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11: "Fuck boys settle down eventually."

Aaron and Gail were a lot of fun to be around. That night they ordered pizza in, and we sat watching movies whilst my aunt got trollied on wine.

"Favourite film?" Aaron demanded, his head on Gail's lap as I frowned thoughtfully.

"So many. Erm, I like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, any Tarantino films-"

"An action girl?" Aaron said, impressed.

"Yeah but I love films like 28 Days Later, Ps I Love You...an eclectic mix."


"What is this, the Spanish inquisition?! She has had a day and a half, let her relax," scolded Gail whilst he grumbled unhappily.

"Tell me you don't like shit music though?" Aaron asked hopefully, his mum telling him off for swearing, which made me double over laughing.

"Mom, shit isn't a swear word-"

"Aaron Taylor. You will not curse in my presence, nor will you argue with me," my aunt said, wagging her finger at him.

My phone beeped and I wished I'd put it on silent, as all eyes fell on me.

"Who is it?"

I glanced at the screen, hoping to see Drakes name. Sadly it was Alexander.

"Alexander," I sighed, as I read the message.

Please meet me. Your cousin told me I'm not allowed to turn up uninvited, so I'm asking you to meet me. Anywhere. X

I will meet you tomorrow at the Starbucks in town. 11am?

Perfect. X

I noticed the kisses and purposely omitted them from my messages, refusing to give him an iota of hope. We spent the rest of the night talking until finally I took myself off to bed. My phone beeped again, and I immediately put it on silent.

Jones: Is Aaron there yet? Is he still fucking hot? 😳

Please don't. He is with the nicest girl.

Jones: Bollocks. Has he got any friends? You seen Drake lately? 🔥

Yeah and it was going well until my ex from England flew in...

FUCK OFF! (is he hot? Jokeeeee)

I'm tired. Sshh. Will text tomorrow.x

I was so tired. I was still stunned that Alexander had just turned up like that, determined to have a conversation with me. My phone lit up in the dark room, and I grabbed it, with every intention to turn the Do Not Disturb on.

Drake: Are you ok?x

I sat bolt upright, replying instantly.

Yes thank you. I'm so sorry, how awkward was today. 🙈

He didn't reply, and I sat staring at the ceiling. When my phone lit up I jumped on it like a tiger on her prey.

Drake- Yup. I'm here if you need anything. X

How did I tell him all I needed was for Alexander to get on a flight home?

I'm meeting him tomorrow, got to end this.x

Drake: He's come a long way...maybe you should hear the guy out. X

Yeah maybe. Thanks for checking on me.x

He didn't reply, and as a single tear slid down my cheek, I realised I couldn't expect him to. I barely knew him, and already I had some dude flying in from back home. I didn't blame him for ducking out early doors. I threw my phone to the side of the bed, closing my eyes with annoyance.

Yet another night of no sleep awaited me. I decided to turn my lamp on and read. It was easier than trying to sleep.

I heard a soft knock on my door, and it opened to reveal Gail with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

"Hey, I hope you don't mind the intrusion...but I thought you might need someone..."

I sat up, smiling gratefully as I took the mug from her hands.

"So I bet you feel really shit right now."

"Yeah I do, but not for the reasons you might think. I just can't believe I've met someone else and then my bloody ex flies in like that..."

She smiled sympathetically, before sighing.

"I guess it's kind of romantic. British boys are good at that, aren't they? Romance?"

"Well considering he fucked another woman the night before I left, I wouldn't give him much credit," I muttered, her eyes widening as her hand flew to her mouth.

"What?! But you'd just lost your daddy! Am I right? I'm getting all information like, third hand. Sorry."

"Yeah. You got it right. He's a fucking wanker."

"I actually can't believe you are even entertaining him. Wow. I'd cut his balls off."

She shook her head in disbelief, her caramel hair cascading around her shoulders. She really was a pretty girl.

"I'm just sorry it ruined the way we all met."

"Babe. Aaron doesn't care much for formalities, so don't worry about it," she winked at me as I sipped the hot chocolate tasting alcohol.

"Irish cream. Lots of. To help you sleep," she explained, rubbing my leg through the duvet. "I'm not great with advice, but if you want any from me, I'd tell you to go with your gut. You're a stunning girl, all dark hair and perfect lips. No wonder you've got all these guys in a spin. Aaron is getting all protective."

I'd never had anyone be like that about me. It felt kind of nice to know he was looking out for me.

"Does he know Drake too?"

"Uh...yeah," she shifted uncomfortably as I waited for her to elaborate.

"We all went to the same school, he was in a few grades below him. Like you would've been."

I wanted to dig deep, ask for all the gossip; but I couldn't.

"Oh. Well I do really like him," I confessed biting my lip as she smiled faintly.

"Well, maybe see what happens with Alexander tomorrow, and go from there?"

"Drake said he'd wait," I blurted out as she stood up. She stiffened, turning to look st me curiously.

"Did he? Maybe he has grown up after all," she chuckled. "The fuck boys all settle down eventually. Take it from me."

She winked again, before dropping a light kiss on my head.

"Night lovely."


Despite the hot chocolate laced with alcohol, my brain didn't turn off for more than an hour at a time. I woke to the sun streaming in through the window, reminding me that today was finally here.


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