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16: "Most ardently."

Drake: I'm sober.

Ok I believe you. Thousands wouldn't.

Drake: As long as you do, the thousands can fuck themselves.

So tell me, did you mean what you said last night?

Drake: Do we have to do this via text?

I'd quite like it in writing.

Drake: I bet you would. How would Mr Darcy say it?

He would say he loved me- most ardently.

Drake: What does that even mean?

Sorry, I'm still imagining him saying it to me.

Drake: ....

Drake: Finished creaming yourself yet?

Just about. So anyway, it means passionately. Mr Darcy loved Miss Bennett passionately.

Drake: And she still said no. Poor bastard.

Because he was rude and conceited!

Drake: Come on, isn't that what attracted her to him?

He was an arse.

Drake: Ass.

Anyway, you were saying??

Drake: I miss you.


Drake: Yup. Really.


Drake: Ew, no. Your little break up shack.

Oh god. Are you for real? One hour. Starbucks.

Drake: I'll pick you up in one hour, it's not out of my way.

Do you have to argue with everything I say?

Drake: It depends what you're saying.

I'll see you at Starbucks in one hour.

Drake: Fine, chill woman. X

The kisses had returned.

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