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"There's worse things than sleeping in the bath."

"Kiss me one last time and tell me you feel nothing for me."

I stopped, his words luring me back to him. I knew it was pointless, but to me it was almost like cutting the last tie, the string that held us together.

The final act.

But also, because I wanted to be sure. I wanted to kiss him and know I'd made the right decision.

So I turned around, gazing at him as he waited for me to approach him. He knew I would; I'm too practical. I walked over to him, lifting my arms around his neck like I had countless times before. His scent wrapped around me, his taste familiar in my mouth as we went through the motions. We broke apart, and I smiled widely.

"I'm sorry, Alexander. I feel nothing. Goodbye."

His eyes hardened, grabbing my arm as I went to walk away.

"Is this because of that fucking bloke you were with in the car? Come on, Victoria. He's got nothing on me."

"It's because you cheated on me when I needed you the most, Alexander. I can't forgive you, and I'm not in love with you anymore. I'm sorry it's been a wasted trip."

He glared at me, his hand still holding the fabric of my coat within it.

"Let me go," I said quietly.

"Victoria? Are you done here?" called a voice from behind me, making relief wash over me. Alexander wasn't violent by any stretch, but I felt his behaviour had become...unpredictable.

I certainly wouldn't have guessed he would fly to the states.

"Yeah, I'm done."

I tugged my coat away, before turning towards Aaron. He stared at Alexander, before sliding his arm around me.

"How was that kiddo?"

"Shit. Horrendous actually. But it's done. I need to call Drake."

Aaron stiffened then, before glancing at me briefly.

"I'd probably give yourself some space. Gail, Mom and I are going to an engagement party tonight, if you want to come? It's got food."

"An engagement party hmm?"


I sent him a sideways glance as he frowned.


"Nothing. I'm not going to go, sorry. I just want to eat cake and watch films."

I followed him to his car as he sighed.

"If you change your mind, just let me know. Do you feel better now about Alexander?"

I pulled my phone out of my bag, sending Drake a text.

Done. Are you free tonight? I have the house to myself.

No reply.

I shrugged, before running myself a bath. I poured a glass of wine, tugging my clothes off as I slipped my silky robe on. My phone beeped and I grabbed it eagerly.

Drake: Done? Is that what you call it?

I frowned, before replying.

Yes, I ended it. Please come over. I really want to see you. X

Drake: Another time maybe.

What? I stared at the phone sadly, wondering what I'd done wrong.

Are you pissed off with me? If so, why?

Drake: I'm just busy. Sorry.


I tossed it onto the side, before taking a long drink of my wine. So I was going to be alone tonight.


I was never really truly alone though with the amount of books and films I had access to. I walked back into my room, selecting a book from my bedside table.

I lost myself in the book, remaining in the bath until my skin began to wrinkle, turning page after page until I began to shiver. I dragged myself out of bed, my mind drifting to Drake again. Why was he being so cold with me? I sat on my bed, sighing as I contemplated going to sleep.

It was only ten pm.

What a sad life I led. I texted Jones, who responded immediately.

Am drunk. Tyiing to type is hard. Xxxx

Drunk? Good point, I need to get another glass of wine. I tossed my phone to the side, making my way downstairs to hunt for another bottle of wine. I crouched down, sifting through the bottles until I located a white wine. I filled my glass with ice, before filling it to the brim. I took it back to my room, before browsing through the netflix movie list.

I heard the door open downstairs, and my aunt calling hello. I opened the door, making my way downstairs as she beamed at me.

"Here she is! My beautiful niece. I've left the party animals to it, I'm too old."

She winked at me mischievously, nodding at my wine glass.

"Now that's a fine idea."

I smiled as she opened her arms to me, embracing me fully. She smelt like Chanel number five, her favourite perfume.

"What is it about drinking that makes you so damn hungry?" she mused as I shrugged, sipping my wine.

"Drink has alot to answer for," I muttered, as she sent me a curious glance.

"That was a loaded statement if I've ever heard one. Care to discuss with an old lady over more wine?"

She slumped onto the sofa, as I did the same, tucking my legs under me.

"Alcohol makes people do stupid things."

"Or gives stupid people the perfect excuse to behave appallingly and have something to blame," suggested my aunt, raising her eyebrows.

"Maybe. But it does relax the part of the brain connected to logic and rationale."

Why was I arguing this mute point? It was irrelevant.

"Maybe I'll make this my last drink. I don't want to end up sleeping in the bath." I laughed, chuckling as my aunt winked at me.

"Theres worse things than sleeping in the bath."

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