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20: "You've bewitched me, body and soul."

"I love Loki," I murmured, gazing at the screen.

"Wow, shock. Girl likes the villain," Drake muttered, staring at his phone. I took the opportunity to study him shamelessly, my heart bursting with...desire?

No, total fuck boy, remember?

He was designed to entice women. I was just another ridiculously predictable girl. He suddenly looked up, his eyes connecting with mine as he smirked to himself.

"Caught you," he murmured, as I felt my face colour.

"So you're nice to look at," I said, shrugging my shoulders, "that's what makes you a fuck boy."

"Are we going to do this again? It's been months, surely you should've moved on by now," his words stung, as I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Theres no need to be a dick about it," I snapped, folding my arms.

"A dick? Why are you so fucking offensive and judgemental?" his eyes flashed with annoyance, his lips pursing together as he exhaled through gritted teeth.

So here we were. Arguing.

"Because I call it how I see it. You fit the stereotypical mould of a fuck boy, and then deny being one. You then say you'll prove it to me, only to go and prove me wrong," I was shaking now, unable to disbelieve his audacity. "So forgive me for being offensive and judgemental."

He scowled at me, shrugging his shoulders as he stood up.

"Then I don't think theres anything else to say, is there?"

We stared at each other as my phone rang, breaking the tension between us.

"Are you going to get that?"

I stood up irritably, stomping over to the kitchen to get the ringing brick that was my phone.


I turned it over, before looking back to Drake who was watching me lazily from the doorway.


"What? It's not cold at all, its only Greg," I rolled my eyes as he frowned.

"Only Greg? So why is he calling you at like, midnight?"

"Sorry, what has this got to do with you?"

This man beggered belief, he really did.

My phone rang again and Drake arched his brow as I sighed, answering with exasperation.


Greg's drunken tones greeted me as he sang my name down the phone. He was naming absolutely no sense, and I cringed.


I closed my eyes as I heard him begin to cough.

"Greg, what do you want?" I asked calmly, trying not to laugh as he swore, clearly falling over.

"I'm, fuck! Locked out."


"I've lost my fucking key. Can I come to yours?" he asked in a small voice, as I cleared my throat.

"I'm not home, I'm at Shannon's."

"Oh, poo. Well can I come there? Wait, she isn't with you is she? You just called her Shannon," he pointed out, as I heard him begin to sing.

"No, she's with Axel," I decided to out the kettle on, desperately needing tea for the current situation. Drake was still watching me, much to my surprise.

"So why have you got your telephone voice on, silly?" he asked, giggling to himself stupidly.

"I haven't. Drake is here," I said airily, hoping he hadn't noticed the change in my tone. Drake was now watching carefully as I got a mug out before popping a tea bag in.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh! Wait, do you still want to jump his bones? You said he's like the only-"

"Greg!" I hissed, not before I saw a small smile on Drakes face.

"I'm not coming there then. It will be a fuck fest, and I'm without a partner."

'It's really not-"

"Third wheel, spare cock at a brothel-" he was carrying on, as I noticed Drakes shoulders shaking slightly with laughter.

"Greg, please. Shut up. Call me tomorrow, I'm sure you have somewhere to lay that gorgeous head of yours."

"Baby, if you would rather have me than that hot stallion, just say. I bet he can't quote Darcy like I can," he teased, as I quickly hung up before he could do any further damage.

"Sorry. He's just...drunk. I never said any of that," I explained hastily, as he nodded to my mug.

"Can I try your tea?" he asked suddenly, as I frowned.

"Um, I don't like sharing cups. Germs and all that. I'll make you a cup-"

"Did you just say germs? What the fuck, we have swapped saliva, Victoria."

Don't say my name like that, I'm in danger of melting, fuck boy.

"Hmm. Yes but that was months ago. You could have contracted all kinds of things since then."

"Well, I haven't been I'll since I had the flu about four years ago," he mused, walking past me to grab the milk from the fridge. I tried to hold my breath so I didn't have to inhale that heavenly scent that drove me insane. He dropped some milk into the tea, removing the tea bag before swirling it with a spoon.

How the fuck was that sexy?

He lifted it to his lips, blowing on it slightly before sipping it.

Death by tea. That's what this was.

"It needs sugar," he declared, reaching behind me for the sugar pot.

"It doesn't, it's perfect as it is."

"No, it definitely needs sweetening. It's too sour," he argued, dragging the sugar pot towards him. He scooped two spoonfuls in, before swirling it again.

He lifted the tea to his lips, before nodding with approval.

"Now that, my English Rose, is a cup of tea."

He offered it to me as I took it tentatively.

"You better not have fucking herpes," I muttered, before sipping it. "Ew, much too sweet. I prefer it plain."

He was laughing now, shaking his head in bewilderment.

"Herpes? The fuck?"

"Well fuck boys can catch all sorts if they aren't careful."

"You know what fuck boys do, really well Victoria?" he said, taking the mug from my hands, placing a hand either side of me on the counter.

Noooooooo. Breathe normally. You are immune.

"We fuck."

That's it, I'm dead.

"Oh," was all I managed to say, as he stroked my face softly.

"We fuck well. We make you want us so much you can't stop thinking about us. When you are near us, like you are with me now, all you can think about it how we could be pleasuring you," his voice was soft now, his lips close to mine as I felt my tongue dart over my lips instinctively.

"Not necessarily," I whispered, as he smirked against my jawline. "Don't, Drake."

"Don't what? Don't lift you onto the counter and kiss you like your body is begging for me to do? Don't rip those clothes from your skin and devour you with my mouth from head to toe? I wonder what you would taste like, Victoria?"

I couldn't breathe, and I was fighting the desire to kiss him right now so badly it was physically torturing. He moved his mouth, so it was inches from mine.

"Why don't you give in to what you want? If you think I'm a fuck boy, then let me fuck you. No strings attached."

A siren went off in my mind somewhere as I tried not to yell for help. I was being seduced against my will.

"No," I breathed, as he moved his body away from mine, smirking at me as he let his eyes trail down my body.

"Such a shame."

"I think I should go to bed," I stammered, as I went to walk by him.

"If you need any company, I'll be here on the sofa," he winked, before taking my tea with him.

"Right. I think I'll manage," I rolled my eyes as I grabbed my phone, heading to the spare bedroom.

"Victoria?" he called softly, as I froze, my body still alight from his last verbal attack.

"What, Drake?"

"You have bewitched me, body and soul."

"So you can quote Darcy," I smiled, as I turned towards the bedroom door. I sank onto the bed, covering my eyes as I did.

"And I love, I love, I love you." I whispered, mainly to myself.

I was doomed.

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