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10: "We're addictive."

This cannot be happening.

Without the car to steady myself against, Alexander reaches out to hold me, his hands slipping familiarly around my waist.

I moved back instinctively, as hurt filled his eyes.

"I had to," he whispered, the wind whipping around us as I tried to breathe.




"You flew to America? To see me?" I stammered, as he nodded. Seeing him here was bizarre, he looked so out of place in the street I now called home. I swallowed, moving back to create more distance between us.

"Of course I fucking did. Who was the guy in the car, Victoria?"

Typical Alexander.

"I- uh...he-"

"Right," he snapped, before glancing at my house. "Can we go and get a cuppa at least? Its freezing here."

"Alexander. You can't do this. You have no right-"

He cut me off with his finger on my lips, tugging me towards him as I struggled against him.

"I have every reason to be here. The woman I love is here, and finally, where she needs to be. With me."

I shoved him then, annoyance running though my body.

"The woman you love? Seriously Alexander, you fucked another woman whilst I slept in the next room. I heard you groaning as you fucked her. Remind me again how much you love me?"

His eyes glittered dangerously, as he took a step towards me.

"I. Was. Drunk."

"Oh, well then that's okay. I'd just lost my father, for fucks sake! How do you think any if this is ok?!"

I was screaming at him now, tears falling down my cheeks when I heard a voice speak from behind us.

"Ok, dude, you need to step away from my cousin right now."

I felt a strong arm hook around ny shoulders as I looked up to see a wildly attractive guy glaring at Alexander.

"Listen, I've come a long way to speak to her. This is really important."

"I can imagine. But standing on the street whilst she is in this state is not appropriate. Gail, can you take Victoria into the house?" he directed this over his shoulder at a girl who smiled at me kindly.

"Aaron, be nice," she murmured, pulling me towards the house.

"I'm sorry, I've never even met my cousin and now he's having to deal with my shit."

"Aaron is with me. He puts up with my shit every day darling."

As we walked in my Aunt gasped, dropping the towel she was holding.

"Victoria whatever is the matter?"

She fussed over me as she exchanged a look with Gail. I explained that Alexander had flown over from England to see me, and that it was clear we had some unfinished business.

"Is he ok to come in? He's not a bad guy...we just have history." I babbled, feeling tremendously guilty for people having to deal with my drama.

"If Aaron agrees, of course."

Gail made a face as she sipped the coffee placed in front of her.

"Oh honey, please don't look like that. We all have drama, and there's no good time for a showdown."

"But in the street-"

"Ha, my family have done worse. My mom threw my dad out on Memorial Day, setting his clothes alight like it was a damn bonfire," she shuddered as my eyes widened. "That was definitely a day to remember. But he deserved it. He'd been sleeping with her best friend."

I gaped at her as she shrugged nonchalantly, nodding at the cup on front of me.

"Drink. You'll feel better."

"I thought you were out with Drake, I'm lost," huffed my Aunt as Gail frowned at her.

"Drake Anderson?"

"Yes. The footballer who is Vera's grandson. Such a sweet boy."

"You were out with Drake Anderson?" echoed Gail as I nodded. It worried me that she knew him, but then again I suppose he did live over the street.

"He's no stranger to drama either," she muttered, as I heard the front door open. Aaron walked in then, his dark hair styled perfectly as he rested his green gaze on me.

"Nice to meet you, beautiful. I'm Aaron, and this is Gail, my girlfriend."

"I'm so sorry-"

He waved his hand dismissively as he kissed Gail softly on the lips, his hands resting on her shoulders as he gazed at me.

"Alexander has left, for now. He wants to see you to talk apparently. I've no idea what about, but I kinda added two and two together. I took his number incase you didn't have it."

He slid his phone over to me as I nodded.

"I have it. Aaron I'm mortified, I had no idea he would fly here, from England. Just...wow."

"Yeah, it's really something. Literally what, six hours away?"


We were silent then, sipping our drinks as I began to relax.

"Its just in the blood, what can I say? We're addictive," smirked Aaron as Gail rolled her eyes.

"Urgh, don't start him off."

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