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14: "The texts."

Authors Note:

This is a text conversation between Drake and Victoria. Drake is in italics. ❤

Why are you being like this? What have I done?

Good morning to you too.


This isn't like you...

Tell me. How did it go with Prince Charming?


Fucking Alexander.

I told you, it's done. That's why I wanted to see you.

What happened though? Or can't you tell me?

We talked, and I told him I couldn't forgive him. So he left.

That's it?

What else, Drake? What is going on?

Nothing. Forget it.

Can I see you today?

Nah, I can't. Training.

You're lying.


I tell you what, all this time I thought we could at least be friends.

You're saying that like we aren't...

Friends are honest with each other.

Ask me anything and I'll answer you honestly!

I saw you with him.

I didn't follow you, I saw you as I was driving to the park. So I wanted to make sure you were ok.

Right, so what are you getting at?

You kissed him.

Oh God- it really wasn't like that at all! Is that what is wrong? I'm so sorry, let me explain.

Nah, I'm good. I'm over it already.


So I'll see you around at school sometime.

Wait, you're ending this?



There's no us, Victoria. Or you wouldn't have kissed your ex. Who flew from England.

How romantic.

Are you being serious right now?


So just to clarify, you aren't interested in me anymore?

Something like that, yeah. Sorry.

Right. Ok.

Look after yourself.

Two weeks later...

"Three essays. Three. Why do they do this to us? I'm struggling as it is. I may go back to England, I swear it isn't this hard in the uni's back home," I muttered, my work spread out all over Jones bedroom floor.

"Well I'm as fucked as you. It's English Literature, not American literature. You're supposed to know this shit!"

"Ring Greg. He will have probably finished and done an extra essay for shits and giggles." I commanded, as she reached for her phone.

"Gregory!" she trilled, my sides aching with laughter. "Can you please come and tell us how to complete this fucking essay."

She put the phone on speaker, as I heard Greg yawn.


"Yes. Me and Vic. We are stuck. I repeat, STUCK!"

"Which one are you stuck on?"

Jones waved at me frantically as I held up all three essays, with nothing but the headers written on them.

"Um, the second one?"

"I'm not doing them for you."

"If you do, Vic will give you a blow job," Jones giggled as my mouth fell open.

"Tempting, but no."

"Just come and fucking help us!"

"Argh, you better keep me filled with coffee and food."

Jones grinned as I rolled my eyes.


"And I want that blow job."

"Fuck off," I scoffed, as he laughed.

"Worth a try."

Twenty minutes later he strolled into the room bringing doughnuts and fizzy orange.

"What are you struggling with? Which bit?" He sank onto the bed, wincing as he pulled a lip gloss out from under his ass.

"Well I'm stuck on everything," declared Jones, as he arched a brow in her direction.

"Well, what's first?"

"Explore the significance of the monster voice in Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein."

"And what is so hard to understand?"

Jones rolled her eyes as I rested my head on my hand thoughtfully.

"Isn't it to do with the face that the monsters power of speech is his most human characteristic?" I mused, poring over the text and notes I'd scribbled in the book.

"Yes, it is. He was considered almost persuasive at one point, despite being made by man," nodded Greg, as his eyes met mine.

"Some would argue this isn't a novel at all, more a collection of point of views."

"Yes, but then all we have to discuss is the power of speech," Greg teases, as I sigh.

"Let's just get on with it."

Greg being Greg, had already finished his essays. He had reached for a book from my bag, holding it up as I nodded.

He settled down on the bed, flicking open the first page as I began to write. All I heard was the scraping of my pen against the paper as I scribbled down notes. I was just getting into my flow when I heard Jones sigh with exasperation.

"I need a coffee." she declared as she left the room, to calls of "us too!" as Greg and I groaned.

"So you never did come to that party. You missed out," Greg said, turning the page as I sat up. He was handsome, in his own right. But with Greg it was more about his intelligence and thirst for knowledge that was attractive. He was reading the book, before glancing over at me briefly.

"So you owe me."

"If you think I'm giving you a-"

"Do not offend me by finishing that sentence, Victoria," he murmured, a smile playing on his lips.

"Ok. I owe you a party."

He shut the book, before handing it over to me.

"Why are you reading Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus?"

"Because it's interesting. Plus it was the nearest book to me when I left this morning. I always like to have a book in my bag."

"Incase of an emergency?"

"Yes! You never know, you could be stranded, delayed-"

"What are you doing tonight?" he asked abruptly, taking me by surprise. I frowned, before pointing at the paper in front of me.

"Uh, this?"

"Yeah, well, why don't you come out with me? This time I'll pay."

I hesitated, as Jones walked in carrying three mugs of coffee and a packet of biscuits hanging from her mouth.

"What did I miss?"

"I'm trying to convince Victoria to come out with me tonight," he said quietly, as Jones turned to me.

"Oh? You going?"

"Uh, I'm not going on a date with Greg."

"I am here you know."

"Sorry. But I'm not. I've had enough of men," I stretched as he watched me idly.

"Fine, its not a date."

"Fine then, Jones can come. Greg's paying."

Jones sniggered as Greg groaned.

"I'll take both of you out. As long as you wear tiny dresses and-"

"Urgh. Shut up," I threw a cushion at him as he smirked.

"Pick you both up at seven."

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