying to read my mind.

“Well, I’m sure every guy in here has bought her one. She’s not too bad on the eyes.” I admitted as the man shook his head over at me and leaned his neck down, giving me a better view of his face.

“I haven’t. Therefore, not every guy.” He flashed a bright white smile at me.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll offer her one eventually.” I flashed a small smirk before turning my attention back over to the bartender who had been too engrossed in his conversation to recognize us.

“I’d much rather offer to get you one.” I felt him get closer as he spoke, his thigh-grazing the sides of my bare legs. I had never been more thankful I had worn a dress if it had meant hot men would rub their legs against mine. I turned my neck to face him once more, he was sitting now, his elbow mimicking my position, head in hand as well.

“Is that so?” I quirked a brow at the man.

He didn’t answer. Instead, he flashed me a wicked grin and nodded toward the bartender.

“Hey man! We’ve been waiting a minute now, I’m sure she’ll be there after you make these drinks.” He called outgaining the attention of not only the bartender but a few patrons.

I stifled a laugh as I leaned forward, my face burying into his shoulder.

“Wow, I didn’t have the balls to really do that.”

I heard his chest vibrate.

“I could tell.” He teased before winking at me.

I eyed him for a moment, curious as to who he was and why he bothered talking to me in the first place.

“What can I get you?” The bartender droned, two thick glasses in his hands.

I looked at the man next to me and waved my hand towards the bartender for him to order. He shook his head and pursed his lips.

“You were here first and it’d be rude of me to order before a lady, anyway.” He mused.

I felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment. He sure knew how to talk to a girl.

“Can I get two shots of tequila? Not dressed or chilled.” I recited the order to the man and watched as he poured the two shots with a cheap brand of tequila.

“Wow, you’re bold to drink Tequila on a Tuesday.” His comment was accompanied by an impressed grin.

“While you’re at it pour two more of those along with a double Jameson and sprite and I’m taking care of this, along with the rest of this fine young lady’s previous drinks.” I watched with wide eyes as he slapped a hundred on the bar. His eyes trained on the bartender in an attempt to ignore my hard stare.

“You don’t have to do that, you know?” I raised my brow. I wasn’t denying him paying for the tab. I didn’t mind one bit but I hadn’t even given him my name and here he was offering to pay a tab that had to be at least half of what he set down.

“I know, but as I told you. I wanted to buy you a drink.” He looked at me from the corner of his eye. I could’ve sworn I saw a little spark flash through his eyes. It was too quick for me to decipher what it was for but I didn’t mind. At the rate this conversation was going, I didn’t care about anything he did. How could I deny such a beautiful man?

I smirked for a moment.

“I’m Farrah.” I stuck out my hand towards him.

“Silas.” He grinned, as he grabbed my hand in his and brought it to his lips, pressing a soft kiss.

“It’s lovely to meet you.” He added on, his eyes looking up at me as his lips lingered closely to my hand.

I heard the clink of glasses and I smirked at him.

“Would you like to come back to my table and meet my friend?” I inquired, a sultry smile gracing my lips. I watched him raise the corners of his lips into a smirk.

“I would love to. I even have a friend for your friend.” He grabbed two shots in his hand and handed me one.

“But first, let’s cheers.”

I grabbed the glass from his hands, our fingers brushing over one another’s for a moment.

“Here’s to being bold.” I raised my brow to him as our glasses clinked together. Our eyes trained to one another as we both poured the liquid down our throats. We simultaneously set the now empty glasses on the table. I watched as he stood up with his drink in hand.

“I’m going to grab my friend, where are you sitting?” He looked over at me, his hand sliding into his pants pocket.

I followed suit and stepped off the stool with my two shots in hand. I looked over to the right and shook my head in the direction of where Sofia was sitting.

“That girl dressed in yellow? Over in the corner? Right there.” I looked back over to him to find him staring at me rather than where I was directing him to look. I couldn’t help but let a smirk play on my lips.

“I hope you know where I was talking about. I’d hate for this to be our last conversation.” I teased as I stepped back to my table.

I watched him flash a grin one last time before I turned on my heel to walk towards Sofia. I couldn’t help but smile as I walked away from him. His mocha-hued orbs burning forever into my mind with his mischievous grin.

“Who was that hottie?” I heard Sofia’s voice ring into the air despite her back being faced towards me.

“Seriously? You were spying?”

“Of course. You were taking forever.” She retorted as I reached over to my seat and slumped down.

“Well, he and his friend are coming over to keep us company.” I flashed her a quick smile.

“Really? Did he at least buy you a drink?”

“He got the whole tab, actually.” I handed her, her shot.

She pursed her lips and shrugged.

“I am not going to complain.” She quipped as she took a sip of her tequila.

“Hello, ladies.” I heard the familiar voice before I saw it. I looked up to see the same man from the bar accompanied by a man that already had Sofia drooling. He had curly black hair with a five o’clock shadow accompanied with a charcoal gray suit, just as Silas was wearing. He was a few inches shorter than the man I had been talking to but that height didn’t matter to someone like her.

“Farrah, Farrah’s beautiful friend, this is Nicolas. He is my coworker and best friend.” I watched as Silas wrapped his arm around his friend’s shoulders, giving a tight squeeze.

“Well, thank you.” She blushed profusely as she slipped a few strands of her dark hair behind her ear.

“I am Sofia,” she introduced herself

“Lovely to meet you.” Nicolas looked at Sofia with wide eyes, drinking in her dark features as if she was Miss Universe walking the stage in the swimsuit portion. I watched as he sat down next to her, already encasing her in a conversation about how stunning she looked in yellow. I was so wrapped into the blushing Sofia had been doing to realize that Silas had pulled up a chair next to me.

“You don’t have to stare at her all night. I’m sure she’ll be able to handle herself if she’s friends with a woman like you.” He mused, his Jameson and sprite leaning up to his lips.

“I’m sure she can, I’m just not sure if I can handle myself,” I replied, my head turning to face him, my eyes burning holes into his face.

“I don’t think I can either. But that’s where the fun comes in.”

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